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At the restaurant ... "I, mammeta and you and your phone ...!”

Written by CinziaTosini

Once when you went out it was said: "I mammeta and you ..." Today, things are a little 'changed, let's say you wish to adapt to our time this way of saying the phrase as complement: "Yes mammeta stand andThe phone ...!”

With mobile phones we share our passions, emotions, the things we like wherever we are. The technology allows us to make everything faster, shortening distances.

We are now all social, and that's okay, but sometimes too, so as to affect social relationships, the real and direct, and this is less well. Wait a minute ... I feel boo ears ... oh my what a nuisance! That's what it is ... my son Andrew, who is telling me: “But going from that pot calling the kettle!” Andrea, but which preaches, let's say I'm doing just reflections, each end is free to act as it sees fit. As for me I admit, sometimes exaggerate, and then do the mea culpa. 😉

The truth is that those who do like me now is social communication in all respects, but beware, the network is a great promotional tool but it must necessarily be integrated with direct knowledge of the people, territories and productions: an irreplaceable and indispensable to better understand. Un concetto su cui non ho alcun dubbio.

You will say: "Cynthia, but this whole premise ... why?!” Let me explain ...

A few nights ago I was having dinner at the restaurant 'Da Giulia' in Milan. A family-run business founded in 2006 at the behest of John and Julia, a couple together for thirty-five years in the life and work. He graduated from the Hotel School, she accountant with a passion for cooking perfected over time after acquiring the techniques and good recipes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Well, that night at our entrance, I noticed a particular picture which called for dialogue coupled with good food.

Cinzia e Gianni Ristorante da GiuliaAs he says Gianni: “It has lost the pleasure of the talk at the table as was the habit once. This indifference, This apathy that known in many restaurants, saddens me. I'm tired of seeing, not only in young, misuse of mobile phones and tablets on the tables that distracts from the harmony and love for food. The same thing that happens at the table in the family. It is not the most talks ... watching tv without speaking.

Maybe we should think of, or better, of moderate. Let me tell you a story that happened to me about three years ago. It was the first time attending an event at a large hotel in Milan. I was still immature and not accustomed to the world of digital communication.

Well, I remember that I was completely deluded by the behavior of the people at my table. Virtually absent. I talked and talked, and their digitavano and digitavano, a bit 'annoyed by the blonde chatterbox, ma in realtà, especially disoriented.

Looking back on this episode and many atria to follow, I reflect on the fact that we must not get carried away. There is the use and abuse ... Obviously all free.

About, that night I have not dedicated only to notice the squares… 😉 La mia attenzione l’hanno avuta anche dei ricci di mare con cui ho fatto la scarpetta, Busiati of Trapani semolina Tumminia pistachio pesto and tuna bottarga, a salad of prawns and scampi Mazara Catalan tuna tartare with red, and finally, my unfailing slice of wonderful cassata that prepares Giulia!

Ahh the food wonderful thing… a grade pleasure of the senses! 



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