Angelica Lodi, a cook who unbowed ... if not on the plates!

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Angelica Lodi, class 1996. His motto: "Mrs. china, if not on the plates!”

A young cook of the restaurant The snail of Portsmouth, in the province of Ferrara, I had the pleasure of knowing in 'The Festival of Gastronomy’ Milan – the format invented by Luigi Cremona and Lorenza Vitali – during which they are challenged kids under 30 for selecting the 'Best Emerging Chef 2019 North '.

From the jury I could observe their attention in the preparation of dishes, that, tasting, They highlighted the commitment with which you are presented. talented young people with an important role for the future of the Italian system. Will in fact even their choices to contribute to the enhancement of the food chain. A responsibility that every cook exercises whenever is about to prepare a dish.

Luigi Cremona and Lodi Angelica in 'The Festival of Gastronomy’ Milan

Meet Angelica Lodi…

  • Angelica, let's start from the Gastronomy Festival. During the race to which you took part struck me your tenderness, not obscured by the necessary determination to the role you choose for the future. The taste of your dish, then, He confirmed your preparation. How and when did your passion for cooking?

In elementary schools. I do not know exactly why… this passion did not take it from anyone. To see some cook and can help I was always passionate and intrigued since childhood.

“As it were a hat…” a dish that comes from the creation of an absolute pumpkin.

  • You've chosen a challenging job, for a woman it is even more. The difficulties are certainly not attributable to his personal capacity, but the family needs that arise over time. Consequently what, establish itself in this male dominated sector it involves many sacrifices, provided that this is your wish?

Some, when I have a family definitely Mediero professional commitments and family demands. One of my ambitions I open myself to a quality gastronomy, let me in the evening to spend some 'time at home.

  • I often hear the chef complaining about the poor training they encounter – on a practical level – graduates in cooks. What do you feel to answer in this regard?

They are right. Unfortunately, schools are increasingly focusing more on theory than on practice. Despite this, in those few hours, with maximum effort, It is trying to learn as much as possible of the teachings.

  • Despite your young age, would you give some advice to young who choose this career path?

This work is as beautiful as difficult. Here's my advice: “Boys, if you do not put determination, passion, perseverance and a lot of sacrifice, do you not to take this path, because without all this durereste less than a month.

  • A last question: to those who inspire you for your future?

Sincerely, a me.

I take the word…

What about… be’, no doubt from the dried answers Angelica shows that it is a very strong girl. What I hope is that commitments to preserve and safeguard the Italian culinary tradition. A knowledge to be disseminated that allows cooks, with time and experience, to shape their own identity.


Trattoria La Chiocciola
Via Runco, 94/F Portomaggiore (FE)

Photography at the head of Nicola Boi – Nikoboi photographer




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