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Category: Cooks - Stories of People Cynthia Tosini1

Angelica Lodi, a cook who unbowed ... if not on the plates!

Angelica Lodi, class 1996. His motto: "Mrs. china, if not on the plates!”

A young cook of the restaurant The snail of Portsmouth, in the province of Ferrara, I had the pleasure of knowing in 'The Festival of Gastronomy’ Milan – the format invented by Luigi Cremona and Lorenza Vitali – during which they are challenged kids under 30 for selecting the 'Best Emerging Chef 2019 North '.

From the jury I could observe their attention in the preparation of dishes, that, tasting, They highlighted the commitment with which you are presented. talented young people with an important role for the future of the Italian system. Will in fact even their choices to contribute to the enhancement of the food chain. A responsibility that every cook exercises whenever is about to prepare a dish.

Luigi Cremona and Lodi Angelica in 'The Festival of Gastronomy’ Milan

Meet Angelica Lodi…

  • Angelica, let's start from the Gastronomy Festival. During the race to which you took part struck me your tenderness, not obscured by the necessary determination to the role you choose for the future. The taste of your dish, then, He confirmed your preparation. How and when did your passion for cooking?

In elementary schools. I do not know exactly why… this passion did not take it from anyone. To see some cook and can help I was always passionate and intrigued since childhood.

“As it were a hat…” a dish that comes from the creation of an absolute pumpkin.

  • You've chosen a challenging job, for a woman it is even more. The difficulties are certainly not attributable to his personal capacity, but the family needs that arise over time. Consequently what, establish itself in this male dominated sector it involves many sacrifices, provided that this is your wish?

Some, when I have a family definitely Mediero professional commitments and family demands. One of my ambitions I open myself to a quality gastronomy, let me in the evening to spend some 'time at home.

  • I often hear the chef complaining about the poor training they encounter – on a practical level – graduates in cooks. What do you feel to answer in this regard?

They are right. Unfortunately, schools are increasingly focusing more on theory than on practice. Despite this, in those few hours, with maximum effort, It is trying to learn as much as possible of the teachings.

  • Despite your young age, would you give some advice to young who choose this career path?

This work is as beautiful as difficult. Here's my advice: “Boys, if you do not put determination, passion, perseverance and a lot of sacrifice, do you not to take this path, because without all this durereste less than a month.

  • A last question: to those who inspire you for your future?

Sincerely, a me.

I take the word…

What about… be’, no doubt from the dried answers Angelica shows that it is a very strong girl. What I hope is that commitments to preserve and safeguard the Italian culinary tradition. A knowledge to be disseminated that allows cooks, with time and experience, to shape their own identity.


Trattoria La Chiocciola
Via Runco, 94/F Portomaggiore (FE)

Photography at the head of Nicola Boi – Nikoboi photographer

Edoardo Ferrera, an aspiring chef landlord!

Edoardo Ferrera, an aspiring chef landlord I met in Imperia, on a day in early summer when the sun was shining. After days spent in the quiet of Apricale – medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy located in the hinterland of Bordighera – I needed the sea, its colors and its people.

An encounter with a traveler cook who has learned the art of cooking from her grandmother Tecla, in the old family inn located in a blind alley, one of the many narrow streets in the historic center of Genoa. In time, The frequent visits of the port people, They led him to embark as a sailor on the Italian Navy training ship Amerigo Vespucci.

It was the 1984. The passion for cooking was not slow to be felt.

After many experiences– not only culinary – He made around the world (Edward is also a blues rock drummer), He is back in his Liguria, where it runs the restaurant 'The Last Supper refectory of suspended time ". A place to celebrate the taste of the time forgetting.

Edoardo, a kind and hospitable man, but blunt and character. A rent the oral.

  • Cook and aspiring innkeeper, start from here. Tell me that your path. At what point did you arrive?

Arrived? Dear Cinzia, if ever party! It is a metamorphic natural path I, for people like me to live Bottega Craft. A cook has a perimeter vision to fire the government and the space where it puts its done, the landlord instead must have a peripheral vision and most comprehensive. This fascinates me and makes me live my space with vision and a different modus operandi. It gives me an obligation that imposes Bottega… Presence, costanza, gestionalità integrated domestic economy, up to administer welcome and global promotion of their own making.

  • often I insist that the story of the dish is done properly. A presentation that goes beyond the simple name. Knowing the source of raw materials, the link with the territories and alliances that are created with manufacturers, It makes the real difference. One way to make food culture. It is for this reason that now I will ask you to tell me a dish I particularly loved: the Trenette Pesto Green Beans and Potatoes. A preparation known by most, which requires research and quality ingredients.

The Trenette Pesto Green Beans and Potatoes for us Genoese is a chromosomal factor, a strict ritual to be observed at least once a week. Pesto is in some way GENOA, by representing in a simple manner iconographic its Superba magnificence. Genoa, “superb for men and walls”, as he described by Petrarch, It is the beautiful capital of the sunny Liguria. You know Cynthia, you could walk endlessly in the old town between the charming "alleyways", the narrow streets lined with tall houses, tirelessly. Each wall, every home, alley and building, each villa, park and fort, It maintains the charm of the ancient Maritime Republic of Genoa. “Town of arms and trade”, its arts are kept inside the palaces said rolls, and many museums. Genoa precisely, capital of "pesto" and good food, I am leaving out how I could trace in my menu? Since there will always and forever!

Edoardo Ferrera: “Trenetta, pesto, beans and potatoes. Conceived in Lucera to be accompanied with the real Pesto Genovese. Produced by two wheat varieties with different characteristics and complementary, the Saragolla and Hathor, experienced long in the company and grown in organic farming. The Saragolla has protein and gluten and gives the dough body and flavor; Hathor is a cross between the Korasan and Senatore Cappelli and has a very intense aroma.”

  • food and wine Journalism. Sometimes gentle and sometimes sassy. Sometimes even pedantic. What is your experience about?

There are "rules of the game", the need to know, that's all. Sometimes he pens meetings polite gentle soul, sometimes pens that are running out of ink, and therefore they try in some way to leave their mark… But that's part of the game of the parties, nobody forces you to be part of it.

  • Filippo, your son, and his passion for oysters. A young actively involved in the kitchen brigade of your local. Explain to me how did his interest for this mollusk? It, given its knowledge, such as advice on safe taste?

It stems from innate gift that Philip has ... being curious. Dowry for another fundamental of our profession, that allows you to go always in search of even the obvious. Thanks to my friend Roman Corrado Tenacious – which besides being a great selector it is a connoisseur ostreiculture – Filippo, literally taken by the hand, He was able to learn first hand about this practice. A world of people of Earth, Mare, Rivers and Lagoons. Today it is he himself who signed our paper oysters researching cognitive with great sensitivity all our proposals, creating a very intense and valuable path.

The safe taste ...?! I think we should always know how to evaluate the professional who is in front. The oyster, as a whole raw fish, to food security is delicate thing, therefore, already the room itself (cleanliness and order) They give important signals on how they can be maintained.

Edoardo Ferrera: “A personal interpretation of one of the first courses of the Italian True that I love: alla Puttanesca in Romanian. Wanting to play with the raw materials we put before the eggs and flour, a true sepia processed and drawn like a noodle. The reference organoleptic is then given by an infusion of vacuum cooked tomato with anchovies and capers for thirty-six hours, It served the pitcher at diner. The effect in my opinion is addictive and sensual at the same time.”

  • Over the years I got to know Wainer Molteni, to write about his book: "I am nobody - a homeless history at rescue. " A story that inspired you and allowed you to create a menu: "A Bread and Water". An idea born with the aim to help theListening Center Caritas Imperia, and supporting the homeless. I want to talk?

Wainer is a special person, his story has affected me a lot. His book – "I am noone" – I reiterated its being real person, genuine and deep.

Thus was born the project "A bread and water", a written tasting what I just saw on the street; what invisible collect and fishing from our waste. As you well know, however, These operations chiarity traveling on the fine line between philanthropy and becoming healthy carriers of italics Paraculo.  It is for this reason that we propose the menu only at those tables that somehow they also are "invisible". Those at the table with which a contact is born, a polite and temporal confidence. Tables I choose just me. Do you think maybe it's a climb too arrogant chair? Could be, but they are or are not the Chef!

  • After reading your pilgrimage for the world (to tell the truth a bit 'envy), I wonder if your landing in Imperia will be lasting…

I am a sailor in the soul, it is true. By nature my bow never asks stop at the dock watching the ground, but only ever offshore. Just to say that my motto is: "The goal is the Departure". In this case, however, it is different. There is a project called Philip Ferrera, There is a new route to be traced. Do not ask me, however, to give you time. Right now here in the Upper Room in Oneglia the time I Suspended! In the future who knows ... as long as there is to do I'm never bored.

Cynthia, I want to say hello to an old Milanese saying that the good Gualtiero often quoted: “Quand l'ost is on the door, nient for the gh'ha in Ca.

Edoardo Ferrera: "A dish that was thought for Montale and his collection Ossi di Seppia. Slate, Sassi are the Shoreline Amphitheater and container for our Octopus, which they are extracted natural juices, and then confined in natural gelatin albumin derived from bones Hake. The dish is very simple, because accompanied with potatoes and green beans with extra virgin olive Taggiasca 190 Frantoio Sant'Agata and smoked salt flakes. "

“The Refectory of the Last Supper Time Suspended”  Via Des Geneys, 34 – Imperia


"Who's cooking holds the future of the country." Giancarlo Morelli,it.

strong affirmation that I share, and which obviously harks back to the kitchen protagonists at large, both at home and professionally. A responsibility that goes far beyond the need and pleasure. Cooking involves knowledge and respect of the raw material, selected on the basis of territory and seasonality. Also, knowing how to store food, It makes us aware of the value that it represents. Così facendo, in addition to gain in health, It is good for the environment, its economy and to the global.

“Eating understood as a cultural and ethical act, tended to the welfare of the individual and respect for the planet. "Giancarlo Morelli

The 5 Last February it celebrated the National Day against Food Waste. According to data from the Food Sustainability Index (FSI), our country ranks 9′ place in the ranking among the 25 countries considered. Positively to the law passed in August of 2016, negative for the food that ends up in the garbage at the household level: a per capita average of approximately 110,5 kg all’anno. Behaviors that impact on the environment more than you think, visto che “il gas metano prodotto dal cibo che finisce in discarica è 21 volte più dannoso della Co2.” (Source: Fondazione BCFN)

"It should be recovered food culture of our territory. A task that belongs to those who govern us. "

A further thought of Giancarlo Morelli that leads back to the priority role that food education – in all its forms – It occupies in society, primarily from the school, but not only. Given the success of Italian cuisine in the world, even its protagonists are very much in this sense. If we consider that #Italianfood is the first hashtag for western cuisines with over 3.400.000 post your Instagram, the accounts are made soon.

I have mentioned several times the claims of one of the most well-known Italian chef with whom I recently had the pleasure of chatting. Giancarlo Morelli, native of Bergamo, after studies and experiences abroad in haute cuisine, ha trasformato una tipica corte lombarda nel centro storico di Seregno in un luogo in cui sperimentare le conoscenze acquisite. This led in 1993 his first restaurant: "The Pomiroeu". A name whose obvious dialect component brings the nearby area once devoted to apple growing.

A chef whose talent brings in motion to develop new projects in the catering. A man of many facets and whimsical personality, also known for the extravagance of his glasses. The last caught my attention for the shape of its lenses: one square and one round. Two perfect figures in one of the most famous drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci – the Vitruvian Man – combine art and science. Dictated by the need, but best applied, sono diventati più che un’esigenza un segno distintivo e un brand identificativo per il suo nuovo progetto: the Ristorante dell’Hotel Viu Milan.

We will hear about…

Giancarlo Morelli

In head: Risotto Carnaroli del Pavese mantecato alla ricotta di bufala con tartare di gamberi rossi, black truffle and anchovy.

Chef Giancarlo Morelli

Restaurant Matter, the dream of David Caranchini, chef in Cernobbio.

In primo piano: Sorbetto al Pelargonio (geraneo project) con spuma al fieno.

Restaurant Matter, essential in the name, as in furnishings. A dream that David Caranchini, young and talented chef Como, He has made just twenty-six years. An eating place in the beautiful Cernobbio, It located in a small street in the center. The view here is not aimed at the lake, but the intriguing dishes with interesting combinations and harmonious flavors. A promise of Italian restaurant that has matured, despite his young age, esperienze diThe brigade of Restaurant Materia tutto rispetto. After completing his studies at the Hotel School "Giovanni Brera" Como, its path is continued in restaurants by well-known names: Maze by Gordon Ramsay, Le Gavroche e l’Apsleys di Heinz Beck a Londra, the Ninth in Copenhagen, l’Enoteca Pinchiorri a Firenze, and finally, Casa Santo Stefano in Cernobbio. In 2014 It has been included in the circle of the best chefs under 35 of Italy.

Raw material and teamwork.

In 2016 He was born his restaurant: "Matter", understood as a philosophy of catering and base from which to promote the area. Creativity and cook interpretation, senza eccessivi stravolgimenti, e con rispetto per la varietà dei gusti e delle diverse tipologie dei clienti, do the rest. Dishes that David plans on paper, and, once made, head with his young brigade. Un armonico lavoro di squadra che nel rispetto dei ruoli determina il successo di un ristorante.

Our chef, a profession deformed by the media.

Molte le ore di lavoro, not less than fifteen per day, often underestimated by those who is oriented towards hotel management attracted to the media thrust of many, perhaps too many, programs on cooks. An altered reality that David does not like Caranchini. Chi vuole intraprendere questa professione, deve essere consapevole che solo l’impegno e il sincero piacere della cucina può far superare la gavetta e il duro lavoro che ne consegue.

The restoration of David Caranchini.

Dishes that surprise, both in taste and in the visual. Prodotti della natura ma anche dalla fantasia di un cuoco che elabora le sue esperienze quotidiane. Particularly its marinated salmon trout, a cui viene bruciata la pelle per dare l’effetto croccante. It is served with an infused cream horseradish, of pickled cherries, the leaves of sorrel and apple dashi broth.

Marinated Salmon Trout, horseradish, cherries in preserves and cold broth apple

the delicate ravioli stuffed with goat cheese and mustard. Served with the extract and black cabbage powder, over each, once in the pot, It is put a drop of extract of black pepper Sarawak.

Ravioli with goat cheese and mustard, Black cabbage extract and Sarawak pepper juice

I miei assaggi si sono conclusi con un dessert autunnale chiamato “Zucca”: cubes of fermented squash together with an ice cream with toasted pumpkin seeds, il tutto ricoperto da una spuma di zucca, decorated with dried slices of pumpkin and a nasturtium leaf.


What remains to be said… maybe just that I knew a guy with clear ideas, a promise of Italian restaurants we hear a lot about.

Restaurant Materia - Via 5 days, 32 Cernobbio (CO)

Such. 031 2075548

Maximum Dellavedova, uno chef di cucina che vuole tornare indietro nel tempo.

Maximum Dellavedova, a friend, a cook, but also a simple and sincere person. One of the last romantics,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA come me: one chef in love. Last April, with my happiness, finally he realized his dream: Cascina Malingamba. A historic landmark originally born as posteria to meet the stops of the wayfarers, then, in 1960, It has become a real eating place. A Lombard farmhouse called Malingamba for 'lame step' of his first owner. Curious its location: è situata per metà nel comune di Lainate in provincia di Milano, e per la restante parte nel comune di Origgio, in the province of Varese.

Maximum DellavedovaA few days ago, on a cold autumn evening, I went to see him for a chat between friends. serious and less serious conversations that warm the heart, between stories, confidences and advice. Listening to the account of his many work commitments, from time to time I advised him to breathe, ben consapevole del ritmo che i cuochi oggigiorno devono sostenere per stare al passo con i tempi. The classic response to my concerns: “Girl, Quiet, everything is under control”. Massimo is like that, a cook in the running, but always sweet and with a smile: one chef smile.

In addition to the mutual exchange of experience, He talked about projects and the type of restaurant that has intention to propose in Cascina Malingamba. Nell’ascoltarlo, mi hanno particolarmente interessato alcune sue affermazioni che condivido, e che qui di seguito ho riportato per approfondimenti e riflessioni.

  • I think in the dining today is right that the technique go ahead. Unlike, ideology, you have to make long steps back, until you get to the restaurant thirty years ago. It 'important to rediscover the old ways and processes of raw materials, adding the techniques of modern kitchen to preserve flavor and quality.
  • Unfortunately in the dining today lacks professionalism in the room brigade, intensa come gruppo di Service at the guéridonfigure professionali per l’accoglienza. Under the guise of the Italian service, it was thought that all are capable of doing the waiters and the chef de rang. “Tanto devono portare solo i piatti”, non corrisponde al vero. It has lost the elegance and the capacity of the room service. Among the younger generation of waiters, pochi sanno sporzionare davanti a un cliente.
  • I think there are too many cooks programs. A format on a floor manager, subjected to daily customer moods, It could be useful to understand some of the same real needs. I can not be who agree with him. Proprio per questo motivo, circa un anno fa, I tried to point out the same thing doing an interview with Lukasz Komperda, un giovane e brillante cameriere.
  • Today's dishes are related to aesthetics too and less to the proportions. Sometimes they are even comparable to degustativi menu. La proporzionalità del piatto, in generale, deve essere adeguata alle basi insegnate nelle scuole secondo le tabelle ufficiali.
  • When I say that in catering must turn back the years, I am also referring to servizio al pedestal. For the uninitiated means Serve at room directly by the waiter, come si usava fare un tempo. The scenic effect is always very welcome.

Cascina MalingambaI take the floor to an appreciation, stating that, as Massimo knows, I have no hesitation in also make constructive criticism to my dearest friends restaurateurs. Having said, ho molto gradito che, oltre alla carta dell’acqua, Beer and Wine, Cascina Malingamba you can choose, and also wanting to buy, what you want to drink directly into the restaurant's cellar. A 'visual card' that makes your eyes sparkle to people like me, He likes to observe and read the wine labels.

At the end of the evening, Maximum, salutandomi, It told me a dream that before long realized: a'Cooking Academy. A study and practice with board and lodging. A practical study for students of hotel school. Ne vedremo delle belle, rather, We will taste good!

Cascina Malingamba

Via per Lainate, 33 Origgio (VA) Such. 02 94383789

La ‘Pizza’ può aiutare l’agricoltura? Rispondono i pizzaioli.

La pizza a sostegno dell’agricoltura.

Chi mi conosce sa che spesso scrivo o pubblico foto partendo da piccole provocazioni. For this, solo pochi giorni fa, accettando l’invito ad un evento organizzato da Confagricoltura ho scritto: La ‘Pizza’ può aiutare l’agricoltura? Ovviamente si, ma come sempre tutto dipende dalle persone, in questo caso dai pizzaioli e dalla loro ricerca delle materie prime.

Utilizzare i prodotti di realtà agricole selezionate e rispettose dell’ambiente, significa promuovere il territorio italiano. Non per niente la pizza per eccellenza è la Margherita, chiamata così in onore della Regina Margherita di Savoia che, con il verde bianco e rosso, i colori del tricolore, è simbolo del made in Italy.

Il 1’ Settembre, alla “Vigna di Leonardo” di Milano, prestigiosa location dove Leonardo da Vinci coltivava la sua vigna, si è festeggiato la pizza. Una preparazione a base di prodotti semplici nata a Napoli alla fine dell’800 dal genio italiano. Farina, lievito, pomodoro, mozzarella e olio extravergine di oliva, sono gli ingredienti principali di un alimento completo conosciuto in tutto il mondo, simbolo dell’italianità e della convivialità.

Pizza, "Capolavoro Universale"

Non c’è ‪‎pizza‬‬ senza buone ‪materie prime‬‬. Non ci sono buone materie prime senza sostegno all’‪‎agricoltura‬‬. Ognuno di noi può fare qualcosa in tal senso attraverso i propri acquisti. For this, ho rivolto la domanda ad alcuni dei pizzaioli presenti alla manifestazione: “La Pizza Capolavoro Universale”.

  • Risponde Stefano Callegari, Romano Doc. Nei suoi locali a Roma, oltre alle pizze tradizionali, potete trovare il “Trapizzino”, un triangolo di pizza farcito con i piatti tipici della cucina romana.

Cynthia, in realtà la maggior parte delle materie prime che utilizzo per gli ingredienti delle mie pizze vengono da fornitori romani che, in turn, hanno contatti diretti con gli agricoltori.
Posso dirti che per le patate, che è un ingrediente fondamentale che utilizzo non solo per condire la pizza ma anche nella preparazione – ad esempio – delle crocchette di patate, mi fornisco da un coltivatore diretto dell’alto fucino, precisamente da Luco dei Marsi.

  • Risponde Johnny Di Francesco, originario di Napoli. Pizzaiolo fin dalla tenera età, ha vinto i Campionati mondiali a Parma. Lavora e vive a Victoria, in Australia.

Like any quality food, how good a pizza tastes is a direct result of the produce used. I insist on using top quality produce at all of my restaurants to ensure the quality of my pizza is also the best it can possibly be. I have built a reputation for quality food, and part of the reason for this is because I have long standing relationships with my suppliers. Fresh ingredients are important to me, and due to the volume of pizza we make at my restaurants, we have direct relationships with some farmers such as basil growers. Indirectly we also support dairy farming, wheat farmers, and tomato growers who supply the raw products to our suppliers. My supplier relationships are important, and I recognise the importance of farmers in Australia, which is why I will always support them.

Come per ogni cibo di qualità, il sapore della pizza è il risultato diretto dei prodotti utilizzati. Personalmente scelgo buoni prodotti per tutti i miei ristoranti, al fine di garantire la qualità della mia pizza nel miglior modo possibile. Ho costruito una reputazione proprio sul cibo di qualità, mantenendo rapporti di lunga data con i miei fornitori. Gli ingredienti freschi sono fondamentali, per me, e per il volume della pizza preparata nei miei ristoranti. Abbiamo rapporti diretti con alcuni agricoltori, come con i coltivatori di basilico. Indirettamente, in addition to, sosteniamo la produzione lattiera, i coltivatori di grano, e i coltivatori di pomodori che conferiscono le materie prime ai nostri fornitori. Le relazioni che instauro con loro sono importanti, perché sono consapevole dell’importanza degli agricoltori in Australia. E’ per questo motivo che li sosterrò sempre.

  • Risponde Giorgio Sabbatini, veronese. It’ il referente della Scuola Italiana dei Pizzaioli ad Expo Milano 2015. Gestisce e svolge la sua attività a Verona, nel locale di famiglia. Campione Europeo nel 2011 e mondiale nel 2012 nella categoria Pizza a due.

Cynthia, rispondo alla tua domanda come consumatore prima che pizzaiolo. Non dimentichiamo che la pizza è un piatto che all’origine nasce come economico. For this, i miei prodotti devono seguire lo stesso principio. Collaboro con il giardino botanico del Baldo per le verdure. Oltre all’attenzione per la stagionalità, tendo a rivalorizzare piante mai utilizzate sulla pizza, abbinandole a ricotta e stracchini: un mix di dolce e salato.
Per i formaggi mi affido all’azienda agricola Fenilazzo di Desenzano del Garda, che produce latte e formaggio di qualità che utilizzo nelle competizioni. Facendo un giro nelle nostre campagne si scoprono un mondo di sapori e di profumi che ci possono aiutare e migliorare.

  • Risponde Graziano Bertuzzo. Campione Italiano di Pizza, maestro istruttore della Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli di Caorle, and judge at the most important World Championships.

Per chi fa il nostro mestiere, le materie prime sono molto importanti, così come è molto importante la fiducia che si crea con i fornitori. Per noi pizzaioli una delle materie prime fondamentali per ottenere ottimi impasti è la farina. Conoscendo le giuste specifiche tecniche della farina che utilizziamo possiamo scegliere il tipo di impasto da proporre alla nostra clientela. Then, il primo rapporto di fiducia va creato con il molino per avere sempre la stessa qualità di farina e con sempre le stesse caratteristiche per poter dare ai clienti omogeneità nel prodotto.

Anche l’essere istruttore della Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli mi è servito a sperimentare e utilizzare nuovi grani e nuove farine come kamut, farro, segale, le biologiche ecc. e tecniche e impasti innovativi. Superato lo scoglio dell’impasto possiamo parlare di materie prime che riguardano la farcitura, importanti anch’esse per avere un ottima pizza. Nel mio locale, assieme ai miei collaboratori, offriamo alla clientela una varietà di prodotti che segue la stagionalità, con ingredienti che prendiamo freschi e elaboriamo a nostro piacimento. Quindi accanto ai prodotti tradizionali da pizzeria, inseriamo nel nostro menù delle valide alternative fresche che utilizziamo preparandole a volte seguendo la tradizione del nostro territorio e altre usando un po’ di innovazione culinaria.

Vicino al mio locale ci sono molte aziende agricole e collaboriamo con molte di loro in base alla stagione e alle materie prime che offrono, non abbiamo nessun legame ma conosciamo i proprietari tanto da fidarci della loro produzione. Nell’ultimo periodo, visto anche le molte intolleranze che nascono, stiamo collaborando con una nuova azienda la “Artigiana Vegana s.r.l.” per avere in menù una piccola selezione di prodotti vegani che oltre a richiamare quella fascia di clientela che non mangia prodotti animali, che però sappiamo essere ancora troppo esigua, può aiutare chi ha problemi di intolleranza a passare una serata in compagnia degli amici senza dover rinunciare a gustarsi una buona pizza e che non gli crei problemi.

La mia pizzeria compie 40 anni quest’anno e come io ho creato un rapporto di fiducia con i miei fornitori, allo stesso modo sono riuscito a creare un legame con i miei clienti che continuano a scegliere noi dandoci così la conferma che stiamo lavorando nel modo migliore.

Pizza, Universal masterpiece

Concludo con un pensiero di Mario Guidi, presidente di Confagricoltura: “Il nostro è un paese che spesso nega le sue capacità. Eppure abbiamo tante eccellenze fatte anche da piccole aziende agricole. Noi italiani creiamo capolavori. Siamo invidiati nel mondo per il nostro saper fare.” Condivido pienamente. I just add that the important thing we should learn, è comunicare meglio ciò che sappiamo fare e che ci invidiano nel mondo: il genio italiano.

Un po’ di dati :

  • I pizzaioli in Italia sono 2.000, considerando gli impieghi stagionali il numero arriva fino a 4.000.
  • In Italia si vendono 5 milioni di pizze al giorno, 56 milioni alla settimana, 1,6 miliardi all’anno.
  • Gli italiani mangiano circa 7, 6 kg di pizza pro capite. Negli USA il consumo è di 13 kg a persona.

Materie Prime

Frumento tenero

  • Numero aziende agricole con produzione abituale di grano tenero: 150.000
  • Superficie media coltivata: 600.000 ha.
  • Produzione media: 2.900.000 tonnellate.
  • Valore totale medio della produzione: 550 milioni di Euro.
  • Prime quattro regioni produttrici: Emilia Romagna, Piemonte, Lombardia e Veneto.
  • Numero e fatturato imprese del settore molitorio: 230 molini con 2.500 milioni di Euro.
  • Numero e fatturato imprese del settore prodotti da forno: 1.200 with 5.000 millions of euro.

La Mozzarella

  • Cattle breeding: over 32.000
  • Allevamenti Bufalini: about 2.500
  • N’ Vacche da latte: 1,8 million.
  • N’ Bufale: 238.000 about.
  • Produzione di latte vaccino: 11 milioni di tonnellate.
  • Produzione di latte bufalino: 194 mila tonnellate.
  • Mercato della Mozzarella di Vacca: 155,1 mila tonnellate, di cui per pizza 94,2 mila tonnellate.
  • Mercato della Mozzarella di Bufala: 38,8 mila tonnellate.
  • Valore di mercato della Mozzarella: 1,6 miliardi di Euro.

Industrial tomato

  • Superficie media coltivata: 77.465 ha.
  • Produzione media: 461.417,94 tonnellate.
  • Prime quattro regioni produttrici: Emilia Romagna, Puglia, Lombardy, Veneto.
  • Valore dell’export: 1.493 milioni di Euro.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Numero aziende agricole con produzione di olive: 775.783
  • Superficie coltivata: 1.141282 ha.
  • Produzione olive: 217.162,44 tonnellate
  • Produzione olio 2013: 4.637.007
  • Valore dell’export: 1045 milioni di Euro.
  • Prime quattro regioni produttrici: Puglia, Calabria Sicilia e Campania.

Source: Dati Centro Studi Confagricoltura

Pizza, "Capolavoro Universale"

Nadia Moscardi, restaurateur Abruzzo: "After the earthquake does not scare me anything…”

In tested legumes laid on cream peel potatoes with crispy vegetables, beetroot, purple cabbage, Verza, spinach and truffle shavings.

Learn to overcome the difficulties tempering the character and allows to separate the superfluous from the essential. An earthquake like that of L'Aquila, which to many has razed all certainty built in, changes the perspective of things. So it was for Nadia Moscardi, cook 'Elodia, the family restaurant in Camardia fraction of L'Aquila, razed shocks and then rebuilt. “Cynthia, we are a united family, This is the force that has allowed us to move forward."I fully her his thought. The family is the true cornerstone from which to draw energy. It is not necessarily a question parental, for me it is mostly a matter of truth and genuine affection, you can rely on in difficult times.

Elodia, the name of his mother. Forty years of activity that continues today with a path related to a family tradition Nadia Moscardigastronomic, carried out in the name of Nature. I met Nadia and her cooking, made of roots and herbs, eleventh edition of Delight the Palate 2015. Ended his presentation, I got to know her through the exchange of life and experience, as is my habit to do, to better understand the people and consequently their work.

You have the floor ...

  • Nadia, in your speech to Identity Gourmet've mentioned several wild plants that collect personally fields. I refer to the corn poppy, the plantain, celery water, Seed hogweed or even seed lunaria. From passionate about herbs and roots have to admit that some do not know. Why not build on this to know your teaching people to recognize these plants, and especially to use them?

This is a great idea! It would be very nice to organize a day on the Gran Sasso with a nice walk in the woods and fields to gather herbs, roots and flowers, and then return to my restaurant to cook them.

  • I am convinced that the secret to staying healthy is by nature. If I tell you that 'you care eating' What answer me?

I strongly believe in this statement of yours. Our health depends a lot on what we eat. We unfortunately taken from a life too hectic to cure the most of our power. The herbs are good for our health, especially eaten raw. These days are drawing in other recipes with these miraculous plant.

  • After some research, as I told you in person, I began to appreciate more and more seeds, oils and flours obtained from hemp, a plant that helps to heal the polluted land, the many uses and many therapeutic virtues. I'm sure I've piqued your interest. I prepare a dish with its derivatives when I come to visit you?

You definitely piqued my interest, in fact I'm documenting much about hemp and see what happens ...

  • Stingray, old white root typical aquilana that grow in your vegetable garden. Give me some advice to cook?

Cynthia, you can create a creamy parsnip making a smoothie of the root and boiled potatoes, seasoned simply with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil. Or you can do the cips parsnip making of thin sheets of root fries.

  • About your 'amatriciana white' ... explain to me what it is?

The amatriciana white is a traditional dish of Aquila; have spaghetti or macaroni on guitar made with a sauce of bacon and pecorino, with the addition of pepper or chilli. It's a recipe originally from the town of Amatrice that today is in the Lazio, but that up to 1927 was in the province of L'Aquila. A simple preparation in which are essential ingredients of the highest quality: the cheese and the bacon of the mountains of Abruzzo.

Browned in an iron pan the bacon, cut into strips, with a pinch of pepper or chili; you add the pasta and then pecorino cheese Abruzzo. My advice, to have a more creamy, is to combine the cheese and a little cooking water in the pan before adding the pasta.

Amatriciana bianca

Amatriciana White Nadia Moscardi

Let's Est again, a special event with special people

My encounter with Chef Kotaro Noda

The 10 Last November in Milan, at the Foundation Bertini, She svolta "Let's Est again!"An event organized by ItaliaSquisita to raise awareness of this reality, and to bring together producers and chefs at the launch of the "Book Feast in Vico 2014”.

Gisella BertariniA foundation built by Bertini Gaetano Malgarini, busy man and editor that, experiencing the discomfort of his brother Andrew, wanted to make sense of this experience. A path of social rehabilitation aimed at people with mental health problems, children in difficult circumstances, political refugees and former prisoners, now carried on by his wife Gisella with the help of her sister Fiorella.

For guests a unique opportunity to sample the many delights of well-known chefs, in a single evening, hardly has a chance to find. A special invitation I accepted with pleasure, after reading the 'good ingredients' of the evening. As always not only taste, but encounters and knowledge.

Often emphasize how much I admire the philosophy of Japanese life. Ancient rites, pursuit of perfection, harmony with nature, compared to the times and for the person. Well, for this reason, when I have the opportunity to meet people of this country, gladly exchange chat. So it was in this evening's meeting Kotaro Noda, a young Japanese chef degree in marketing and landed in Italy fifteen years ago.

After I presented, we started talking about the sorts of things, as is my habit to do to understand the people regardless of the work they are doing. Around us there was a great turmoil and a continuous passage of his colleagues noticed that he did not know. One thing I like to do is to connect people to each other, of course when I feel that together they can do well.

Intrigued, I asked him how he came to work in Italy. In fact, the passion for cooking that in time led him to become a chef, was born and developed in Kobe, Japan, in the restaurant Gualtiero Marchesi. After the closure, Follow the chef Enrico Crippa, he continued his education in Italy until the Michelin star, earned during the experience at Enoteca “La Torre di Viterbo”.

While we were talking about customs and traditions of our country something we both happen. Italy and Japan, despite the different cultures, one thing in common they have it. As I said Kotaro Noda: “We are two countries of delicious food they want to eat well!”  I have not got to taste anything of his, but I promised myself to do it during my next visit to Rome. I'm going to find the Bistrot64, the restaurant where he tests his kitchen with the chef Emmanuel Cozzo, owner of the premises.

An evening of tastings, meetings but also of emotions experienced by listening to the experiences of boys trained to work through the courses of this Foundation. In particular, I spoke at length with Michel Bravi, a young man who has attended a course in graphic design and one of the kitchen.

We carry his words: “Here we had! We learned to cook, to mix the ingredients, colors, culture. We have learned to love each other!

The Oltrepò Pavese and San Gimignano in Milan. Expert hands, good reception and… le mie gaffes!

In this photo Stephen Forzoni [ROCK]*, Found George and Enrico Fiorentini photographed during a fun faux pas that I have been guilty.

Thursday 26 June I attended a wine tasting evening dedicated to 'Oltrepò Pavese Cruasé and to Vernaccia di San Gimignano. Wine tasting, of food and cooks in the scene. Protagonisti dello show cooking: Enrico Fiorentini, Executive Chef of Restaurant Canneto The Sheraton Milan Malpensa, and Giorgio Found, Executive Chef at the Hotel Villa Curina Resort in Castelnuovo Berardenga Siena.

Without the obligatory presentations, be’, I was there, as always pleasantly greeted at the Sheraton Milan Malpensa. I will stop here for a moment to a premise, I have often said that a voice, but I've never written.

I remember the first time I was in this hotel. My first impression from the outside, having regard to its position opposite the airport, was of an environment suitable for a stop on the way, where people, hastily, ed hard scenes. Well, is not so.

The atmosphere that you live, and I've always lived whenever I stop them both, is courtesy, Manners, but most of tranquility. L'elegant atmosphere, accessible and open spaces, does not feel anything for the hectic pace that you would expect from a hotel in this location. Requirements are, per me, among the most important. Mean good reception and a safe 'word of mouth', the most loved by Italians.

Do not forget that companies are made by people, and how people always make the difference in any reality. Having a healthy relationship with their staff and proper, has a positive effect on job satisfaction and consequently the final user. Un vero investment on the quality of, that has a significant effect on the results.

You will excuse my long introduction, but in addition to telling of events, I love to make sense of what I write. Tornando alla serata coordinata da Carlo Vischi del ciclo “The wine is a journey… the glass is half its”, alla quale ho partecipato accettando con piacere l’invito dell’amica Micaela Scapin, friends, what to say ... I've tasted wines I tasted foods and interpreted by expert hands that now I present to you.

  • Enrico Fiorentini

From 2010 Executive Chef of Restaurant Canneto The Sheraton Milan Malpensa. Its, a multicultural education thanks to the experience gained in Italy and abroad in various countries.

With Henry there have long been acknowledged. Always brave Come, nice and a bit 'crazy. There is also one ... I am wary of those who will not let go once in a while. If you want to know the man besides the professional, I recommend the reading of one of our 'chat' some time ago came from a photograph of his plate. I quote a passage.

“Enrico Fiorentini, lo chef, but especially the man”

“Cynthia, I can start by telling you that I liked being in the kitchen because my, for work, They were often absent. Saturday was market day, you shopped, and then, back home, you cleaned vegetables. I liked the manual and the product processing in food, was fascinating, and it still is. I remember an old cookbook found in a drawer, "Multi Carnacina". Initially seemed to me almost incomprehensible, then, on the occasion of get-togethers at the end of the school at the time of medium, I used venturing into some marble donut not properly leavened. I smile at the thought still ... When it came time to choose the address of the high school I was tempted to orient toward the hotel. I was not aware of the sacrifices of life to which I was getting into…”

(To continue reading click which)

  • Giorgio Found

Executive Chef at the Hotel Villa Curina Resort in Castelnuovo Berardenga Siena. It’ founder of the 'Found Food Project', consulting firm in catering. He is also chairman and professor of the Italian Federation of Professional Personal Chef (Fippc) that, through refresher courses, has as its objective the training and retraining of cooks.

My encounter with George was the case in a fun way. We say that, for the initial misunderstanding, it seemed a bit like a 'haughty. Precisely for this reason I had promised, as soon as the opportunity presented itself to me, to give it a 'playful placed my'. Too bad that, making a sensational gaffe, I placed the wrong person!  😉

Let me explain ... Not being very good at faces I exchanged with the poor George Stephen Forzoni, più conosciuto come[ROCK]* ( The poor, perplexed, listened without being able to understand and even speak ...! Want to know how it ended? Be’, I had to repeat the cabal at the real culprit, then that he was not guilty at all! Once it is clear the misunderstanding, after the inevitable laughter, I caught the chef to know him better, telling us how to love me, with an equal exchange of life experiences.

Calabrese of birth, but adoption of Siena, despite having graduated in Law, has turned the love of cooking that sent the grandmother, in his profession. Its, mainly understood as a kitchen seduction, convinced that, the expected primary who expresses himself through the preparation of dishes, realized in indulging the senses and giving pleasure and memory over time.

What I liked most of George? The simplicity and sympathy with which he responded to my little provocation, but most of all I liked his attention to agriculture, traditions and authentic products of the earth. I often say that the caterers, with their choices to the production, can greatly for both territories for their economies. Cooking is much more than preparing a dish.

Alessia and Stefano Bianchi Forzoni, aka Sten

By Alessia Bianchi and Stefano Forzoni [ROCK]*



Social Veg, Kitchen Antonio Marchello in key social

Social Veg, a project Antonio Marchello to raise awareness, interact and prepare a dish vegan or vegetarian through the web. Anthony, the Robin Food del web, is so called by his students for the determination with which it undertakes, in bringing in Italian homes, the techniques of cooking. The advantages are easy to enumerate.

First, the cost compared to traditional courses, then the opportunity to interact in chat with the community and staff live streaming, and finally, for those who have no way to physically move, the opportunity to be able to access from home, a real cooking class.

It’ Just register on After you have received an email with the ingredients and the necessary material, follow the appointment of / live-video. Guided by expert hands of Antonio in less than an hour together, We will create a dish of the day.

When I reported this initiative, I wanted to know how I do it is customary, The person leading the project: I present Anthony Marchello. 🙂

Antonio Marchello - Photography by Monica Placanica

Antonio Marchello

Antonio has lived since childhood kitchen thanks to the passion that his mother sent him. An excellent cook who brought him up to the kitchen an ideal place to bring together the whole family. An environment that since, in a way, he never abandoned.

Since the time school, during the summer holidays, began to form working in various restaurants until, at twenty-four, the decision to open one of his own. Subsequent experiences abroad were then determining the choices and changes of direction.

Back in Italy, after a period spent working in New York, the decision to leave the restaurant to become a personal chef gave a new turn to her life. The idea of ​​being at home people to cook tailored, entering somewhat more directly in their lives, attracted him very. The truth is that creative people are in need of constant stimuli. A necessity that I understand very well, and which I myself can not do without.

Of poco, in addition to the new adventure of social and social veg kitchen, has met his other great passion: il teatro. Insieme a MaxPisu, for the production Bananas-Zelig, tour is bringing in the play "Max ter Chef"That he is the protagonist on stage in a show cooking sauce comic.

To the right key Antonio is all here: have fun working. Now that you know a little’ better I'd say it's appropriate to pass the word to him.

  • Anthony, we want to talk about Social Veg?

Sure Cinzia! Come per social kitchen, Social Veg also gives everyone the chance to cook live with us, from home, without makeup and without deception. The same ingredients, same equipment, same time and the same desire to pass along a bit 'of time in the kitchen. Eventually we will have prepared all a good dish to bring to the table and to be tasted alone or in company.

Social Veg

  • Social Veg was born after Social Kitchen. How was your first experience with the kitchen on the social web?

The beginnings were not easy. When I told my idea often say that I felt would not work and that no one would be put in the kitchen with me, following me on the web. But I have not given up, until one day I met another "crazy" like me who believed in this project. Since then Alessandro Luciano, with sua Excogitanet, is the core technology of Social and Social Veg kitchen. I think I have finally found a playmate with whom fun in creating and designing something new. People perceive it at home and listen to the transmissions are confirmed.

  • Cook for themselves alone often leads to not stimulate the desire to get in the kitchen. Any suggestions to overcome this obstacle?

Even in this case suggest to use a little 'fantasy, an essential ingredient for me. Forget about being alone. Rather mandatevi all an invitation, sia sms, via mail, with a note, un post it, as favorite. But do it really. Invitatevi dinner! Then prepare something good, make ready for good and introduce yourself to your appointment well dressed and perhaps with a good bottle of wine. I am sure that among all the guests that you have received in your life, spend some 'quality time with yourself will reserve you some pleasant surprises!

  • From your words I think I understand that the opportunity to offer to all those who want to try in the kitchen, with a discussion and sharing, it was the spring that drove you to experience the social channels of which among other things I myself am an avid supporter. It 's so?

I strongly believe in technology and progress, particularly if they are associated with human aspect quell'imprescindibile. The kitchen itself , has always been in some way sharing, exactly as for social. And 'from this concept that the idea was born to create, even if only virtually, the larger kitchen and tableware longest in Italy, but not only, because we have a following abroad. A real big family that I really like!

  • Do you think there is hope for people like me in the kitchen is a bit like saying ... a landslide?

Of course there is hope, and not only!  As we say in social kitchen and social veg "the kitchen must be accessible to all". Cooking for yourself… Rather, you are officially invited to cook with me live!

Caspita, have been challenged! At this point I can only accept! State pronti, but especially, stay tuned on Social Veg! 😉

Photo di Monica Placanica