Extra Virgin Oil and Seeds

With hand on heart, scelgo the extra Vergine

Written by CinziaTosini

Here I report my interview, or better, my approach with the oil, told by answering the questions of Uploaded Louis, Director of Olioofficina Magazine, to your address book ‘What Oil Do‘.

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The farm Cinzia Tosini blogger talks about his experience and his approach with the oil, starting in childhood. For she continues to represent the good thing, what is good, precious and sought that the product should be used with care.

Cynthia Tosini farm is defined blogger. So, in front of the spread of food bloggers, c’è chi, instead, starts from a different view, directly from the earth, by the protagonists of the food before you even arrive in the kitchen and then on the boards.

  • What idea of ​​oil did you make during your childhood? The oil of those years was that obtained from olives or a seed oil?

My childhood is linked to the oil much more than an idea. As a child, oil represented the good thing, what was good for, the valuable and sought after product that was used with care. I was a skinny kid with a poor health, one daughter of a father from the tender care. The oil was a natural therapy that he did not fail to add to my every dish. I still remember his words: “Cynthia, Dad now provides you the good oil becomes so strong ..."Growing up my idea has not changed, tutt’altro, strengthened. L’olio, good one, that sought, continues to be a leader in my kitchen. Obviously, the oil of those years and the years to come, per me, is just the oil extracted from olives. Nothing more to my personal taste has never compared well.

  • A curiosity: the flavors and aromas of the oil of his childhood coincide with those he perceives and appreciates today?

The aromas and flavors of childhood, being associated with memories and emotions, are inimitable and matchless. In the words of the anthropologist Marino Niola - each of us has his madeleine, the flavor that reminds him of the better age. It's not just regret the flavors of yesteryear, but a state of grace to recreate, a search of lost time. And when we can feel a sense of wonder child, a childlike joy that makes us squint pleasure ... it's Time Regained. However, leaving aside the nostalgia and choosing carefully, Today you can find excellent products with the flavors and scents that are extra virgin olive oil, typicality to promote and enhance the high quality sought by many countries in the world.

  • What do you like more of an extra virgin olive oil?

The thing I like most in an extra virgin olive oil, is undoubtedly her perfume. Hearing that I just can not help but squint. If it's good is my expression of pure bliss, mentre name is gold and butter ..., I leave you to imagine.

  • How much would you be willing to spend for a bottle of extra virgin?

We say that, of course, do not overdo it, Saturday not to SPEs. If I think that there are people willing to spend crazy amounts to buy a perfume, mean body, I naturally smile. I do not spend crazy amounts, I spend digit reasonable to buy a quality product that I seek, as well as for the good fragrance, also for good taste. What can you do ... I am so done!

  • In this regard, for she often buys the bottle of How long? Of 250, 500, 750 ml o da litro?

While it is definitely a good liter, also because the extra virgin olive oil for me is not just a condiment, accompanied by the bread is especially my favorite snack.

  • In all honesty, without any sense of guilt or embarrassment, what is your favorite condiment of all dietary fat?

Without a doubt and without uncertainty, and add, with hand on heart, Extra Vergine olive oily!

  • Just oil. We come to your work. What are you working?

My real job, as well as my passion and now my life, is to tell what the earth, through the experience of the people who work and who meet the, allows to produce. The result of this expression is represented by many typical features that make Italy a great country known in the world. The mission, my, and that all true Italian, is to promote this.



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