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Dante Cattaneo, Mayor-sweeper Ceriano Pond

Written by CinziaTosini

Today I present Dante Cattaneo, the young mayor of Ceriano Pond, in the province of Monza and Brianza, I've known a few months ago during the 'Day of Bloom' toOrchard Park.  Why do you speak? Because along with a group of volunteers, during the month of August, helped to improve the environment by cleaning up the flower beds in the country that administers.

One way to get closer to citizens, know and discuss, to discuss issues whose solutions improve theDante Cattaneo city ​​services. Listening to the people we are enriched by experiences that, se messe a frutto, allow to improve by giving a meaning to our work. Myself, for my writings, I believe these sources are essential. For the Mayor, an example of how to bring the role to the role of the mayor who was and who should be.

Many will think the hype. As for me I just wanted to write because I wish that were the representatives of the institutions closer to the people. On the work of Dante then, time will tell who's wrong or right. Meanwhile, rather than stand by and watch, we all learn to pick ourselves up his sleeves to protect our territories!

Ma gold a rent to the oral…

  • Ciao Dante, briefly tell those who do not know the path that led you to become mayor?

I am passionate about politics and my country has always. In 2004 I was elected municipal councilor only 21 years in the ranks of the Northern League, movement to which they are writing from an early age. In 2009, a 26 just turned, I was elected Mayor of Ceriano Pond, Live the dove always, and reconfirmed in 2014 for the second term.

  • You spent most of the month of August to eradicate weeds from the flower beds of the city that administers. To tell the truth to me weed is something else ... Anyway, I am convinced that this experience has allowed you to get closer to the reality of ordinary people. How you did this idea?

It’ born in a very natural way. From 2009 in Ceriano there is a group of local volunteers called GST. (Territorial Support Group), that helps free the town with endless works and actions: control of the territory, minor maintenance, cleaning, support during the demonstrations, aid to traffic. I am one of them and I wanted to dedicate some of my free time, in a particular month as that of August, the community. I love to see my country clean and tidy, and not having resources for gardeners or entrust the work to outside firms, we roll up our hands in first person.

The team

The team

  • Can you tell me some anecdote that happened to you in this time of 'street cleaning'?

The stories are all about the relationship with the people you are seeing stops work on roads. Many have thanked me, complimented and some have gone out of their houses and joined us to clean up the country. Such generosity and gratitude, many invitations to share a drink or a coffee, because people have recognized the positivity of our example.

  • Among the plants that have eradicated remember seeing a picture of a seedling of wild rocket you've replanted in your garden at home. I know that like me you really like. I use it to prepare a sauce with the tomatoes truly delicious. E tu?

La Mangio in insalata, mixed with other salad green rigorously, or better yet alone with olive oil taggiasca, apple cider vinegar and salt. I like the spicy taste.

Wild Rocket

Wild Rocket

  • This bizarre summer is almost over. The only thing that remains is to hope for a better autumn. Watched your previous, in Serbia have any plans for the next few months?

For the next few months I currently have in mind only concerns: administer a country these days, and with a state that further complicates things to the municipalities has never been so difficult.




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