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“A chat with… Nicola Sorrentino”

Written by CinziaTosini

Meet after ten years a person with whom you collaborated very well is always a pleasure. It happened to me recently in a press event in Milan. I refer to the Prof.. Nicola Sorrentino, specialized in Food Science, Hydrology, Climatology and Thalassotherapy, topics very dear to me. A chat could not miss.

From 1982 deals with issues related to food and is currently teaching "Health and nutrition crenotherapy" at the School of Specialization in Medical Hydrology, University of Pavia. Author of numerous books (What we eat, Diets flash,  The Diet of Vip, La Diet Forestry, Psicodieta, Food Dictionary, Cellulite, etc..). He collaborates with numerous newspapers and television.

  • Nicola, Italian power, promoted, rejected or postponed ...?

Absolutely promoted. The dietary "model" that over the years has emerged as the most appropriate in terms of risk and prevention of obesity, of cardiovascular disease,  and diseases in general, is to the Mediterranean:  our Italian power.  Low in saturated fat and animal protein, rich in carbohydrates, fiber and natural antioxidants, The Mediterranean diet is recognized worldwide for its benefits on line and health. Besides being tasty. This diet is based on the consumption of traditional Mediterranean: cereals (bread, mail, polenta), milk and dairy products, fish, fruit, vegetables, LEGUMI e olio d'oliva. Simple, wholesome foods, captured in their seasonal, rich in antioxidants, free radical scavengers and especially unsaturated fats. Foods with anti-aging properties, ideal to hold off cholesterol levels, blood pressure, the blood sugar level and to maintain a healthy heart, brain, e artery vein.

  • I define your concept of "diet"?

Starting from the assumption, that a healthy diet is essential for everyone and that it should be a lifestyle, for those who need to lose weight, a diet should be mainly used to feed themselves in a healthy and controlled. Once established this, I always explain to my patients who follow a diet however, is not an act of punishment, but you can continue to stay at the table with joy. Follow a low-calorie diet does not mean skipping meals and dreaming nostalgically a plate of spaghetti, essentially means to reorganize its supply, according to their tastes and habits.

  • What are the main errors that findings in animal Italian?

I have been for about ten years, the coordinator of a program called “Educating to prevent”. The program, aimed at the upper middle schools in the Milan area, was developed with the support of the Province of Milan, the Department of Education, and thanks to the support of the school board of Studies.

 Nutritionists have intervened with a nutrition education program for students, by distributing a questionnaire to fill. He has had a great impact, and allowed to focus on many errors. Among these it emerged that the problem was at home, where there had been no support, or follow-up to our efforts. It is therefore necessary to educate the parents.

Another point is the television advertising that targets children and is extremely harmful. The children put pressure on parents to buy snacks that are advertised.
There have been positive developments such as the labeling regulation that aims to inform consumers about what they are buying, using special labels for product quality, for organic products, etc.. The labels are also a means to ensure the origin of food.

It’ Clearly we need more information campaigns, especially in schools, to get to children, because it is at that age where the problems begin diet-related health. We must educate families, teachers, school officials, family physicians, pharmacists, in short, all those who come in contact with the public.

  • What is your opinion on the "organic food",   fashion or reality?

It is organic food. Mrs. Obama recently launched a very precise message: support local agriculture, sustainable and organic. The United States has always been strongly influenced consumption patterns, especially in young. In the program of American agriculture is an incentive to young people to become farmers, but above all to let people know what and how to eat. Nutrition education program that has already been discussed in our country and that I clarify in the next question.

  • Always advocated the importance of nutrition education in the school curriculum. Much is being done,  but much could still. What do you think?  

In recent 40 years the eating habits of Italians have changed considerably. A higher standard of living has allowed the use of rare and refined products: on the one hand are missing nutritional deficiencies than once, the other has exposed all the people who eat more than they should, to serious health problems.

Obesity, gotta, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension,  diabetes, difficulty breathing, osteoartrosi, etc.. The 50% the Italian has an overweight of about 6 kg. This excess fat not only disfigures our silhouette, but opens the door to all the diseases mentioned above.

Obesity is a major public health problems of the millennium. The Italian obese adults are around 4 million, those who are overweight 16 million.  One in three children is overweight, one in ten is obese.

  • The fault?

– Food fads that come from other countries rich in sugars, of fries and low in vegetables and fiber.
– Too much advertising that influences the taste and choice of food for adults and even more children who spend many hours in front of a television. Mothers who, fatigue or laziness after a day's work, definitely prefer junk food appetizing and easy to prepare, but high in fat, calories and with a low intake of nutrients.
All this helps to create the smallest birth of a serious problem because the extra pounds, that in addition to being unsightly cause them embarrassment and discomfort, throwing open the door to many diseases. The diet should be varied and should provide the body with all the nutrients it needs: proteins, fat, sugars, Vitamins, minerals and fiber plants.

  • And 'now customary presence of star chefs in the food and wine events. Their creative cooking aims to enhance the dish at times almost maniacal. Personally I really love our great tradition that has made us famous in the world,  and I am convinced that there is a real desire to return to the simplicity of flavors. What is your opinion on this?

I am totally opposed to dishes with elaborate preparations and pairings “anomaly” that remove the taste and flavor. You have to know how to exploit the ingredients at our disposal, enhancing the natural flavors, without weighing it down with strange preparations, varying much food also subject to seasonal.

  • I love listening recipes contained, I remember when you told me about your pizza at the Escarole…  I wish I raccontassi one to which you are particularly fond, and that brings you back to mind the atmosphere of childhood.

The pizza with the escarole reminds me of my childhood, but there is an episode that still after fifty years I have not forgotten why lived nicely with joy and fun. It was a Sunday, and my mom had invited him to lunch uncles and relatives.

He had begun to cook the day before to prepare octopus in tomato sauce. Dish that my mother cooked excellently, and that the pasta with the sauce condiva compulsorily handmade. One of those dishes that cooked “slow fire” the day before, is even more tasty.

They were about two pounds of octopus that between awe and wonder at the time of heating the whole, had disappeared! There was only the sauce! My mom was very upset thinking it was a joke. In fact my sister Nives, still in “meat”, and worthy wife of my brother Antonio too gourmet, during the night he had eaten all!  He ate two pounds of octopus and was fine! I hope my sister does not read this story that has always denied. Certainly the octopus could not melt or… volar your!




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  • Comments to the publication reported on Facebook

    Gianluca D'Amelio: Perfectly d 'agreement with Professor Sorrentino, the diet should not be seen as a punishment and should not be limited in time. You have to understand what is the diet that suits your body and your lifestyle, and adopt it forever. Obviously allowing himself, occasionally, delle piacevoli eccezioni 🙂

    Cynthia Tosini:
    Exactly Gianluca…But there is to add that a good metabolism helps… 😉

    Chiara Boni:
    Even in the field of nutrition wins “Made in Italy” .)

    Cynthia Tosini:
    Clare… right!!! :-)))

    Cristina Fracchia:
    Very well! Then promote the pound of zucchini soused that I did last night and at lunch I was going to end up alone… ;-D

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