E 'born Jack Pepper, my cocktail agriculture!

Written by CinziaTosini

A few nights ago entering the Level Bar, un locale di Desio, un comune in provincia di Monza e Brianza, I asked for a cocktail agriculture. One, you got it, un drink a base di verdure. Bè, the barman after looking at me a bit 'dazed told me: “He wants what Excuse?!

Of course, mine was only a small provocation to ensure that agricultural products find use as broad and varied. Fresh green vegetables base ingredient for cocktails. Why not?!

In short, want to know how that turned out? Well, that evening Jacopo Soliani, known by most as Jack, teased by my request has created a drink agriculture in a pepper that I very much appreciated: il Jack Pepper!

A rent the oral…

  • Jacopo, What do you think of the use of vegetables in the preparation of cocktails?

Simple, vegetables means freshness and lightness, and in the field of mixology, innovation! It's nice to think about taking vitamins and antioxidants in the form of drinks , even during an aperitif with friends.

  • Now let's go. You caught nicely my challenge creating the Jack Pepper. You tell me?

When you asked me to create a drink agricultural thought I'd take advantage of the products of agriculture not only for the realization, understood as ingredients, but also as a container. The Pepper Jack is the combine between light aperitif, but with character, and creativity. Ideal for all lovers of cocktails little alcohol and decided.

> Vodka flavored with pepper Homemade gives it a strong flavor without sinning of heaviness.

> Tomato and fresh lemon juice give liveliness.

> The bitter celery from the boost and the right touch of depth.

Cynthia, conclude by thanking you for the inspiration because, Also loving the classics, are always looking for new approaches and challenges in terms of outstanding buds, mixtures and presentation.

Thanks to you, Jacopo, at the next cocktail agriculture! 😉

Jack Pepper

Jack Pepper




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