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And 'possible to eat with good raw materials without spending follies? Responds chef George Perin

Written by CinziaTosini

I have known George Perin during a evening dedicated to Nebbiolo that took place a few days ago at MO.OM Hotel Olgiate Olona, in the province of Varese. And 'now my habit, interesting if I evaluate the arguments of my interlocutor, deepen his knowledge with a chat that allow me to understand and above all continue to learn.

Chef George Perin -

Chef George Perin

The choice of Giorgio to make the cook was almost a must. In those years, the addresses were in fact privileged school aimed at vocational schools that allowed an immediate entry into the labor. Nato and Verbania, opted for the Hotel School of Stresa initially without any ambition career.

Season after season, away from the affections and friendships, the path has begun to inspire enthusiasm. The good fortune to work alongside great chefs of Novarese, allowed him to be formed by learning the fundamentals of classic cuisine which then has maintained over the years as the pillars of his working method. As they say, one thing leads to.

Detto ciò vi presento l’Executive Chef dell’Hotel MO.OM Giorgio Perin. A lui la parola.

  • George, Do you think you can eat with good raw materials without spending follies?

Not only can, but it is necessary if you want to produce a good result that satisfied both customers and the home for which you are working. Is it not what you normally do in every family? It tries to contain costs and to meet all the needs. A result that can be achieved through a careful selection of products, proper calibration of goods, and a cooking method that avoids wastage reducing to a minimum or even canceling them.

  • The best catering 'yesterday or today that'?

I think that there is the best of one better than the other without the. I spiego. Today we tend to always seek new flavors, new combinations, and new cooking methods to satisfy both palates that need to shrink the waiting time and the consummation of the dishes. But we must not forget that in the kitchen 'yesterday' there are tastes, perfumes and authenticity that no news today could never make us forget. Many recipes of today are reinterpretations of dishes yesterday, the most genuine and natural.

  • Would you recommend to your son / daughter to go your own way?

Every job, se fatto bene, commitment and passion is hard, as well as every person is the architect of his own destiny. NO, I have not recommended it to my children my work, I have never expressed their willingness to do so. Personally, I am happy that they feel in their choices made.

Chef George Perin


  • Why do you think women have a harder time to establish itself in the high food?

In my opinion it is difficult but not impossible. This work when done with passion requires great dedication, sacrifice and time. I would, therefore, not a matter of ability or possibility, but of self-denial. Getting high food may mean giving up the family, for fun and time for themselves. But things are changing in this direction.

  • The kitchen is a question of meaning. It is scientifically proven that women have a higher sensitivity. Precisely for this reason, you accept to work alongside a woman?

A few years ago I would have had some serious reservations if I had proposed a collaboration between men and women in the kitchen, maybe for my dominant character, perhaps for bias, or maybe just because I've always seen my work "Man". Today I would be more open to this possibility, but would not do it as a matter of sensitivity, because in order to cook well, to match tastes, to create color effects, this skill is essential regardless of gender.

Cynthia, I conclude these our chat by telling you that I spent almost an entire life being keen for a job that required me great sacrifices but that gave me enormous satisfaction. Thanks to this experience I got to know great minds, other countries and cultures. I'm still happy with my results and operating. I thank my family for the patient, enthusiastic, objective support without which everything would have been much more difficult. In Fede, George Perin.

How not to share the words of George. The family, for those lucky enough to have, is the most important support in life. And 'nest that warms us in the cold moments and sustains us in difficult. Never take it for granted ...

The kitchen of Chef George Perin.



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