Edoardo Ferrera, an aspiring chef landlord!

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Edoardo Ferrera, an aspiring chef landlord I met in Imperia, on a day in early summer when the sun was shining. After days spent in the quiet of Apricale – medieval village among the most beautiful in Italy located in the hinterland of Bordighera – I needed the sea, its colors and its people.

An encounter with a traveler cook who has learned the art of cooking from her grandmother Tecla, in the old family inn located in a blind alley, one of the many narrow streets in the historic center of Genoa. In time, The frequent visits of the port people, They led him to embark as a sailor on the Italian Navy training ship Amerigo Vespucci.

It was the 1984. The passion for cooking was not slow to be felt.

After many experiences– not only culinary – He made around the world (Edward is also a blues rock drummer), He is back in his Liguria, where it runs the restaurant 'The Last Supper refectory of suspended time ". A place to celebrate the taste of the time forgetting.

Edoardo, a kind and hospitable man, but blunt and character. A rent the oral.

  • Cook and aspiring innkeeper, start from here. Tell me that your path. At what point did you arrive?

Arrived? Dear Cinzia, if ever party! It is a metamorphic natural path I, for people like me to live Bottega Craft. A cook has a perimeter vision to fire the government and the space where it puts its done, the landlord instead must have a peripheral vision and most comprehensive. This fascinates me and makes me live my space with vision and a different modus operandi. It gives me an obligation that imposes Bottega… Presence, costanza, gestionalità integrated domestic economy, up to administer welcome and global promotion of their own making.

  • often I insist that the story of the dish is done properly. A presentation that goes beyond the simple name. Knowing the source of raw materials, the link with the territories and alliances that are created with manufacturers, It makes the real difference. One way to make food culture. It is for this reason that now I will ask you to tell me a dish I particularly loved: the Trenette Pesto Green Beans and Potatoes. A preparation known by most, which requires research and quality ingredients.

The Trenette Pesto Green Beans and Potatoes for us Genoese is a chromosomal factor, a strict ritual to be observed at least once a week. Pesto is in some way GENOA, by representing in a simple manner iconographic its Superba magnificence. Genoa, “superb for men and walls”, as he described by Petrarch, It is the beautiful capital of the sunny Liguria. You know Cynthia, you could walk endlessly in the old town between the charming "alleyways", the narrow streets lined with tall houses, tirelessly. Each wall, every home, alley and building, each villa, park and fort, It maintains the charm of the ancient Maritime Republic of Genoa. “Town of arms and trade”, its arts are kept inside the palaces said rolls, and many museums. Genoa precisely, capital of "pesto" and good food, I am leaving out how I could trace in my menu? Since there will always and forever!

Edoardo Ferrera: “Trenetta, pesto, beans and potatoes. Conceived in Lucera to be accompanied with the real Pesto Genovese. Produced by two wheat varieties with different characteristics and complementary, the Saragolla and Hathor, experienced long in the company and grown in organic farming. The Saragolla has protein and gluten and gives the dough body and flavor; Hathor is a cross between the Korasan and Senatore Cappelli and has a very intense aroma.”

  • food and wine Journalism. Sometimes gentle and sometimes sassy. Sometimes even pedantic. What is your experience about?

There are "rules of the game", the need to know, that's all. Sometimes he pens meetings polite gentle soul, sometimes pens that are running out of ink, and therefore they try in some way to leave their mark… But that's part of the game of the parties, nobody forces you to be part of it.

  • Filippo, your son, and his passion for oysters. A young actively involved in the kitchen brigade of your local. Explain to me how did his interest for this mollusk? It, given its knowledge, such as advice on safe taste?

It stems from innate gift that Philip has ... being curious. Dowry for another fundamental of our profession, that allows you to go always in search of even the obvious. Thanks to my friend Roman Corrado Tenacious – which besides being a great selector it is a connoisseur ostreiculture – Filippo, literally taken by the hand, He was able to learn first hand about this practice. A world of people of Earth, Mare, Rivers and Lagoons. Today it is he himself who signed our paper oysters researching cognitive with great sensitivity all our proposals, creating a very intense and valuable path.

The safe taste ...?! I think we should always know how to evaluate the professional who is in front. The oyster, as a whole raw fish, to food security is delicate thing, therefore, already the room itself (cleanliness and order) They give important signals on how they can be maintained.

Edoardo Ferrera: “A personal interpretation of one of the first courses of the Italian True that I love: alla Puttanesca in Romanian. Wanting to play with the raw materials we put before the eggs and flour, a true sepia processed and drawn like a noodle. The reference organoleptic is then given by an infusion of vacuum cooked tomato with anchovies and capers for thirty-six hours, It served the pitcher at diner. The effect in my opinion is addictive and sensual at the same time.”

  • Over the years I got to know Wainer Molteni, to write about his book: "I am nobody - a homeless history at rescue. " A story that inspired you and allowed you to create a menu: "A Bread and Water". An idea born with the aim to help theListening Center Caritas Imperia, and supporting the homeless. I want to talk?

Wainer is a special person, his story has affected me a lot. His book – "I am noone" – I reiterated its being real person, genuine and deep.

Thus was born the project "A bread and water", a written tasting what I just saw on the street; what invisible collect and fishing from our waste. As you well know, however, These operations chiarity traveling on the fine line between philanthropy and becoming healthy carriers of italics Paraculo.  It is for this reason that we propose the menu only at those tables that somehow they also are "invisible". Those at the table with which a contact is born, a polite and temporal confidence. Tables I choose just me. Do you think maybe it's a climb too arrogant chair? Could be, but they are or are not the Chef!

  • After reading your pilgrimage for the world (to tell the truth a bit 'envy), I wonder if your landing in Imperia will be lasting…

I am a sailor in the soul, it is true. By nature my bow never asks stop at the dock watching the ground, but only ever offshore. Just to say that my motto is: "The goal is the Departure". In this case, however, it is different. There is a project called Philip Ferrera, There is a new route to be traced. Do not ask me, however, to give you time. Right now here in the Upper Room in Oneglia the time I Suspended! In the future who knows ... as long as there is to do I'm never bored.

Cynthia, I want to say hello to an old Milanese saying that the good Gualtiero often quoted: “Quand l'ost is on the door, nient for the gh'ha in Ca.

Edoardo Ferrera: "A dish that was thought for Montale and his collection Ossi di Seppia. Slate, Sassi are the Shoreline Amphitheater and container for our Octopus, which they are extracted natural juices, and then confined in natural gelatin albumin derived from bones Hake. The dish is very simple, because accompanied with potatoes and green beans with extra virgin olive Taggiasca 190 Frantoio Sant'Agata and smoked salt flakes. "

“The Refectory of the Last Supper Time Suspended”  Via Des Geneys, 34 – Imperia





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