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"Omelet cugli sparni" (Omelette with wild asparagus)

Written by CinziaTosini

The recipe : “The Wild Asparagus Frittata”

Romano Pomponi

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Simple and genuine, with eggs of hens in the farmyards, white onion country, wild asparagus and bacon at home. Of course, extra virgin olive oil hills ciociare

Good, cominciamo dagli asparagi selvatici… Essendo la Ciociaria una terra collinare e montuosa, it is not difficult to find; both grow in clearings, that in the woods sunny up to about 1000 m. The oil is produced almost exclusively on rocky hills, alkaline, with low acidity, and the slight tickle that disappears with time.

Quasi una frittata di moda… Io sono nato nel 1958, and while living in a tourist town like Fiuggi, almost all had the pork raised in the countryside, le galline,  e piccoli orticelli in cui si piantavano ortaggi di vario genere, Now it seems organic, but we were all so even then, were biological, and we did not know!

The omelet was a dish that is often prepared, tasty but poor, appeared on the table of all, I do not say every day, but almost. I forgot, asparagus should be broken with your hands until you can hear the soft part, la parte legnosa non va utilizzata. Io faccio soffriggere gli asparagi con la cipolla e il guanciale.  Appena il tutto comincia a rosolare aggiungo le uova, and put a pinch of salt for each.  Andrebbe servita con del pane casareccio cotto nel forno a legna. Un piatto umile ma sostanzioso… come la mia amata Ciociaria



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