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Giovanni Trapattoni, President for a day at the Festival of Cazoeula Cantu

Written by CinziaTosini

What is the food like that Italians? Certainly I do not expect to give a response that matches the consensus of all. I will only express my thoughts, that of a woman celebrating the world of flavors and traditions, and daily living, as a companion, the passion and warmth that conveys the food. We are fortunate to live in a country rich productions and creative minds, that allow us to enjoy the many pleasures that make Italian cuisine famous worldwide. Well, I believe that Italians like me love a convivial kitchen made of earth products. A kitchen is accessible to all, that expresses the territory and the people from which it originated.

Friday 6 February was held in The Garibaldi Cantu the final tasting of the 3rd Festival of Cazoeula. Eight restaurants in the race have competed for the prize "Cazouela of Now"For the best dish of cabbage and tomato rib: the triad Canturina. A plate of traditional popular Lombard long history. A typical preparation of the kitchen winter whose name can be found written in different ways: cassouela, cassuola the casouela. Anyway, the recipe has as ingredients pork (ribs and rind) accompanied by cabbage cooked, spices, red wine and tomato concentrate. About, to better digest the cazoeula is advisable to drink before tasting a glass of grappa. Custom born of ingenuity peasantry… big shoes and brain up!

The cazouela

The cazouela

  • Restaurants in the race.

Attended the event: The Ladder, The Giardinet, The Oaks, The Garibaldi, the Osteria del Km 0, The Farm Urtulan, La Bastide Mattia, and Trattoria Rest.

  • The jury.

Experts enogastronomes, communicators in the industry, cooks and lovers, have had a protagonist as honorary chairman of the history of Italian football: Giovanni Trapattoni.

In jury Claudio Bizzozero Mayor of Canterbury, Elda Borghi godmother official cazouela Canturina, Bruno Profazio deputy editor of the newspaper The Province, John Bettio entrepreneur, Nicola Gini journalist and lover of food and wine, Alberto P. Schieppati editorial director of the magazine Arthur, Rocco Lettieri expert longstanding part enogastronomico, Antonio Silva professor of history and philosophy, Sergio Mauri vice-president of the Association of Chefs of Como, Carlo Pozzoni photojournalist and editor, Andrea Marconetti and By Maurizio Rosazza both of the two finalists' edition of Masterchef, Franco Cattaneo passionate about food, Emanuele Mambretti passionate about local traditions, Maurizio Casarola journalist of the newspaper The Province, and Aldo Nenzi gastronome longtime. I forgot, in the jury there was also a passionate woman in history, traditions and gastronomy, that communicates the territory and its products by focusing on the people, is called Cynthia Tosini. 😉

Well, during the eight samples I got to know better, among other jurors, Man Sports Bergamo origins that has shown great sympathy and availability. Many similarities and things to tell, because for many years I lived in his own common. Together, over judging the dishes, there was talk of traditions, of typical local recipes, and… it is very smile!

Giovanni Trapattoni

Giovanni Trapattoni

Rullo di tamburi

In the 3rd edition of the Festival of Cazoeula Cantu, with 334 points wins "Cazouela of Now" the restaurant La Bastide Mattia. In second place, The restaurant Garibaldi 332 points. Finally, won the third place the Osteria del Km 0.

Congratulations to all and…  Ode to Cazoeula!

From a te Cazoeula, tomato cabbage and rib, powerful triad canturina!
Ne 'in November, it 'December months are you favorite,
all fields covered with frost in January, ice the cabbage in a furious silent work.
The farmer with hunger and mastery sacrifices the pig.
For you the cabbage has abandoned mother earth, the pig has bowed his head.
The fire burns the casserole blushes. An orgy is consumed in the kitchen: Verza, Cotenna and Costina!
Suddenly comes your lover: the polenta!
Accompanies you on your journey. Excites you!
At the table expectantly awaits the old Monza.

Ristoranti in gara nel Festival della Cazouela

Photography at the head of Carlo Pozzoni


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