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Greatest Chef China Italy edition: Liu Peng Vs Eugenio Boer. A challenge between chefs.

Written by CinziaTosini

Sunday 8 June, Doriana Tucci together with her friend, I attended a special evening: a challenge among the best Chinese chefs in comparison with internationally renowned chefs.

The show was held at the Boscolo Hotel in Milan with the recording of an episode of Greatest Chef China Italy edition.  Stars of the evening: Liu Peng e Eugenio Boer.


More than a challenge, a true comparison between techniques, traditions and products. This is gourmet cooking television program aired on CCTV, Chinese state television, and at the same time is being promoted online.

Do you think that in the edition of 2013 the average viewers per evening was twenty million with a peak of listening that has touched the thirty-five. Caspita! Without a shadow of a doubt is the moment of cooking and its protagonists, not only in Italy, but all over the world!

Although lately maybe you overuse the sharing of food images, the fact remains that people love the creativity with which the chefs, almost true superstar, transform.

During serata, sitting next to delicious Patricia Contreras, young Mexican artist and photographer, between a chat and the other dishes I tasted and voted for this competition to taste.

Want to know who won the challenge? Of course Italy! To represent the chef Eugenio Jacques Christiaan Boer.  Let us try to know him better ...

Eugenio Boer

Chef Eugenio Jacques Christiaan Boer

As a Dutch father and mother Ligurian, Eugene grew up in a mix of very different culinary cultures together. Already three years she cooking in the Netherlands with his grandmother Rosa, the mother of his mother. The love of cooking was born so, with fresh pasta prepared together every Thursday to the delight of his father. At twelve, the decision to work in a restaurant despite the contrary opinion of the family. At the end, Having regard to the stubbornness of his son accepted, but only on condition that ended in contemporary studies by Accountant.

I worked and went to school, but I was happy. I liked what I was doing, and I love it still. I've been really lucky in the years of apprenticeship. I had the good fortune to meet the great masters of life, as well as unequivocal professionals. They helped me grow teaching me how to capture the 'true'… avoiding the 'unnecessary'. Now these teachings, even the most hard and humiliating, I know that I have served.

– Eugenio, I shall quote a comment that made a person of my acquaintance referring to your beard: "A chef is like a doctor and a soldier, must be able to present. Shaved or at least with a short beard. "

By reading this comment, I can only smile. I chose in my life a formation of severe discipline. Only those who are 'forced’ in the ideas and executions, It can really give a new aspect to his work. And 'why I do not judge the work of a professional by his appearance, albeit cared anyway.

– What do you think of Chinese cuisine?

I love the East, and Asia in general, a world that has always fascinated me and my wife Emma introduced me helping me to overcome my phobia of flying. But that's another story ...





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