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“The pumpkin ravioli of Gisella narrated by Chef Fabio Mazzolini”

Written by CinziaTosini

The recipe: “I tortelli di zucca mantovani”

It’ a powder’ early to know the pumpkin, but my thoughts go out to my dear grandmother Gisella. I wanted to remember it so.

I've never said I'm originally from Mantua…?  Well you!  Li pumpkin is a real tradition. I remember when my grandmother Gisella I was preparing ravioli with spicy mustard, macaroons and of course ... the pumpkin!  Fantastic aromas and flavors that memories ...!

This vegetable originated in Central America,  oltre ad essere famoso per la festa di Halloween è conosciuto per le sue proprietà benefiche. E’ rich in vitamin A,  minerals, fiber and is low in calories. Its pulp is chopped useful as soothing to the skin inflammation, while its extract is indicated for gastric disorders. In the kitchen, then find space for multiple uses…  the first courses,  the contours, desserts ...

Good, Today I would like to return to those flavors and those scents thanks to my good friend and chef Fabio Mazzolini. A man linked to the nature and tradition… a poet of the kitchen.

Fabio, before giving you the wooden spoon to conduct the orchestra, tell me a bit 'about you ...

  • Are you a successful chef, but above all a simple man, sympathetic teases me from time to time ... Better than you speak, if not you know that I do not stop more… 😉 Come e quando è iniziata questa tua passione?

The love of cooking was given to me by my maternal grandmother. Gestiva una piccola trattoria di sua proprietà a Desenzano del Garda. E’ li che ho iniziato a pasticciare con paste e farine…

  • The creativity of chefs sometimes you almost scares me. We make two spaghetti with garlic and oil while we discuss ...? There are?

Sure you Cinzia! You have to know which is my favorite dish! I prepare myself often teeming with garlic that I melt slowly to turn it into a soft cream. The only drawback is the poor unfortunates who are talking to me right after! 😉

  • Now tell me the thing that you like best ... and do not try to be funny! 🙂 In cucina intendo!

Now you clearing! Although it may seem strange to love the onion in all its uses!

  • Mi è venuta una fameee!! You prepare an omelette with onions? L’adorooo! (I swear that when I wrote this question did not know the answer above)

Great choice ... I would opt for an omelet with onions blonde who routinely add grass of St. Peter!

But now notice the jokes! You pass the wooden spoon, tocca a te dirigere l’orchestra!  Tell me how to make pumpkin ravioli Mantua, with the macaroons and spicy mustard ... those of Gisella!

Fabio: Cynthia you have to make delicate pumpkin valance quality.

Cynthia: Delica? But how can I recognize it?

Fabio: What a disaster that you! From what I have put the photo!:-) Now cut it into pieces and cook it in the oven for half an hour.

Cynthia: Fabio but I have to peel it?

Fabio: Absolutely not! Once cooked, crush the pulp with a fork, Merge some amaretto sbricciolato, add the mustard spicy apple bells, red cow parmesan (Reggiana breed), and sale e pepe just as. And 'my habit to add to the stuffing of ravioli, a pinch of ground coffee to take away the cloying sweetness of the ingredients given by. Finally you just have to proceed with the preparation of pasta and ravioli pack. A light dressing flavored with sage butter and voila!

Now,  Fabio is cooking while I seriously tell you that ... he is a true artist! A man who does not like to be celebrated, and who lives his passion simply by offering it in their own creations.



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