The sweet sunset with an eye to the vineyards ...

There are times when everything seems to go wrong, periods in which the desire to escape to get away from what he has fallen short of our expectations is of great temptation. My last few weeks have been so.

Ma eats ...? The sizzling woman, that always full of life, the one that smiles everywhere at once dispirited?! The reality is that it happens to me as it happens to everyone. The only possible solution is to react, and when you can escape ...!

But beware, problems will not flee, it would not ... the problems are like knots in the hair, if you do not dissolve, continue to multiply. The joints to which I refer, at least my, are simple evasion to that nature that relaxes me, that gives me peace, and I recharge.

I love to travel, leisurely, with my music, with my stops, but above all with an eye to changing landscapes.

It 's so you breaths resume the right time, and the energy goes back brought me back to that well-being that makes me feel the need to share my way, live and what excites me. This is my therapy ... therapy good life.

And so it is,  with the sweet sunset and with an eye to the vineyards, that ended my day in peace in the silence of nature Mocasina Calvagese, in the province of Brescia.

From time, Attilio Pasini, winemaker and owner of 'farm La Torre, He had invited me to visit his vineyards. This actually placed on the moraine hills west of Lake Garda, takes its name from an ancient Tower located in the vicinity.

A historic farmhouse that, despite the restoration in time, has maintained the original structure dating from the seventeenth century. A story of family traditions handed down from generation to generation, which now has twenty-two hectares of vineyards and olive groves.

As always happens during my meetings, exchanges of experience never fail, that's how you learn. Chatting in a sunny autumn afternoon, I strolled through the vineyards and the old cellars with vaulted ceilings in a typical structure originally the site of a former convent.

After the visit, we continued our chat in the tasting room eating roasted chestnuts accompanied by a Garda Classico DOC Rosso Superiore, Harvest 2007, the Red CUNTI.  This name comes from the appellation given in the past to Lorenzo, the founder of the farm La Torre and creator of this wine.

The blend is for the 60% Marzemino, for 30% Groppello of Mocasina, for 10% Sangiovese and Barbera. It is vinified in stainless steel and made to rest in concrete tanks. Subsequently rests in barrels and casks for at least one year. A wine of character that comes close to my tastes.



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