My baker is different ...

The "Piccolo Forno" Cesano Maderno, a history of bread evolving.

My baker is different, He never ceases to experience nor to seek quality ingredients. A passion for him and a pleasure for me, because every time I go in his shop I find something good and new. Fortunately artisan bread baker like mine there are still many. Simply search, and, through knowledge and taste their products, support. This is to say that I never tire of repeating that the workshops – in addition to preserving the area's identity – They are real wealth for our economy. Guard them pays the desire to do. A duty particularly felt by those who feel the belonging to a territory.

Start by doing some clarifications:

– As per the ministerial decree n. 131, “per bakery It means the enterprise that has bread production plants and optionally other bakery products and similar or related and carries out the entire production cycle from the processing of raw materials to final baking. "

– Also, It goes well distinguished "fresh bread – the bread prepared according to a continuous production process, uninterrupted aimed at freezing or freezing, with the exception of the slowdown of the leavening process, devoid of preservatives and additives of other treatments having a preservative effect " – from the "bread or kept in prolonged durability offered for sale with an additional indication highlighting the conservation method used, as well as any conservation mode and consumption. "

– The panificatore, the white art operator, It is the one that produces the bread according to these principles, and obviously, with selected ingredients and quality. I refer to the origin of the flour contained in Book ingredients that every serious baker makes available to consumers for a more accurate and informed choice.

Premesso ciò, I'll tell you why I consider my special artisan baker. A curious man in continuous experimentation, both in form and in substance.

I met Massimo Bertin coming day after day in his small workshop in Cesano Maderno, in the province of Monza and Brianza. A creative craftsman who I learned to appreciate for his enthusiasm and for the many and always different sweet and savory products. One, because talking to him, in time, I felt how great his desire to do. A passion that allows him to wander among the many regional specialties, but especially, to create new products. In the back of his shop a world of books and cookbooks ... a real library for his studies and insights.

I approached the boy bread production, in a small workshop founded in Cesano Maderno 1968, following my father's footsteps. Some years later, after his untimely death, I was won over by work. Because art – whatever it is - it involves so much as to become a reason for living. Creativity should be promoted, because it represents a great resource for developing countries. Exactly how culture and debate, essential to offer new products or from other regional traditions.

Member of Richemont, the international organization that promotes and enhances the field of baking and pastry, never tires of looking for new organic ingredients, recovering in time visiting the events that promote this sector. Because the craft and closely connected to the respect of the environment.

A rent the oral…

  • Maximum, what it means to handle the dough?

Handle the dough requires a lot of attention. A psychophysical level is hard work that can only be addressed if there is passion. The satisfaction you have the customer, because the buy now asking and inquiring. Then ensure that quality pays, and people back.

  • Salt or no salt… in the sense that some are using it in quantity and other less.

I can only say it should be used sparingly. Lot of, unfortunately, using poor quality flour abound in the halls. In fact, the last thing you need to bread is the salting. Less it uses better!

  • What role does your child in the activity?

My son is the part of social and popular. I think the 'bread', in one way or another, He will be part of its future plans.

  • There are many training courses to become bakers. Obviously, to form a baker, beyond theory it is essential to the practice. How many years experience do you think are necessary?

Cynthia, to form a baker as it should need at least ten years of experience. Certainly the school from the right notions, but the lab is more than essential!

The Little Oven – Via Monte Rosa, 7 Cesano Maderno (MB)


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