The oldest café in Europe

Written by CinziaTosini

I love drinking coffee sitting in the old local, shrouded in history ... In my travels, I always try the local fair, and as soon as I immerse myself in those atmospheres, and the mind goes ...

But now I wonder, what is the "coffee" the world's oldest ?

                         Responds Justin Catalano

The oldest café in the world already existed around the 1500 in Constantinople, a coffee with small cakes.

It was done squat as I think it was also done at the Cafe Procope, old Parisian venue opened in 1686 by a Sicilian who moved them.

The methods of obtaining the drink known to us are very recent. Even the so-called Neapolitan coffee maker (non the mocking!) mutuava from the old system.

A filter permitted to avoid posing, instead present in the coffee Turkish. It would be more correct to say original as it also did in Ethiopia and neighboring areas so as to always. The so-called funds then, in some areas of the Mediterranean basin are also beds (Grecia in testa)!




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