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Hemp, a plan view with suspicion, that arouses the suspicions of their creators.

Written by CinziaTosini

Cannabis Sativa

Many do not know that until the early '900 we Italians were the second largest producer of hemp for the quantity produced (second only to the Soviet Union), and the first to the quality. Since then, a country whose economies were predominantly agricultural, engage in a highly productive cultivation, resistant, and the fast growth, was an appropriate choice and cost.

The productivity of the Cannabis Sativa, tillable legally to the low content of THC (tetraidrocannabinolo, substance psychoactive produced from the flowers of cannabis), is given by the many products that can be derived from it. I refer oil, to flour, carte, the materials for the building, fuels from biomass and tissue. About the latter, Carmagnola, in Turin, was grown and processed a variety particularly appreciated hemp textiles. I speak of a natural fabric that, with the advent of synthetic fibers, was supplanted.

From the perspective of food, i advantages in hiring with foods derived from hemp (semi, flour and oil), are documented by research that confirm the benefits for the body. With Omega 3 and Omega 6 it has a preventive effect on disorders related to atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

A plant with many resources that, given the circumstances, is to be reassessed but especially to grow. We are many to push for reconstitute the entire chain allowing Italy to resume this tradition that we distinguished in the world. Many are already doing, such as Pasquale Polosa, founding partner of Hemp Lucana S.r.l.s. Oppido Lucano, in the province of Potenza. Contacted after I asked him to tell me his experience.


Hemp seeds

  • Hello Pasquale. For nearly three years together with some friends you intended twelve acres of land for the cultivation of hemp. Tell me about how you got started and what convinced you to invest in this crop that most still look with suspicion?

I know by the time the properties of hemp and the many benefits it brings to man, animals and the environment, and I'm always fascinated. I decided to start a few years ago to bring in a little farming 'of innovation, with particular interest in the welfare and the environment, since I discovered that its cultivation is legal. When a friend of mine - and now associate - who was studying economics presented a draft examination on the cultivation of hemp, together with another mutual friend, has gone down this road.

  • What were the main difficulties you encountered and still encounters in the conduct of your farm?

Our goal was not only to cultivate it for us, but to involve more people interested in this crop and group. The problem is that a new culture, with an unknown market, is not a simple thing to make it clear. Today we can say that all this is exceeded, because many companies grow and many still those interested. There are now several acres of cultivation assets.

  • As I wrote hemp has a high productivity. What are your productions?

We will collect the seed, rich in nutrients and beneficial properties. It extract the oil that contains Omega 6 and Omega 3, several vitamins and minerals. The solid part that remains, goes to milling to make flour. Quest'ultima keeps the protein part of seme, and above all essential amino acids. With the flour you can do everything you normally is done with other flours. Our products are all the rage are pasta and oil.


  • You're a member of the Basilicata Assocanapa. What aims and how this association intervenes to know the benefits and uses of this plant?

Our association was founded with the purpose of promoting, protect and promote the cultivation of hemp and its use in various productive sectors. We aim to make known the properties and many possible uses. For this we organize social events and information that we often relate with organizations and institutions, and give support to farmers who are inclined or who already cultivate hemp.

  • Hemp helps to rehabilitate the polluted land. As environmental health in Basilicata?

I think a bit 'all over the world the environment is compromised, unfortunately for several factors. Intensive agriculture is one of the causes; hemp, in this sense, can help solve some problems. Right now the biggest concern for the Basilicata and for its future, is the increase of oil extraction that some would like to implement. There are already some critical areas in the region, and with this action, would risk creating new ones. This problem does not relate only Basilicata, is mobilizing people and associations in many regions of Italy decided to fight to protect the territories and the environment.

  • Master, I research and study everything about natural medicine. For this reason I can only encourage the consumption of cannabis derivatives in the kitchen,,it,Assocanapa Basilicata,,it,Hemp flour,,it,Hemp oil,,it,Oppido Lucano,,it,that arouses suspicions of their creators.,,it. Qhen chance I get it, I try to stimulate the chefs that use these products in their preparations. In your company organize events that effect?

One. The year with the association organize various parties and events, both on the field, when we do the day of harvest and visits in the fields, both on the ground with festivals, parties and events degustativi.

– Some rules governing its cultivation:

Reg. Council n. 1234/2007
Reg. Council n. 73/2009
Reg. Commission n. 1122/2009
Reg. the European Parliament and of the Council n. 1307/2013



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