La Maison Charles Heidsieck, 160 year history of Champagne

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The British writer Charles Caleb Colton compared champagne at a critical: "There is nothing more repulsive when it is bad ... nothing more delicious when it's good."

Although I am a woman who loves red wine (the good ones), when I have the chance I take with pleasure the taste of a glass of champagne produced by a Maison renowned for the quality and history.

Charles Heidsieck is a French wine that was born in the vineyards of Champagne - Ardenne region in northern France. A wine that appeals to luxury, elegance and seduction, much loved by women.

Champagne Charles Heidsieck

Champagne Charles Heidsieck

Well, a few nights ago I took the invitation of Philarmonica, Actually the distribution of selected productions, attending a dinner dedicated to this product champagne from a historic Maison born in 1851.

In the center of Milan, accepted in the delightful Restaurant ‘Brassica Merenda‘, obtained from a patrician apartment at the end of 1700, was held the event with tasting conducted by the expert guidance of Mark's Church.

A summer evening in Milan with #charliesway @philarmonicaspa

One summer evening in Milan with charliesway # @ philarmonicaspa

Not knowing Marco, when I asked him what that occupy, his answer was ready: “Cynthia, I tell stories of wine and men”. What better opportunity to listen…

In an estate will be, in a unique and elegantly furnished, with ten bloggers I did a tour of tasting, combined with a dinner by the typical Mediterranean flavors.

Si beve Champagne Charles Heidsieck Millésime 2000 Vintage Brut e... Mediterranean food you eat

Si beve Champagne Charles Heidsieck Millésime 2000 Vintage Brut e… Mediterranean food you eat

A Maison with five labels: Charles Heidsieck Brut Réserve, Rosé Reserve, Vintage Brut 2000, Vintage Rosé 1999 e White Millennia 1995.

To each his own champagne. My, at least one who has approached more to my liking for the pleasure of the nose and in the mouth, è stato he millennia Vintage White 1995 Vintage.

Vintage White millennia 1995 Vintage - Charles Heidsieck

Vintage White millennia 1995 Vintage – Charles Heidsieck

To accompany, oltre a Billie Holiday con ‘Crazy He Calls Me‘, listening to the tales of Marco on the vicissitudes of a family that has resulted in the soirees of the European courts to the present day, its products.

‘Champagne Charlie’, the name by which it is known in America, is a wine of a French company that stands out for its recognized ability to work as a team. An attitude than an inclination, that over time enables economies and territory.

Restaurant 'brassica Merenda'

Restaurant 'brassica Merenda’




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