"The History of Wainer Molteni, the revolution of a homeless man ... "

Do not turn away this time… not pretend it does not exist.

It can happen suddenly, from day to day. It can happen in a phased manner, inexorable. The fact is that you can end up with nothing, and when it happens, is always too late ... Wainer Molteni

I often say that it is a moment to fall ... It 's happened to me, as in many other. Do not take for granted what we have seem them for them just a pretty phrase, meaning of certain, but when it happens the irreparable, when life gets on his knees, then you really ponder the sense that…

The failure in your own life path is easy thing. It can happen to the loss of employment, for a love gone, for a disease ... One moment you are on, and the next moment you're down ... And it's right there, when it crosses the threshold, that you look at life through different eyes. If after that time we find the strength to get up, everything changes, because from that moment, we shall be changed ...

Wainer I met a few nights ago at a dinner by dear friend and chef Simone Toninato. He was there for the presentation of his book, I am None, the story of a homeless man to the rescue. During the evening, in addition to telling his life path has tasted olive oil produced by Fattoria dei Clochard to the Rescue, the first farm managed by twelve homeless in Milan and Pistoia.

Wainer Molteni grew up with his grandparents in Limbiate Mombello, in the countryside Brianza. Childhood after all peaceful, between the sweetness of Grandma Baby, and, quoting Wainer, the wisdom of peasant grandfather Emilio, typical of someone who knows the weight of words and silences, and knows how to turn your life.

His passion for music led him to become a dj successful eighties. Was called in the major clubs in Florence, Bologna, Rome, Milan, London, Paris. Life went on ... the grandparents one after another they went. Mantenendosi with music He graduated in sociology pursuing his other passion, criminology. Understanding the criminal mind, the obscure mechanisms of their actions had fascinated him since childhood.

It was during those years of racing and music studio, that Wainer discovered the pleasure of food. One night in Milan wanted to stop having to play in Cesano Maderno. He had not passed by them ... He saw the Villa Borromeo in the new role, after restoration. It became a hotel with a restaurant attached, Il Fauno. It was that night at dinner that he met the chef Simone Toninato.

After passing a competition had the opportunity to attend a master's degree in criminology. He spent three years in the Training Center to forensic science FBI in Quantico, Virginia. Li visited death row in Texas Antsville, and walked the green mile, the corridor that connects the cell to the execution. Li was felt fear and despair ... When the three years, and it emerged the possibility of returning to Italy with a job offer that he accepted. He would have served as staff director of a chain of supermarkets. All went well, until the day when the company declared bankruptcy fraud.

Suddenly was out of work, ma was tranquillo, because having a track record did not believe that he had trouble finding a new job. It was not so. The talks were not successful, said it was too qualified. Time passed and the money ran out. Came the eviction and in less than no time he found himself to know the reality of welfarism. He became a homeless man… Sitting on a cardboard watched a world of invisible people, of people with whom passers-by avoided eye contact for shame, per pen, indifference ... He learned to beg, met the cold, the more rigid, that falls asleep…  But he also found many friends, and so much solidarity…

So many struggles, occupations, forty arrests .... Until the delivery of a small apartment and the office of administration consultant in Milan for the reintegration of homeless. In Milan there are the reception facilities is despite their flaws, but that's not the problem. The important issue is that you do not talk about recovery, reintegration… Come dice Wainer, it is important to give a chance to those who want to purchase out of the situation they are in. It was about 6000 the people on the street last year, today there are 13,000 ... will still be dead in the cold ...

Wainer is carrying out many projects ... A Pontremoli having had a legacy, would like to create a recovery center for those suffering from addictions. A Juggling Lomellina, near Pavia, disposing of an old farmhouse would like to create a center where retirees teach the ancient crafts to homeless. Not to mention the farm already begun managed by twelve homeless in Serravalle: seventy meters of land where fruit trees are grown two hundred and fifty, five hundred olive trees, a flock of hens, rabbits and a couple of donkeys. This year for the first time it is produced olive oil. Serves them all, the courage to support the agricultural training, food and wine. Any help is welcome, so that these projects will materialize.

At the end of dinner I asked if she believed in fate Wainer. As for me and now my life is dominated by the winds of knowledge.  But I cullo, sometimes are good, and sometimes they are bad, I limit myself to just move a bit 'the helm watching the horizon ...

I do not know if it was written or was it a case, the fact is that it happened. Dario says it's karma, it all comes back. What you can do, undo, to be rich, poor, but what matters is that you accomplish your path. That there are a thousand roads, thousand crossings.

The important thing is not to stop. The thing, why, come after ...

      from "I'm nobody" Wainer Molteni







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