"The soup Porcini Gualtiero"

Written by CinziaTosini

Dear Walter ... and mind you, Gualtiero not known to most.

Below the story of a man of ninety-one thousand years by the passions ... a man of good times that were, a man who one evening in Treviso has upset emotions I.

Gualtiero Basso father of dear friend Alessandra, He was born in Treviso on 2 July 1921. The son of a dental technician has continued his father's business, but not only…

During World War II who served in G.a.F., the Border Guard, He has served as a telegraphist in Belluno and later bacteriologist in the military hospital of Padua and Milan.  indelible memories of war that have hardened the soul. About how he lived them, never will forget them ...

I met a meticulous man, almost maniacal when writing down every vicissitude of his life. A life dominated by passion and desire to do. A collector stamps, of pocket watches, of wine, a movie buff enough to shoot himself in the '60s, when the time was director of the Cine Club of Treviso, short films.  

After, Giancarlo accompany his son to the practice of Judo, She led him to become the President that has allowed a small sports reality non-military, to win the 2′ place in the "Grand Prix Society" in 1972. I quote his own words: “An incredible achievement wanted and won against all. There were also sad moments like the death of some young athletes, or the moment when I decided to leave to others the guidance, because the years increased…”                        

During the afternoon when I met him I followed carefully listening to the stories of his life. He led proudly showing me his many collections. La più sbalorditiva è stata quella del modellismo ferroviario, non potete immaginare! Sono rimasta senza parole… e questo già la dice lunga! 😉 Trenini e vagoni di tutti i modelli e di tutte le epoche, riprodotti minuziosamente! Un’intera stanza dedicata con plastico annesso, e una rete ferroviaria in scala nel giardino. Fantastico!


Gualtiero Basso

But it does not end here, perché una volta a tavola i discorsi si sono spostati sui piaceri legati al gusto, fino a far saltar fuori un fungo, o meglio… tre porcini! La passione di Gualtiero per i funghi è nata negli anni ’70 dopo aver conosciuto lo scrittore e micologo Fernado Raris.

Gualtiero mi ha spiegato che il termine porcino si riferisce a più specie e più precisamente al boletus edulis, al boletus aereus, al boletus reticulatus e al boletus pinicola. His favorite varieties for quality and taste, that they are dell'aereus and pinicola. That said, ready way with its porcini soup!

The soup Porcini Gualtiero

For 4 people

  • 300 Article. of stuffing varieties boletus aereus or pinicola
  • ½ onion
  • 1 tablespoon of flour
  • 80 Article. of butter
  • parsley, Salt and Pepper To Taste.

Cut the mushrooms into thin slices 2/3 mm. Then place them in a pan in which it is made fry the onion in melted butter.

Cook slowly for half an hour mushrooms combining to need good stock.

In the meantime, go to the slices of bread baked on which, once golden, Spread a thin layer of butter.

Place them in so deep plates, and sprinkle with the mushrooms.

At the end of the evening Gualtiero wanted me to give her a short film shot in 1960. I am also passionate about cinema. When I told him that the film that I love the most is “Cinema Paradiso”, he promptly replied: “Mine is Dances with Wolves!”

"Everything stems from man, everything returns to man…  from the movie Dances with Wolves "





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