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Italy needs competitiveness # # # accessibility #servizi #accoglienza #appartenenza network ... but above all he needs to go back to believing!

Written by CinziaTosini

I often say that now the only thing that's left is the concrete land. We are one of the most beautiful countries in the world! We have a great history, great artistic, great culinary excellence, great traditions! In short, we all papers in order, but I ask: “We can better giocarcele?”

After my recent visit to the Bit, the International Tourism Exchange, after hearing the good speakers exhibit solutions and marketing strategies absolutely essential for the promotion of the territory, I asked myself a few thoughts that I want to stop here.

As is my habit I want to start from the beginning, the birth of tourism.

For information purposes, the first travel agency was opened in London in 1841 da Thomas Cook, thanks to the impetus given to rail and maritime transport nineteenth century who made it possible in the short term movements. Travelling was no longer a luxury for the elite. In this regard I quote the AArticle 7 the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism which enshrines this right:

La possibilità di accedere direttamente e personalmente alla scoperta ed al godimento delle ricchezze del pianeta rappresenta un diritto di cui tutti gli abitanti del mondo devono poter usufruire in modo paritario; the increasingly extensive participation in national and international tourism will be considered as one of the best possible expressions of the steady increase in leisure time and shall not be impaired in any way. "

Exactly so, Tourism is a right, but for many it is no longer! Traveling in Italy it costs too much! The exterior is much more competitive.This is the simple answer people's. And 'critical thinking. Not only marketing strategies, but concrete investments and determining its revival. Below I will analyze a few points that I consider essential in this regard.

  • Competitiveness

Last year I went alone to September for Sardinia convinced to find competitive prices given the period, but I had to think again. “Leaving alone is not an advantage"So I was told. Ma eats? We are a country of singles and we are not yet organized in such a way! Anyway, single o non single, the prices of the packages are not competitive in Italy and abroad. Let's think ...

  • Accessibility

Eighty million disabled people in Europe, 650 million worldwide. I reiterate that tourism is a right for all. And 'fundamental comply with the accessible tourism services that make a reality. This year in International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the European Commission has recognized the prize in Berlin “Access city Award”. Unfortunately no Italian city was notable in this regard. Some friends at the return of a trip to California have told me that that, buses, have the input level of the sidewalk for allow people to move a wheel chair with easy access. This system has been adopted in some Italian provinces but is not yet sufficiently extended. Reflect…

  • Service

Friends, with regard to services is all a say. I'll tell you my experience last year in Quartu Sant'Elena, in provincia di Cagliari. A sea breathtakingly, living tract after tract; pity that not having the car with me was counting on public transport which I found to be woefully inadequate. I was furious to say the least; I still remember my outburst on twitter: “In front of me a wonderful sea, behind me services that will leave you speechless, rather, there would!” I set out but even so yet another problem! There were no sidewalks so it will cycle paths to make risky continuation walk. Obviously there is the case and the case, but there is no doubt that the transport network should be improved and enhanced, possibly by means of innovative and sustainable. I was given another experience from California where, alongside the many bike-rental outlets, Buses depart continuously prepared, inter alia, the transport of two-wheeled vehicles, so as to make easily accessible the visit of long stretches of territory. Let's think ...

  • Welcome

As is customary to say "hospitality is a sign of civilization"And not only… and here I stop.

  • Membership

As I wrote a few days ago : “I'm a traveler, an 'Italian proud of her country visit, search, and like, but especially loves to talk with people, my best guide!” Remember 17 March 2011, I was traveling. It celebrated the 150'Anniversary of the Unification of Italy. On the way I stopped at a friend's restaurant to eat and I realized that there were no signs at the entrance of celebration. I went in and after the usual greetings I said: “But if you put out the flag in my car…?” Lei ovviamente accettò. Membership is an important signal for tourism. Reflect…

  • Network

The Internet is a global network; we have a tool with which in a moment millions of computers connect to each other. Promote the area on the net is a great opportunity that we must all make the most of. Each of us can do it in his own way, even with a photo of pills with informative. Le recensioni delle persone sono una grande opportunità per promuovere il territorio italiano e le sue tipicità. Invest in the network is critical!

I want to conclude these reflections with the’Art. 1 of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism:

Tourism as a tool for understanding and mutual respect between peoples and societies "
The understanding and the promotion of ethical values ​​common to humanity, in a spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity of religious beliefs, Philosophical and moral, represent the foundation and the consequence of responsible tourism; the actors of the tourism industry and tourists themselves will respect the traditions and social and cultural practices of all peoples, including those of minorities and indigenous peoples, and they recognize the value.

When will we learn to make tourism… but tourism seriously!



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