Live Wine 2015, however you put it, we always talk about agriculture and productions.

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Are now so many events related to wine. For sure they are not the names that attract me, but the contents and the protagonists. If we are to invite close friends, these appointments are turned into occasions of meetings and greetings. And 'why despite the commitments of the last days, I cropped a few hours to visit Live Wine 2015, the international wine crafted in Milan, an event dedicated to the winegrowers who work the land in a conscious and sustainable.

We talk about agriculture and productions, always. We are slowly getting back to what it was and what we were. We were living through agriculture, but then we jumped in the cities emptying campaigns. How we miss the outdoor life that allowed us to holding in your hands something true? Much work, but at the end of the day a different fatigue. This is why I love talking with farmers, discuss with them allows me to study issues of interest to me.

Here I report some moments of this day.

Interesting chat with the winemaker Flavio Faliva of Cà del Vent, Cellatica near Brescia. We started talking about confronting the use of sulfur dioxide and so-called natural wines. Then, when the speech was cited agriculture 'biodynamic', I was tempted to smile. I have great respect for those who adopt practices that protect ecosystems, but how to define biodynamic is all a say. The pollution of many lands, as well as to that atmospheric, hardly allows consistency with the application of theories of Rudolf Steiner. Anyway, I admire anyone who is thinking of cultivation choices that allow to obtain products without chemical.

Flavio Faliva Winemaker Cà del Vént - Cellatica (BS)

Flavio Faliva Winemaker Cà del Vént – Cellatica (BS)

Spostandomi the stand next, I am dedicated to tasting Masque Perricone 2012 Gate of the Wind, Farm Marco Sferlazzo Camporeale, in the province of Palermo. By posting the picture on Instagram I was tempted to write: "Degusto wines recently proposed. Restaurateurs, Grand!"The response of one of them was immediate: “We dare! Too bad that many people do not understand and ask wines known or low cost"Francesco D'Oriano, The owner of the Osteria Biscaggina Livorno. I understand that it is not easy, but the task of restaurateur is also to guide the customer towards good choices and alternatives. I really appreciate those who do it with me. But back to the wine… Perricone, a rare and ancient grape variety in Sicily, characterized by clusters conical. A little known wine that comes in a windy valley in the province of Palermo that I appreciated for the character.

Maque Perricone 2012 Gate of the Wind - Camporeale (PA)

Maque Perricone 2012 Gate of the Wind – Camporeale (PA)

Basilicata, a region that I know little. Maybe that's why I stopped in front of the stand of Antono Cascarano farm Camerlengo Rapolla, in the province of Potenza. An architect who decided to forty years to start producing wine continuing the tradition of his grandfather Giovanni. I tasted 'Accamilla' 2013 Malvasia IGP, dedicated to Camilla, his Bull dog disappeared. I'm not very attracted to white wines, but some, including this, are really interesting.

Antonio Cascarano farm Camerlengo - Rapolla (PZ)

Antonio Cascarano farm Camerlengo – Rapolla (PZ)

A pleasure to meet Stefano Minds Farm John Minds Gambellara, in the province of Vicenza. My Venetian origin I have called him. Note screw caps and crown of its bottles in the image that shows him. Although many are unfavorable, exceptions for certain types of wine, are a viable alternative to the use of the cork and the inconveniences resulting. Also, as I wrote recently, are welcome in the Nordic countries for their comfort in take home unfinished wine at restaurant.

Stefano Minds

Stefano Minds

Meet the Island of Giglio? It is located in the province of Grosseto, in front of the Monte Argentario. It has beautiful beaches and a clear sea. There have been years ago, to be precise in Giglio Castello, between medieval walls and small wineries. I got to find those lands drinking Ansonaco Carfagna grape ansonaca in purity, dell’farm Artura. The advice is not to drink it cold, or better, to drink it at cellar temperature.

Vineyard Altura

Vineyard Altura

As I was leaving I saw the stand of Fulvio Bressan. Did not know him personally, I knew, however, the controversy that recently the concerned. I wanted to get an idea of ​​the character, rough in some ways, per me, after meeting him, absolutely harmless. We showed up and we shared experiences. Carry a passage that I share his philosophy: “No biological, although my personal rule I impose conditions of the vineyard and winery even more severe than those of the various 'certifications'. No biodynamic, because I know that, unfortunately, the rules can be ridden by fashion, and I know that nothing is easier than to impose rules and then break them, taking advantage, so, ingenuity of others."For now I will settle the impressions I had in knowing a fair, with a simple exchange of views. Obviously I also tasted his wine. When someone asked me what I thought, I replied that his wine is the wine of Bressan.

Fulvio Bressan Luca - Farra D'Isonzo (GO)

Fulvio Bressan Luca – Farra D'Isonzo (GO)

I just had to run away… the time available to me was over. But not before having made one last thing. I waited for a plate of Tajarin mushroom and tomato prepared by my dear Mauro Musso, a true artisan pasta using only high quality raw materials. I invite you to read by clicking WHO, some of his natural signs on Agriculture. Open your mind!

Mauro Musso

Mauro Musso and his Tajarin



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