Maximum Dellavedova, uno chef di cucina che vuole tornare indietro nel tempo.

Written by CinziaTosini

Maximum Dellavedova, a friend, a cook, but also a simple and sincere person. One of the last romantics,OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA come me: one chef in love. Last April, with my happiness, finally he realized his dream: Cascina Malingamba. A historic landmark originally born as posteria to meet the stops of the wayfarers, then, in 1960, It has become a real eating place. A Lombard farmhouse called Malingamba for 'lame step' of his first owner. Curious its location: è situata per metà nel comune di Lainate in provincia di Milano, e per la restante parte nel comune di Origgio, in the province of Varese.

Maximum DellavedovaA few days ago, on a cold autumn evening, I went to see him for a chat between friends. serious and less serious conversations that warm the heart, between stories, confidences and advice. Listening to the account of his many work commitments, from time to time I advised him to breathe, ben consapevole del ritmo che i cuochi oggigiorno devono sostenere per stare al passo con i tempi. The classic response to my concerns: “Girl, Quiet, everything is under control”. Massimo è così, a cook in the running, but always sweet and with a smile: one chef smile.

In addition to the mutual exchange of experience, He talked about projects and the type of restaurant that has intention to propose in Cascina Malingamba. Nell’ascoltarlo, mi hanno particolarmente interessato alcune sue affermazioni che condivido, e che qui di seguito ho riportato per approfondimenti e riflessioni.

  • I think in the dining today is right that the technique go ahead. Unlike, ideology, you have to make long steps back, until you get to the restaurant thirty years ago. It 'important to rediscover the old ways and processes of raw materials, adding the techniques of modern kitchen to preserve flavor and quality.
  • Unfortunately in the dining today lacks professionalism in the room brigade, intensa come gruppo di Servizio al guéridonfigure professionali per l’accoglienza. Under the guise of the Italian service, it was thought that all are capable of doing the waiters and the chef de rang. “Tanto devono portare solo i piatti”, non corrisponde al vero. It has lost the elegance and the capacity of the room service. Among the younger generation of waiters, pochi sanno sporzionare davanti a un cliente.
  • I think there are too many cooks programs. A format on a floor manager, subjected to daily customer moods, It could be useful to understand some of the same real needs. I can not be who agree with him. Proprio per questo motivo, circa un anno fa, I tried to point out the same thing doing an interview with Lukasz Komperda, un giovane e brillante cameriere.
  • Today's dishes are related to aesthetics too and less to the proportions. Sometimes they are even comparable to degustativi menu. La proporzionalità del piatto, in generale, deve essere adeguata alle basi insegnate nelle scuole secondo le tabelle ufficiali.
  • When I say that in catering must turn back the years, I am also referring to servizio al pedestal. For the uninitiated means Serve at room directly by the waiter, come si usava fare un tempo. The scenic effect is always very welcome.

Cascina MalingambaI take the floor to an appreciation, stating that, as Massimo knows, I have no hesitation in also make constructive criticism to my dearest friends restaurateurs. Having said, ho molto gradito che, oltre alla carta dell’acqua, Beer and Wine, Cascina Malingamba you can choose, and also wanting to buy, what you want to drink directly into the restaurant's cellar. A 'visual card' that makes your eyes sparkle to people like me, He likes to observe and read the wine labels.

At the end of the evening, Maximum, salutandomi, It told me a dream that before long realized: a'Cooking Academy. A study and practice with board and lodging. A practical study for students of hotel school. Ne vedremo delle belle, rather, We will taste good!

Cascina Malingamba

Via per Lainate, 33 Origgio (VA) Such. 02 94383789




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