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Non interrompiamo la strada degli Oli d'Oliva Italiani

Written by CinziaTosini

Today my reflection begins by reading the rant of a friend, Piero Romano, producer of extra virgin olive oil in Stroud, Crotone. I knew him well, reading his words in an email that he sent me long ago now.

"Ciao to Cinzia, how are you? Sai, I started to walk the road of olive oil I wanted to focus on quality, convinced that, who works well, with the time to be recognized. But alas I had considered a greater god who reigns supreme even in the food world. I speak of the God of Money, undisputed king, that, with his power, relegates the humiliating quality in a corner! But not only, the greatest wonder was the disappointment of the medium that haute cuisine, Despite claims to be a champion of quality, ends to adopt very questionable holistic choices. "

Words of a knee put manufacturer like many because of a market of dubious origin and quality products, that the lack of oils culture, fertile soil in the consumer choices diverted, adversely affects.

In addition, the crisis that we live in is an accomplice to Do not argue choices, often exclusively dictated by ridiculous prices that are not absolute correspondence in the real production costs.

The sad part is completed by part of the restaurant, that, although it elects promoter of quality, uses behind the scenes, and not only, mediocre products.

Words and chopped ritritate, reissued by people like me, He loves and lives the world of productions, and that, having the opportunity to listen to producers inconvenience, He cares about their fate.

the consumatrice, by passionate, and communicator of the territory, I express my thoughts vote, in the hope that sooner or later, These words are not just empty words.

I propose again below my speech in the latest edition of Oil Workshop, during which I expressed very specific requests to help consumers towards a more informed choice of olive oils:

  • For Communicators I ask more simplicity in the words. often I insist on this concept because what is really important is to make the earth good culture in simple terms, to reach people. Consumers still call quality olive oil, "The good oil". The term 'extra virgin' oil now in vogue, to most people is still unknown (evo: andxtra inadult d 'theiron).
  • To Olivicoltori degustativi ask you to organize more events to tell people their oils. As Luigi Veronelli said: “The oil like wine. The olive tree as the vine."In addition to" Open Cellars "why not" open Oleifici ".
  • At Wine I ask you to create a corner for an "oil shop" that allows the tasting of oils.
  • For Restaurateurs I ask you to tell the olive oils that are brought to the table exactly as it does for wine, just ask the manufacturers data sheets, or even better, train workers in a room with taster courses for oil. In addition, I would like to see on the tables, as is already the case for wines, of the “oils cards of local olive oil” with informative pills that present briefly the characteristics of the varieties. Another thing I'd like to see me bring the restaurant, It is a small bottle of local olive oil, that “I would use during the meal, I would pay the bill at a promotional price, and that would take me home. "
  • But I ask something also of Consumers. To be more curious to try the olive oils, we have so many varieties. Despite our 530 Italian cultivars and more, still we call the singular olive oil. When in doubt, just in case, We should move towards the DOP. Other advice, when you are on vacation take the opportunity to visit a local agricultural reality. In addition to living a unique experience, you will be much more aware of the products you will consume.

I conclude by recalling that, two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil per day, they are an effective medical aid to combat cardiovascular diseases.



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