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Reflections after Olio Officina Food Festival 2015

Written by CinziaTosini


A few days ago ended the 4 'edition of Olio Officina Food Festival, the event in Milan Direct dall'oleologo and writer Luigi Uploaded starring oil from olives. A format dedicated to in-depth, debates and tastings, Every year aim to disseminate good food culture to encourage the consumer to an informed choice.

During the day I attended, Many insights on which to compare to the promotion of a major production Italian who lives a difficult season. Here I will focus on some moments that I believe deserve attention and reasoning weighted.

  • The management of the oil at the restaurant.

One of the key arguments for a proposal that favors the extra virgin olive oil quality. The role of the restoration in this case is of significant importance.
Educating the customer towards a conscious choice depends greatly on how it is presented a product. This also means training of employees and a comparison with the world of production through meetings and training courses that prepare for this task.

  • The blending.

With Marcello Scoccia, vice president ONAOO (National Organization of Olive Oil Tasters) there was talk of blend, that is the art of assembling cultivars for sensory profiles that meet the customer. Even if you do not like it at all,  blending is not intended as a sophistication. This task is in fact acquitted taster experts.

La gestione dell'olio al ristorante.

The management of the oil at the restaurant

  • Single Dose of extra virgin olive oil at the restaurant.

An interesting idea repeatedly discussed, that farms can take to present itself to consumers through restaurants. A single dose at a nominal price to be known and spread so the productions of extra virgin quality, making it possible for consumers to place orders directly to businesses.

  • Cap antirabbocco.

Here you touch a sore spot. There is in fact who it deems just a tease for the consumer, Having regard to the use of lower quality oils that 'sometimes’ are used in the kitchen during the preparation of the dishes. Personally, to prevent a bottle with a label notes is repeatedly filled with oils questionable, I promote undoubtedly the adoption of this cap. On the rest of the professionalism of the restaurateur makes the difference. As pointed out by a member of the audience present at the debate, Japan, country that I appreciate more and more, much prefer to favor investment in culture industry. Who wants to understand wishes.

  • Food and Children.

With Giovanna Ruo Berchera, cooking teacher, there was talk of children who refuse food for reasons not related to taste. Playing with food tying them to the stories, unknowingly creates emotions that are stored in the memories. Involve them in the preparations, in addition to amuse, helps them overcome the mistrust and win. I defy anyone not remember a food memory linked to a childhood memory…

  • Eros and food.

The oil feeds eros. This is the theme of the 4′ edition of Olio Officina Food Festival. Even the bread is eros. Simona Lauri, and technical consultant for bakery, with Joseph Capano, chef and consultant kitchen, he told a food that I love very much, crafts and rewarding, that gives me pleasure and wellbeing brought me back to the values ​​of a time. My advice is to carefully choose the bakers who prefer quality flours. In return we will have baked goods that make our days more rich in goodness and health.

 The bread, a warm body that is life and passion. Simona Lauri

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