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Back to the past with ... David Gangi

Written by CinziaTosini

David Gangi, editor, responsible for the preparation of food and wine and tourism portal

In 2011 I started writing right there, in my address book: “The angle Cinzia”. It was the beginning of my adventure in the world of food and wine communication. Actually when I was asked I was a bit 'puzzled. After thinking for well accepted, but only if you can tell the productions starting from the people. There invents experts overnight, to write about food and wine serves preparation and years of experience. But not only, serves humility, true belief and a lot of passion. The tenacity and determination then do the rest.

I remember a phone call from David, and the request that caused me to write only the territories of Lombardy, region in which for now reside. Do not we agreed; why I decided to continue on my own. As I wrote earlier, when you really believe in their work, despite the difficulties and disappointments often, it goes on. With David, however it went, we did not lose. Mutual respect made us overcome misunderstandings, and when the weather permits it, do not miss a chat.

David, Now the two of us, this time it's up to you to answer my questions.

  • Start by asking what is your thought on what I wrote regarding the haste of many in wanting to enter the field of communication gastronomic. The risk of being unprepared, is to convey confusing information that do not generate real culture in an important area like this. What do you think?

It 'a pretty delicate subject and I would not presumptuous or go into complex dynamics. It is true that knowledge of food and wine, by many, has spread like wildfire through the right amount of information at every level media, but this has led to an over booking which often creates more confusion than real cultural enrichment. Many today pose as "Robert Parker" or inspectors of great food guides and this certainly is not good for industry.

  • Let's get back to you. Tell me how it started your path nell'enogastronomia?

My passion for food and wine has ancient origins, think that at seventeen I started piano at the best restaurants in Catania and I was fascinated by the food and all that surrounds it. I had the opportunity to know and talented Chef Gourmet I have explained many industry dynamics. I did school and sommelier taster, I took some cooking class and I worked to be the judge of wine guide. I learned a lot just by drinking and comparing them, but still I do not feel able to call myself a connoisseur or an expert, I can not ever be because they are aware that there is always someone who knows more than me. I can say that in this situation it is important to never be arrogant, cocky and that humility is the winning force.

  • Command Vinoway several years. Want to make a reflection on the evolution of communication in this area over the last decade? I ask because I think there is a strong desire to return to the past, in the sense that There is nostalgia for the way they once were told productions and persons involved. Obviously this is just my opinion, that of a woman who loves the world of agriculture, and that with a lot of passion hears the stories and the difficulties.

In fact it is as you say, lovers of the area they want to feel close to the producers, the chef, ai gourmet, to understand their origins, sacrifices, their stories ... In this we can help us through communication that certainly has changed in recent years, as it has changed the socio-economic reality in which we live, but the communication of wine or sector is not enough if there is no effort even by the experts to make available a bit 'to all the opportunity to attend restaurants and wine bars.
We live in a time of crisis that discourages fans to get close to certain realities, so it is appreciable efforts of many to create "assemblies", events where even with modest figures you can sample food and wine tasting.

  • We are a few months from Expo2015, a unique event for Italy and Nutrition that will be communicated to the world. And 'ready staff Vinoway?

This is certainly a very important event and, as we have been present in other fairs and festivals, we are working for our participation in the event. Do not make me say more ...

  • Ritual question. Budgets and plans for the future?

The budget is to be welcomed, we planned a route and I can definitely say that weDavid Gangi went beyond the most optimistic expectations.
We have been able to create, even with some difficulty, a close-knit team and competent, formed by selected authors all over the country and from work "dark" and valuable of my friend Alessandro socio-Ren, creator of Vinoway.
Vinoway has become a cultural association, Vinoway Italy, We also created a communication agency, Grape, and we are working for the opening of two platforms that will be dedicated to tourism and to the world of beer. We are opening an office abroad that will serve to create contacts with companies who want to rely on us for their growth through participation in fairs, work shop, events and international conferences. We will be present in many national and international fairs for 2015/2016 and organize events in many Italian regions.

  • I love Puglia, a love dictated by the beauty of its territories, from his sea, from its history, and its wonderful cuisine. Unforgettable a traditional dish of Salento among the best I've tasted: Ciceri e and choose. A cook who hardly forget, has prepared me to Bear Tower a few years ago. I'm sure, since you are from Puglia, that you've got to appreciate it. The thing that puzzles me is that the more the industry, also lying to Puglia, is unknown. My idea is that Italians would like, more than fanciful creations, proposals of great regional tradition.

Love you too Puglia and it seems simplistic to enclose the kitchen in one dish, although appreciable. The traditional cuisine of Puglia is very wide and I am pleased to recall chicory and broad beans, orecchiette with turnip tops, focaccia, panzerotti, the burrate, rice, potatoes and mussels, the marro and many other delicacies that would be worth to taste.
So we've started with the Apulia a series of events in the Capital, "Wine tasting Romane", where we have selected the best and culinary excellence enoiche land and we will move forward with other Italian regions to know and appreciate the best of the rich national production.

I conclude with a greeting, but especially with a goodbye.



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