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How to solve the issue on typical Italian poor punctuality of pay within the agreed time? A producer responds.

Written by CinziaTosini

Monday 15 September was held, at the 'Academy of Violas, a beautiful Provencal farmhouse in the atmosphere near Quintano Cream, a day of tasting, which involved, more than a dozen manufacturers, also it Chef Dante Ro, creator of the dinner that concluded the evening.

Accepted by the organizers, l 'Farm Ventura Sonnino (E) e l’Enoteca 'La Cantinetta' Monte Cremasco (CR), I had the opportunity to chat and enjoy the productions present giving the right timing that unfortunately the major events, often, do not allow for the large number of exhibition stands.

A pleasure to greet Ilaria Salera homonymous Azienda Agricola Salera a Garlasco (PV), and taste his rice, the main ingredient of good risotto prepared by Chef Ro Dante.

A great surprise the raw shoulder with the bone of the sausage factoryThe Scapineria, Sissa di Parma.

Food but also wine…

My land has called me to the stand of 'Winery Fruscalzo of Dolegna del Collio (GO) where I tasted a Gewürztraminer Delle Venezie IGP: the Rosa Canina Fruscalzo, a nice alternative to the usual wines offered.

I finally ended with a glass of Barbera dell 'Azienda Agricola Cascina Carrà di Monforte d'Alba, a fact that the family of the Langhe 1986 leads with natural methods 14 hectares of vineyards, and with the pleasant wine tasting Balgera Chiuro.

Asking prices for producers, naturally do not really positive reflections on the sometimes excessive mark-ups made by the food and wine.

As I often say events, as well as to taste and learn about production, allow comparison with the producers and listening to their problems and then treat love in my writings.

Precisely in this regard I have spent a long time at the booth of 'Farm Ventura Sonnino (E) producer of extra virgin olive Itrana. Together we debated on an issue that I care a lot and that I consider a real thorn in the side of Italian SMEs.

I spiego. I recently wrote about the difficulties of doing business, and not just for the bureaucracy, but also for the widespread bad habit in our country to defer to your liking payments due. I discussed it with Alberto Ventura, from 2004, after the change of course of his life as a commercial company producer of extra virgin olive oil, how many lives in Italy these difficulties.


In reality Alberto has adopted a policy resulting in the experience gained during his previous employment, Japanese influence and which has to do to trade relations.

  • Alberto, I leave the word to you to explain how you have tried to resolve the matter on the typical Italian poor punctuality of pay within the agreed time, for services and supplies received.

Let's say that from the beginning of my adventure, now the name is so, I made this rule: "Customers need to pay immediately!"I'm not sure most of the other good, However, in my small way I wanted, at least try, create a balance with my suppliers. I pay all the delivery, sometimes even before the receipt of goods.

A custom little Italian say. Well, the thing for me is not at all strange, because working with Japan are accustomed to punctuality and rigor, sometimes even to the receipt of payments one month before! You will understand well the difference.

I'll tell you another important thing. We farmers, not being able to produce during the year, we are forced spread the costs resulting in a concentration of the same at the time of harvest. After this phase, we have to bear the costs for the rest of the year,  always in the hope that things go well, both referring to future crops, both the business risks that only those who work the land know.

That said, if you resign myself to wait for the ones who should pay me but that do not in due time, then it would end. As far as I'm concerned, providing quality products and imponendomi well commercially and with the right people, it works.

A final recommendation: we Italians have put into their heads that we must learn not to be clever, obviously do not want to generalize, but unfortunately for the greater is so. Try to earn more money by giving a poor product and making it pay as such is not good for anyone. Making excellence, be able to sell it for a fee immediately, ensures continuity! Cynthia, I hope I explained myself, definitely do better the oil and journalist.



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