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Tastes in Poetry. The pancakes wisteria

Written by CinziaTosini


I love the wisteria and its color. As a teenager I spent many years in a place where there was a hedge of these flowers infinite. I remember that I walked and walked and ate the pistils .... Well, a few nights ago my way home I saw a cloud of pink clusters of wisteria. Suddenly I locked the car, as is now often the case when something catches my eye. I do not want to miss anything, no more. It’ so I dipped my nose and I started to suck. A delicate but intense, that remains in the memory, as it happened to me.

I could not help but photograph them and write them on the spot my feelings. It’ now this uncontrollable urge to stop the memories and emotions. Images, if shared, in turn give rise to thoughts and emotions in people. You know what came from my sharing this? Poetry dell'amica Alessandra Paolini, una donna che produce olio extra vergine di oliva in Calabria, and pancakes that I have prepared my chef friend Simone Toninato. One, because in addition to smell and admire the clusters of wisteria, I made a small bloomed theft. 😉

In fact the flowers over to view it satisfy the palate through many preparations. Laura Rangoni, wine and food writer and cook in the first place, suggests the use of the petals of the magnolia and acacia. Marina Betto, writer, sommelier, and passionate about plants and flowers (has written a book on gardening on the terrace), adds that the flowers are edible but many must be grown without pesticides (chemicals used against pests). La marmellata di rose, candied violets, ice cream with jasmine, i nasturzi in insalata… very particular flavors to which we are not accustomed, but to try!

Have you ever tasted the happiness?

climbs,Glicine ricetta
voracious, along the lattice
and filled with wisteria

is fragrant,
ed elegant

is abundant
lungo le nudità
of gnarled
who have crossed
storms and sterility

see String troppo
the heart of the chains
and covers
petals di Lilla:

Wisteria is a pancake

Alessandra Paolini

And if coltivassimo flower fields…?



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