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Savigno, land of truffles and of people united by the desire to do.

Written by CinziaTosini

32'International Festival of the white truffle of Savigno, Valsamoggia (BO)

We have just concluded the second weekend of the 32 'International Festival of the white truffle of Savigno. Who has not had the opportunity to participate, It may do so during the final round to be held 14 and the 15 November 2015. Savéggn, Savigno Bolognese dialect, a small town that from 1 'January 2014 It became part of the City of Valsamoggia, in the province of Bologna. I spent my last weekend here, surrounded by beautiful autumn colors of the hills around Bologna, and intoxicated by the scents of truffle.

The desire to make people makes the difference in the promotion of the territories.

A manifestation of longstanding, due to the desire to make its citizens, allowed the offer of numerous cultural and gastronomic. With the support of Valsamoggia, molti volontari insieme alla ProLoco e alle Associazioni locali, I cite in particular the Association of Tartufai Valsamoggia and Ascom, They have made possible the success of a trade that saw the main truffle and its territory.

The protagonist: truffles.

The nose evokes aromas and flavors ... for those who love them. Evokes nature, plants and forests. Evokes people, that with man's best friend, and I add women, establish a relationship of trust and respect. The truffle, an underground fungus (that lives underground), sought and loved by many. During my days in Savigno, the following Stefano Barbieri, environmental guide, and Remo Guidotti, tartufaio per eccellenza e Presidente dell’Associazione Tartufai Savigno-Valsamoggia, I met directly "on the field" the difficulties and the needs arising from its collection. Protecting the environment, as always, It is a determining factor. But I'll get to this later.

Aid Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation FFC.

Combine business with pleasure. Doing good by promoting the territory without forgetting those living difficulties that only research can help. For this reason the proceeds from the dinner of truffle 7 November by chef Igles Corelli, attended humorists ZAP&IDA with their funny cartoons and puns (puns illustrated), It will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation FFC. www.fibrosicisticaricerca.it

Old shops of Savigno.

Loving history and the village shops, that often define the proloco almost permanent representative of typical land, I could not but appreciate the classic signs of shops in downtown Savigno. More beautiful than the. Entering the "butcher's shop", typical local time dating 1898, I met so Guido Mongiorgi. From 1969 by continuity to the butcher shop started by the grandparents with the help of his wife. A gentle Sicilian lady who made a few tweaks to the Bolognese cuisine family, giving greater weight thanks to the use of good extra virgin olive oil.

Durante la visita, besides appreciating the quality of raw materials and the presence of many local specialties, I visited a small museum. Indeed Guido turned the basement into a cozy tasting room in stone with numerous objects and household utensils for a time, raccolti e ben conservati negli anni. Un luogo ideale per fare balotta, snack between Bologna friends whose name originates from the noise of chestnuts on the fire. That is how, in front of a platter of salami and a glass of wine, with a few friends, He told me about Annual maialata. Quiet, nothing spicy, only the appointment of January during which the pork is processed with respect farmer once. By the way ... the women are not allowed, so goes the story.

Local companies that reinvest in the area.

Apennines Food, a famous company of local products based on mushrooms and truffles, principale sponsor dell’evento. The support of Luigi and Angelo Dattilo, holders, He has contributed to the success of the event. I got to meet and chat with Louis over coffee.

Thanks to his passion for truffles developed with a female Pointer Bracco, in 1994 a 26 age, He has decided to turn a pleasure into a commercial reality. Leaving the policeman's uniform, Angelo, Brother surveyor, He has started a transformation of truffles. A company of the territory that promotes the area.

 Potrete vivere tutto questo il prossimo week-end. Savigno vi aspetta!

Tartufo Savigno www.tartufosavigno.com Hashtag della manifestazione: #LiveSavignoTruffle

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