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According to what you want Italians when they go to the restaurant?

Written by CinziaTosini

A few days ago I did a little survey on what people expect going out to the restaurant. A pleasure to which Italians hardly give up, even in a time of crisis like this. I often hear people say - but how, all are in crisis but the restaurants are full! - Sure, not all, but many.

As for me I love it (are better at eating than cooking). 😉 Assaggiare cibo e vino è una mia grande passione, a moment of true bliss gift that I carefully choosing the place of refreshment. Sometimes I follow the advice of friends and acquaintances, while sometimes, especially when they are traveling, uso il ‘Tosin method’. How it works: with the excuse of a photo 'attack button' with the locals who say so, I washed for, and then, I ask directions on eateries where typical stop eating. The results are often surprising!

But now let's go back to my little survey. I state that I was very surprised that few have made reference to the 'account'. I am convinced that at a critical time like this the right relationship between quality and price is one of the main reasons that determines the choice. Some argue that it is impossible to eat well without spending, alas, molti non si possono più permettere. Io credo che partendo da buone materie prime che l’agricoltura italiana ci mette a disposizione, you can do without spending a quality kitchen madness. For example, a pasta with tomato sauce if done well, is a great dish!

That said, below, here is what has emerged (I also added my thoughts). Some, nothing new, but perhaps it does not hurt to remember.

Italians when they go to the restaurant would…

  • Qualità e accuratezza nell’uso di buone materie prime. Italian agriculture provides in abundance there without exorbitant costs. In this regard, I particularly recommend the fruit. A basket at the end of the meal, without having to ask, is more than welcome! I forgot… I would also recommend the salads, there are very few restaurateurs who know them as they go without.
  • Friendliness, education and courtesy. A smile is the best host (and costs nothing). Having to deal with the service staff is friendly and a point gained favor.
  • Accessibility. An essential feature considering the 80 million people with disabilities in Europe… 650 million worldwide.
  • A the wine list well done broken down by region, and not only with the usual well-known names. There are production of small and medium-sized agricultural realities of excellent quality.
  • We are a land of great oils, mwe want to put them on the tables so that people can know them! Personally them or put them there or ask! About, also applies to the vinegar (and I'm not referring to some balsamic products that have nothing to do). Among other things, there are many who love wine vinegar, but it's good (I understood). Once it was in every cellar, today is almost a rarity. Let's go do it!
  • A relaxing environment. I happened long ago, in a place renowned for its excellent pizza, see running up and down the staff in the dining room. It was filled with some, but be struck by the continuous passage hectic, urtava we. I love the peace ... I is crucial when I go out to lunch or dinner.
  • Cleaning and services in order treated the same way as local host us to eat. Unfortunately it happens it happens the other way.
  • The possibility of having a space for their pets What is very much appreciated by many.
  • The parking that, in cases not provided for in the vicinity, There is facilitated when we book without making us go crazy on arrival at the unexpected difficulty.
  • Wifi libero restricting the use of cell phones, which sometimes is abused by disturbing the peace of others. Compared to first of all.

Regarding this last point, Having regard to the use and sometimes misuse of the media, I would like to find 'Face to face Restaurant’, I think the name makes the idea of ​​what I want: #socialization.

Three rules for guests: you must sit at the table with people who strictly do not know, presents itself to us and chat, and… cell phones off. Outcome of the evening: it is easy to hang out with new friends, or ... try again and you'll be luckier! How about… we talk about it? 😉

Here are the answers to my original survey:

1' parte

2' parte

4' parte3' parte

The table in the photo was staged by Amelia Face, freelance fashion designer



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