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September, time to nuts. It holds you in walnut largest in Italy!

Written by CinziaTosini

Eraclea… one of my places of the heart, andin cittat of sea ​​and great green views in provincia di Venezia with whom I have had a strong relationship for years. A recall It dictated not only from my origins. In fact, i perfumes of its large pine and the nostalgia ofthe my long walks at dawn by the sea, They bring me there often, for experience the region restoresmembrane the right balance. Simple and natural well-being, and a touch of poetry that is good for the soul. But poetry breaks easily! Sì, especially when feedback that importantthe reality locals are ignored by many. I do not mean some tourists, in ad some people actively involved in the economies of surrounding municipalities that snub and underestimate the potential of this place. and aNutile campanilismo it does no good to the territory. Eh sì, here we go again…

Thea reality that I mean is that of a walnut grove of more than 140 ha, the first private producer of walnuts in Italy: 'Cuor di Noce' Tenuta La Spiga Eraclea. An oasis uncontaminated of great scenic beauty born in the early '900 driven by Alessandro Gaggia, natural heir of the founder family. A highlight of the Veneto region which in recent decades has been characterized in Italian walnut plantations with well 757 hectares of plants. The most common varieties are California's Chandler and Lara French.

Alessandro Gaggia, nell'accompagnarmi visiting the Tenuta, He told me about the reclamation work in the early '900 has allowed us to recover well 3.650 hectares of land for agriculture and livestock. It was the great-grandfather Achille the author of this activity, which over time we have become a thriving farm specializing in the cultivation of walnuts. A closed-end fund that protect nature and safeguard the flora and native fauna. A really nice spot to sustainable farming practices and innovative techniques go hand in hand. Recently forty cameras were placed on the trees along the probes into the soil transmit data to understand the needs of plant.

But now let's talk about nuts ...

The Walnut - scientific name Juglans regia – It is a majestic tree and longevity of Asian origin. Its fruit, la Noce, It is contained in the husk, External green and fleshy part that opens to maturation. The part that we all know is the kernel, the delicious seed of the fruit from the many properties. The Veneto produces 30% National product. Venice – considered the capital of walnut – It produces a third of Venetian production.

Collection : nel mese di September is now harvest time! Every year between September and November, when the husk darkens and tends to break, It proceeds to the collection of nuts which then must be dried on racks outdoors.

Property : Nuts are great allies of the welfare of our bodies for their beneficial nutritional properties. They are rich in vitamins, antioxidants, omega 3 and minerals. Their regular consumption prevents cardiovascular diseases and helps to lower the cholesterol 'bad'. They are energetic and counteract high blood pressure.

daily consumption : tKing walnuts per day and levi the doctor away! However, being very caloric must not exaggerate. Three nuts a day, approximately 15 grams, behave 100 kilocalorie.

storage : theand nuts do not like the heat or humidity, then they should be stored in a cool place, dry place away from heat.

With or without the shell? With the shell I'd say that's a different story! It has a higher retention and quality assurance, thus avoiding risks of oxidation and contamination of mold.

A curiosity: the walnut shells ground into powder are used in the restoration sector blasting of delicate paintings and wooden works.

And in the kitchen ... I've done with walnuts pesto!

Easy to prepare and delicious on pasta. It is obtained by blending 50 grams of washed and dried basil on a towel, joined two garlic cloves, 6 walnuts and a pinch of coarse salt.

Next add 100 ml of good extra virgin olive oil, 5 tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese and 2 pecorino. Blend all the ingredients until the mixture is smooth to refrigerate. A real treat of flavors and fragrances!

Tenuta La Spiga - Cuor di Noce

Via Sette Casoni, 4 place. Torre di Fine - Eraclea (AND)



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