summer reading that leave their mark: "The Celestine Prophecy" by James Redfield

"Food is the first means of acquiring energy, but to fully absorb it must learn to savor. The flavor is the gateway. You must appreciate the flavor, that's why you pray before eating. Not only to thank, but also to make the meal a sacred experience, so that the energy of the food can enter our body. "

When we are given us a book, especially if the years had been recommended several times, reading becomes more intense and full of expectations. The truth is that I always put off buying. On reflection, perhaps just I am waiting for the right time, for fear that his reading would reveal to me something that I wanted to find out alone. Un romanzo pieno di verità raccontato come un’avventura, ricca di suspance, che conduce il lettore lungo un viaggio in Perù, in search of an ancient manuscript the disclosure of which is hampered by the church, fearful of losing power over the minds of the people.

A book written by James Redfield in 1993, who at the time it was published at his own expense. The disclosure came quickly through word of mouth of those who, leggendolo, He was struck by the messages from the detectors deep meaning. Illuminazioni che permettono al lettore di comprendere la dinamica di alcuni accadimenti della vita quotidiana, alas, often disorient. Un libro scritto oltre vent’anni fa, che descrive in modo molto attuale il comportamento delle persone nella nostra società.

in fact, this was the right time to read it. Una volta concluso, ho realizzato che parte di ciò che raccontava l’avevo già vissuto. His reading, however, it served. I finally gave an explanation to some behaviors that people, not always voluntarily, adottano per recuperare forza e sicurezza a discapito degli altri.

“We human beings have always tried to increase our personal energy in the only way that we know. Trying to psychologically steal it to others - an unconscious form of competition that is the basis of all human conflicts in the world. (…) When we can do so that others accept our opinion, they identify with us. This attracts to us their energy, making us feel stronger. Il problema che tutti cercano di controllarsi e manipolarsi a vicenda.”

James Redfield

James Redfield

During his reading, I found myself more than once. Come ad esempio nei momenti in cui per recuperare energia ho l’assoluta necessità di stare a contatto con la natura, especially walking silently through the trees. But not only…

“All the things that surround us have energy, but each of them possesses a different type. Certain places radiate more energy than others, especially ancient environments such as forests. (…) If you let your energy drop too much, body suffers. This is the bond that exists between voltage and disease. Love is very important, tiene alta la nostra vibrazione e ci mantiene in buona salute.”

I found myself even when, about growth and personal evolution, a form of dependence, even if unaware, ha rallentato il mio percorso. Da allora sono passati molti anni. Perhaps, now, ho saputo dare un senso a ciò che è stato.

Your growth may be interrupted if you become dependent on another person. (…) We move as if we were to follow the path of an incomplete circle, like the letter C. We are very sensitive with regard to the opposite sex, another semicircle, comes and joins us – thus completing the circle – and it gives us a burst of optimism and energy that makes us feel whole like we were in connection with the whole universe. In fact we just joined us to another being like us is in search of his half. (…) The problem with this new being as complete, this Or that both believe that they have become, It is that it took two people to make a whole: It provides a feminine energy and the other the male. And as a result there are two heads, two personalities. Both involved people want to have control over this new entity that created. (…) We must complete alone, this circle. It takes time, but this way the problem will never recur again and we will be able to have what the Manuscript calls a higher-level report. When we bind ourselves emotionally to another person after this experience we create a special person, never turn away from the path of our personal evolution.

Un libro senza dedica che mi è stato regalato da una persona speciale. Che sia stato un caso?

“I was going to say 'coincidence', but I answered: Non saprei. What do you think? Io credo che nulla accada per caso. We must assume that every event has a meaning and contains a message that relates in some way to our questions, soprattutto a quelli che definiamo i fatti negativi.”

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