The importance of believing in yourself… Meet Jenny Maggioni

Jenny Maggioni, chief editor of Food&Beverage, monthly food and wine. We met in Varese at the event Social Gusto, in which it was, with journalists and bloggers, the evolution of the communication of the food network.

I still remember his enthusiastic response, when, now time ago, I told her that I would write to her: "Cynthia, wow! That honor! But they are not so important!  Thank you so much for this opportunity! I'm still growing ... Social Taste for me has been a great personal and professional opportunity. Maybe my story can help someone, because I did not believe it myself!

We must learn to believe more in ourselves, too often we underestimate undermining our potential. The important thing is not to get lost following the wave of the moment, because it is our belief that makes us that being only one that makes the difference. Some, sometimes so you risk loneliness, but there is no other way if we do not want to lose that enthusiasm that sometimes triggers in us that flash of genius often put into hibernation…

But now I present Jenny, his way is still long…

Jenny Maggioni started his journalistic experience to montagna.tv, online newspaper dedicated precisely to the mountain tourism. Here he learned the importance of teamwork, then, He has applied to the editors on subsequent experiences.

In the following years, an internship at an online site of the province of Bergamo and events, and then the landing to the monthly and daily online food and wine 'Italy at the Table’, It led it until his new adventure editor of the monthly 'Food&Beverage’.

Another of his dreams come true was to write to his favorite newspaper, ‘style.it’. The satisfaction then, to see published an article on 'The Daily’ in fact women's section, led her to believe that the commitment, the will, and especially the determination to believe in themselves, are fundamental elements in the milestones of life.

Jenny, I want to dedicate the writer and poet's wordsRalph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882),  read them carefully…

Believing in their thoughts, believe that what is true for you, personally for you, It is also true for all men, here, This is the genius. Everyone should learn to discover and to keep an eye on that glimmer of light that flickers inside the mind more than the glitter of the firmament of bards and sages.

 It's easy, in the world, living in the opinion of the world; it's easy, in solitude, live by ourselves; but the great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect serenity independence of solitude. A foolish consistency is the obsession of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.

With consistency a great soul has not, simply, nothing to do. The whole story is resolved smoothly in the biography of a few people and vigorous series.

"# SocialGusto : the evolution of communication, and ... the mine "

“Le civiltà maggiori furono dettate da popoli che ebbero le cure più grandi nell’arte e nella scienza dell’alimento… “ da “La Cucina Italiana” N. 1 – ANNO I – 15 December 1929

How is my dear friend Giorgio Ferrari: “Italians are the sum of experiences in History. If you lose you go back to being confused that the common people have no voice. The kitchen becomes poor that wealth, wine farmers who becomes DOC.”

A quote that I fully agree, being fond of history convinced that, to move forward one step back should be done. I'm talking about the recovery of traditions, Cooking poor but rich in history, I speak of simplicity ...

It 'a difficult time for many, the gears of our economy are slowing overall. We must unite, but above all we must unite. We need people to believe in, people with real passion for the area, for its history and its people. Utopia, no, only true love for my country.

If each of us to take a step forward, in his own way, how can, I am sure we would end up meet. I'm a romantic in the broadest sense of the term, and launch my cry, my #TamTamxlaTerra, for those who believe like me, the future that we have under our feet ...

Forgive my outburst, but I can not do otherwise. Whenever I get the chance, my way, cheerfully, with my garish hats, with my smiles, with my river of words, I profess my faith to the earth.

I was presented with the opportunity to Social Gusto, the event coordinated by the gentle Silvia Giovannini, held in the magnificent Este gardens of Varese.

Featuring the cuisine of Italian quality closer to the people, but not only. The space reserved for the cultural offer has allowed journalists and bloggers, to expose their experiences and their thoughts, in the evolution of communication on the subject of food and wine.

I had the pleasure of being at the table with:

  • Anna Prandoni, Director of Italian Cooking, the most important cooking magazine in Italy founded in 1929
  • Laura Pantaleo Lucchetti, food bloggers like me who collaborated with Green Cabbage, weekly online food&wine
  • Rosy Battle, journalist expert in social media and "lack of food blogger"
  • Samanta Abalush Cornaviera, housewife 2.0
  • Eugenio Peralta, foodblogger creator of the blog The man is a Locust
  • Jenny Maggioni, blogger

Simple people who I got to appreciate, driven by a passion for food and for the recovery of traditions, but with an eye to the network and its great potential for the promotion of the territory and its productions.

In my speech I told him how, almost three years ago, I started my adventure that is literally sweeping me now, ma che mi piace tanto. Non faccio un mistero sul cambiamento che la mia vita ha avuto improvvisamente. After an initial loss I raised reinvesting in the passions of all time, land, l’agricoltura, wine, and history of the people.  Da ragazzina sono cresciuta tra le vigne nelle campagne trevigiane… la terra lascia il segno, in time, and souls.

I created a group on Facebook, Le Vigne-support. I shared links related to the traditions, dialects, al cibo, couples to wine. Someone noticed this woman noisy. One day I was suggested to read an interview with a winemaker of Aosta. I was moved so much that I went there to meet you. When I learned that he had not the means to the label in the back of his bottle of wine, I wanted to tell the story of the vineyard.

I brought it to him after it printed, because I wanted that might give together with the sale of its wine. Someone has accessed, and asked me to write. My story now continues here on the blog and on Green Cabbage, although I have a dream, to live in the countryside and work in agriculture. I often say to myself,: “Cynthia, feet on the ground, and remember why you started.” I am learning and will continue to do so, because in the end you never stop ...

Among my many passions, there is also that of digital communication. Twitto, photographer, launch on social ... a real plague! 😉 Metto in rete tutto quello in cui credo e che mi piace, to share my moments of happiness, convinced of the importance of communication and food and wine of the region through the web.

But one thing I am firmly convinced,  i social che abbiamo l’opportunità di utilizzare devono unire, and not replace direct knowledge, experience needed to know the reality, and their products. Do not stop at the windows ...


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