UV-C rays, a precious help for sustainable viticulture. #ICAROX4

My discussion today is on UV-C rays, or better, on their germicidal power. I refer to electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength between 100 and the 280 nanometers capable of neutralizing the biological agents responsible for the onset of the main cryptogamic diseases of the vine, and not only. Be’, so far I would say nothing new, since the antibacterial and antifungal abilities of these waves were already tested in 1929. A valid help to reduce, or even eliminate, the many phytosanitary treatments unfortunately necessary in viticulture. I wonder at this point what are you expecting to use them?! The answer is simple: the right technology!

Well, there is an all-Italian green technology project, and more precisely Treviso: ICARO X4. A robot that radiates UV-C rays created for totally abolish chemistry in agriculture with a maximum coverage capacity of 10 ha. A hybrid rover with its own environmental laboratory installed in the area to be treated, capable of detecting wind speed through sensors, the temperature, humidity, the dew point, rain and other useful parameters.

A design almost in the pipeline developed by an innovative startup – Free Green Nature – founded by two partners who, thanks to their experience, they have combined mechanics and electronics. The result of this commitment has given life to a robotic unit that meets the needs of one increasingly sustainable viticulture. A dream of many, especially of those who want to be good for the environment.

The effect of UV-C rays on the DNA of bacteria, yeast and virus has been known for some time. The direct irradiation of long electromagnetic waves 260 nanometers, irreparably damaging the DNA of these pathogenic microorganisms, prevents their reproduction. But I wonder how this robotic unit behaves with all the other forms of life so important in the complex ecosystem of the vineyard.

To clarify my doubts, I asked some questions to Valter Mazzarolo, research and development director of Free Green Nature.

  • Speaking of organic viticulture, the protection of beneficial insects is very important for respecting the complex ecosystem present in the vineyard. I have read that the robotic unit you have designed provides a treatment accompanied by a powerful jet of air that has the function of moving the foliage to spray all parts of the vine and at the same time keep away the beneficial insects. Am I right?

Yes correct, this is a consequence, although in reality the function is also useful for other aspects that are part of our industrial and patented secrets.


  • As already written ICARO X4 radiates UV-C rays, electromagnetic radiationwith antibacterial and antifungal properties. Reiterated this, I wonder if, as well as eliminating fungi and bacteria, it can also have a destructive effect on the other microorganisms present in the vineyard. I am referring in particular to natural yeasts, unicellular fungi present on the vine, whose presence is important for those winemakers who, through spontaneous fermentations, they aim to obtain natural wines with greater identity.

Treatment is not really a destructive killer, it depends on the energy we go to “sprinkle” as it is managed by the central computer which provides for a gradual descent to allow development and reformation before the harvest, with tables according to the environmental parameters collected by an analysis station placed in the field. It goes without saying that Italy is the home of inventors, but companies of our level that have invested millions of euros e 28 years of research certainly not “slip” on these easily solved trivialities, on the contrary there are much more important aspects that we jealously guard.


  • ICARO X4 acts at night and in complete autonomy for human safety. A machine designed also for small productions and heroic viticulture?

No, the robot also acts at night for other fundamental aspects for the success of the protection system, it depends on which disease must be eradicated or better neutralized. If powdery mildew or downy mildew, protection for operators and therefore man, it is served by SIC2 certified active and passive electronic systems for autonomous navigation.

Cynthia, our company is preparing a quality automated and robotic production at the highest technological levels. The hope is to be an example for future generations.

Free Green Nature  www.freegreen-nature.it Way to work, 31B – Colle Umberto (TV)

Credit photo Free Green Nature


Food and climate change. We cornered!

19 March : L’Ora della Terra – Earth Hour

Cibo e sostenibilità”, un incontro svoltosi a fine Febbraio al Circolo della Stampa di Milano sull’impatto dei cambiamenti climatici e sulle conseguenze della produzione e disponibilità del cibo. Un convegno a cui ho partecipato con interesse, a cura dell’Ordine dei Giornalisti della Lombardia e in collaborazione con la Fondazione BCFN, Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition. A subject very dear to me, that requires attention and disclosure. The sensitization of journalists, grazie alla loro attività di comunicazione, It can help improve the environmental mindset.

But let the facts.

The world population is growing in number. by 2030 expected 8 billion people to feed. Taking into account the resource constraints, you need to increase productivity. Nonostante gli accordi della COP 21, The Paris Conference on Climate Change held in December 2015, greenhouse gas emissions are still increasing. Considerando che il clima impatta sull’agricoltura e sulla produzione del cibo, We have to adapt crops to climate change.

Are necessari investimenti nelle tecnologie per un’agricoltura sempre più sostenibile: Agriculture 5.0 The influx of new generations to this sector, the third for importance in greenhouse gas emissions after the food and the heating, certainly it is a positive factor. young entrepreneurs, men and women, sensitive to the environment and innovation. Citing the words of Danielle Nierenberg, expert in sustainable agriculture and founder of Food Tank: "Sustainable agriculture is not only an option, but a necessity to fight hunger, poverty and food waste. "

As we all know, also le scelte alimentari hanno un impatto sull’ambiente. Half of the population of 34 OECD countries, Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development, It is overweight, with estimates of incidence of chronic and degenerative diseases of concern. In 2015 deaths from heart disease were about 20 million. A paradox if we think of malnutrition in developing countries. The medical task, More than prescribing, è quello di educare dando indicazioni per uno stile di vita sano e meno sedentario. In this context, la dieta mediterranea, rappresenta un regime alimentare ideale per la nostra salute e per la riduzione di emissione di CO2.

Fundamental attention to food waste. Recentemente in Francia è stata approvata una legge che prevede il “reato di spreco alimentare” per impedire che il cibo diventi rifiuto. In Italia, da pochi giorni, è approdata alla Camera una proposta di legge analoga. Anche i ristoratori, in this sense, hanno il compito di sensibilizzare i propri clienti all’uso della “doggy bag”, un contenitore che permette di portare a casa il cibo non consumato al ristorante. Purtroppo un’abitudine poco seguita dagli italiani.

Saturday 19 Marzo tornal’Ora della Terra. La decima edizione dell’Earth Hour che dal 2007 punta a sensibilizzare l’opinione pubblica sulla gravità della questione legata ai cambiamenti climatici. Un’iniziativa a livello mondiale, ma soprattutto un momento di riflessione finalizzato a sviluppare una mentalità più rispettosa dell’ambiente. Per aderire alla manifestazione sarà sufficiente spegnere tutte le luci di casa dalle 20,30 to 21,30. I nostri gesti quotidiani possono contribuire al cambiamento. Non c’è più tempo da perdere…

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Credit : Fondazione BCFN – L’Ora della Terra www.oradellaterra.org   www.earthhour.org


Obiettivogreen, una bussola verde per orientarsi nel made in Italy sostenibile.

Obiettivogreen, a startup founded in the suburbs of Milan 2011 a project of the founders Matteo Cozzi and Benedetto Pillon. An idea developed to support electric mobility has evolved expanding the range of other fields of sustainability. A "green circuit" made of points of acceptance, including food, beauty, shopping, spa and travel.

The project in November 2013 He was among the winners of the competition organized by the Lombardy Region "Net Generation". In the same year she was recognized among the Open Source projects of the City of Florence on the city Mobile Applications. A green network that tracks and promotes sustainable reality of Italy, available through the APP mobile iOS and Android, or via the website Obiettivogreen.it

In an increasingly connected, provide a tool to facilitate the consumers to identify and interact with sustainable structures, certainly facilitates ethical consumption, quality and low environmental impact. Given the above, once you download the application, how to proceed?

  • I asked the question to the founders of Obiettivogreen.

Cynthia, it's all very simple. Una volta installata l’applicazione sul proprio dispositivo, you can customize theObiettivogreen map: you can select "points Reload" if you are among the lucky owners of an electric vehicle and find the columns closest to you, or select the "conventions" in order to discover the green side of your city and find all the activities affiliated with the portal. The selection can be changed at any time, e la consultazione di entrambe le mappe è totalmente gratuita. If you would rather get the discounts in all the activities you can buy the GreenCard directly from the app or on the website, This will appear on the phone's display to be shown at the time of payment to get the discount. Una delle tante scelte che abbiamo fatto per rendere il portale più sostenibile e consapevole nei confronti delle tematiche ambientali.

But the real strength of the App is that of involving the user entire project, simply photographing a column you can add it to the database, and once registered on the portal can be integrated, edit and update all the forms of charging points, clearly the data will be examined by our staff before going online. While for the Conventions you can report any that is not part of the portal and we will strive, contacting you to let it know our project. E 'remained unchanged so our idea to make everyone aware of to ensure that the project will grow with reports of those who live it every day.

  • Initiative, your, offering the opportunity to promote sustainable activities of addressing a targeted audience. See for yourself the virtuous structures that adhere to your project?

The creation of a portal that would promote the Made in Italy Sustainable is always our strong point and we wanted this to remain unchanged over time. We believe that portals where anyone can sign up and join there are too many, in our case we verify where you can directly structures that become part of the project. Where this is not possible for reasons including geographical, we tend to place structures that are suggested by other, or by other portals that have the same our sensitivity, or as I said before it is the users themselves, then targeted, to suggest to those who join the project. For this reason you will find that reality often are not mentioned in other portals and if they are found not clear why the value of the place, of your hosts, which instead in our data reflected immediately on the fly.

Currently the facilities are approximately 300 all details, sensitive, with something that makes them a target for our users. We never wanted to enter a form of construction of the card because we prefer to do it ourselves always comparing ourselves with stakeholders to make each tab a starting point and not an end point in the relationship between us and those who join the portal. Also for this reason membership is free, we only ask to the individual to guarantee us a discount percentage agreed always changeable over time.


  • At a time like this in which the rate of pollution has exceeded the minimum thresholds, what is your commitment to electric mobility?

Electric mobility is the main theme of our projects. In 2011 we created an app that would allow to report the columns simply by photographing, two years later we were the first project Made in Italy to have a website and an application that would deal with sustainable mobility. All of our users over the years have had in hand the tools to grow this movement, fortunately today we are no longer the only, There are many other organizations that deal with sustainability and mobility.

We believe that the 2016 is a key year for this sector, we will continue to be there with our project, with people who have followed us so far and we hope with others that will increase our wealth of knowledge in the field. We have several ongoing collaborations, just so we believe it is possible to spread a culture that until a few years ago was still the stereotype that an electric car was just a toy too expensive. We believe in this philosophy of change also our work has helped change the mentality and approach to mobility by all the experts, and not only. We therefore expect a significant year for our project and for the sustainability Made in Italy.

Special thanks to Matteo Cozzi and Benedetto Pillon for their commitment. If you like this project, mandando una mail a info@obiettivogreen.it con oggetto “Stories of People and Objectives Green”, potrete avere in regalo una Green Card per un anno. Così facendo proverete con mano il lato convenzioni del progetto.
“Enjoy Your City!”



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