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Lombard trattorias that make the difference,it: Crack, Isola Dovarese

Written by CinziaTosini

Isola Dovarese, a small town in the province of Cremona immersed in the Po Valley campaigns. Going through this territory his gaze turns to the Oglio rivers and Churches, agli antichi pontili e alle grandi distese verdi. Charming atmosphere typical of this autumn season, which brings to mind the paintings of Monet and Gauguin. A country known for its Palio, a demonstration in costumes reminiscent of the period of affiliation to the state Gonzaga. Now in its fiftieth edition, It takes place in the large sixteenth square marked by time, but also by neglect. A real shame given the array of arcades and ancient buildings that characterize it, e che potrebbero valorizzarla facendola rientrare tra le più belle piazze d’Italia.

Isola DovareseAmong the signs of aging, you can see some signs from vintage atmospheres. Between these, there is a curved white enameled iron on which, in elegant characters, there is an indication of Coffee Crack. A restaurant and wine shop in the family since Malinverno 1832, inserita nell’Associazione locali storici d’Italia. Entering, immediately, It can feel the classic atmosphere related to Art Nouveau: environments Nouveau, antique chairs and a tiled stove. A local in the past known as the "Locanda del Ciclista", for the many cycling routes in the surrounding area. Sit in his dining rooms including memorabilia, letters and photographs, It leads us to live a short journey through the history of the Italian Risorgimento, e ad assaporare i piatti della tradizione proposti dallo chef Franco Malinverno.

Negli assaggi si nota un tentativo di alleggerire il gusto originale, a trend of our times that affects the visual appearance. However the predominant territory. Besides the classic gardener and Cremonese salami, stand typical preparations such as Marubini;  the Gnoc to the mulinèra made with only flour and water, but enriched with oxtail ragout and mushrooms; pumpkin tortelli, classic dish of Gonzaga lands, stuffed with a paste made from pumpkin, spicy mustard and amaretti. Among the desserts you can not help but enjoy the sandy cake, so loved by Giuseppe Verdi. The maestro was such an admirer as to indicate even the right preparation: “With clear it does the vamp. They slam the red well with sugar. Is added gradually starch and well soft butter. At the end of the mounted light. Then you pour everything into well greased ticcia butter and immediately in the oven”. Un’esperienza di gusto da arricchire con un’interessante visita nella drogheria e nella cantina storica del ristorante, tra etichette e produzioni ricercate.

www.caffelacrepa.it La Crepa -Piazza Matteotti, 13

Isola Dovarese (CR) Te. 0375 396161



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