A birthday I will never forget… at the time of COVID-19

Written by CinziaTosini

And 'all started late 2019, almost unnoticed, or better, Perhaps we were that we did not give weight to the news began to arrive from China. Unaware of the tsunami that every few months would have overwhelmed us, we went on with our lives, playing down ... – certainly a bad flu, really, do not exaggerate – we said so. But no. The sad reality is showing.

Since we are used to living with that lightness that brought us too many years not to believe that a tragedy of this magnitude could involve us. But how can?! People like me who lives in Lombardy – the region with more contagions, health excellence region – if he continues to ask. The truth is that we were not ready. Far be it from me to do controversy, the last thing we need right now. Now we especially thank all those involved in this emergency ... indeed, we must help them and help us with that social distancing so necessary to stop contagion. There will be time for reflection to be drawn from this hard lesson.

A few days ago I found myself listening to an old man… "To, for people my age is worse than war, I can tell you with certainty because I have lived. We seniors are living in solitude for fear of stumbled upon this invisible enemy. Technology helps, it is true, but many of us have not that familiar with it for use. Some, There is also television, but to fight the anxiety is often better to turn it off.I also heard the story of a doctor and moved at the same time assisting traumatized patients in wards Covid: "One moment there was, a moment later he was gone…”

New coronavirus COVID-19

COVID-19, ‘CO’ per corona, 'VI' per viral, ‘D’ per disease (disease in English) and '19' for the year in which it was identified. A new particularly aggressive and contagious coronavirus so named for its shape of a crown with thorns, whose infection leads to more or less severe breathing problems. An infection that manifested itself for the first time in Wuhuan, in China, whose most common initial symptoms are fever, tiredness and dry cough. It spreads through the simple sneeze, or touching nose and eyes mouth with contaminated hands. To limit its spread is critical sneeze or cough into a tissue (to be thrown immediately into a trash) or on the bend of the elbow, and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. A patient can be defined as healed after the resolution of symptoms, and definitively, after being negative result to two consecutive swabs carried out at a distance of 24 hours of each other. The indication for running the swab in symptomatic persons is carried out on medical advice. Given the global reach of this new disease on March 11 2020 WHO declared the pandemic COVID-19. (Source: Ministry of Health)

A few days ago I had a birthday, a birthday I will never forget, experienced virtually, thinking about what will happen with my beautiful Italy. I wondered if once over this emergency will continue to feel united as in this difficult time… if we support our artisans, now more than ever bent by the crisis. If we continue to feel that sense of belonging to Italy, which these days has all of us excited and warmed my heart. Last year, under the pressure of these reflections I decided to give my book a provocative title: Once there were Italians. Well, I believe that after the end of this emergency that is hitting us so hard we will be wiser, but especially, we will know how to defend our Italian never. We need, ALL. This at least is my greatest hope.

Covid-19, Questions and answers  www.salute.gov.it



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