A lemonade ... but thanks to the coffee! Do you know the Brasilena?

Written by CinziaTosini

Exactly so, a soda to coffee that I was able to appreciate during my holiday in Calabria.

The Brasilena is a soft drink fizzy typical Calabrian obtained by infusion of coffee (infusion of the coffee powder in boiling water).

To prepare it using the spring water of Monte Covello, situated in the territory of Girifalco in the province of Catanzaro. This mountain is known for its wealth of woods, for its wildlife, and for the quality of its mineral waters.

Un soft drink, se vi piace chiamarla così, with a low percentage of coffee (about 12%) produced by 1982 Water from the Company Calabria.

And 'perfect for every hour, these aunt, and taste really nice. An Italian product. I do not understand why not propose this instead of notes beverages from abroad from objectionable content!

I have to admit that before going in Calabria did not know it either. So it is easy to say. The cause is mainly due to the poor promotion of the product by the manufacturer.

In all cases, I recommend you try it if you get a chance. The selection always depends on the question ...

Our Lady of Mount Covello

Our Lady of Mount Covello – Photography Tele Pepè Girifalco



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