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I go on trying not to think too much ... but I occasionally vent

Written by CinziaTosini

Now just look at the tv. When I have to turn it on is a continuous shaking his head. Programs from the low, perhaps because people want to escape ... or programs of complaint, them and the anger rages.

But how we got so? The dirty tricks, the mafia ... ?! Well ... when we realize that the good of the individual is not the good of the community. I forgot that in Italy individualism reigns, i piccoli orticelli… Di fatto siamo un paese in ginocchio, a country that is paying for the mistakes of the past. It is said that those who want anything too tightens, and yet…

We are a country undisciplined, disrespectful of the rules. Un paese dove tutti hanno diritti e pochi hanno doveri. A country where it is common to hear that 'anything's up to me, but to someone else '. A country that does not respect the timeliness of payments, the example in the first place by the tax authorities of the state.

We are a country ruled by bureaucratic with too many privileges, with salaries too far from those of the people. I happen to look at the elderly, the fear in their eyes. And the young ...?! Persi senza certezze del futuro, but the brave, Innovative, fighters! Io credo in loro.

I would like to do so many things ... but I do not know what to do. So I write, travel, I know and I talk to people. Share ideas and beautiful places of Italy. Everyone can do something ... a step forward to come meet. We'll make? Non lo so. They say that history teaches, and yet we do the same mistakes.

In Francia, too many privileges of the nobility at the expense of the lower classes, fece scatenare nel 1789 una rivoluzione guidata in città dalla borghesia, and in the countryside by farmers. Those were different times, but beware, Hunger creates despair.

Now go ahead, trying not to think too much ... but I occasionally vent.



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