Cynthia Tosini, journalist.

– Who are they? A woman who has reinvented.

– What I am? Communicate the territory and its products by putting people at the center.

Sono nata a Milano, but my roots are in Mantua, Treviso and Gorizia.

I am among those people who feel the need to shake hands, of eye contact, to listen and talk. People who believe that the communication on the web, unite and not replace direct knowledge, indispensable and irreplaceable experience.

I do not like to stop 'shop windows'. I love reality and not appearances.

I write starting from the knowledge of the people, a journey through the most fascinating. Through my visits I can better understand their business and their products. Scrivere di loro, when they consider it appropriate, allows me to let her know.

I believe in the synergies, in 'doing well together'. This is the true strength, the point from which to start. The strength of Italy is in the people who work together and with passion.

I think we can save the Earth, if we can save her.


Se tu hai una mela, e io ho una mela, and we exchange,
then you and I have always an apple for a.
Ma tu if there un'idea, ed io ho un’idea, and we exchange,
then we both have two ideas.

George Bernard Shaw



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