Ciao Laura, you have gone away, this time really.

Written by CinziaTosini

Laura Rangoni, journalist, writer, lover of nature and animals. Sensitive and courageous woman. I still remember when I learned that he had left his country house in Savigno, that house in which on a summer night, sitting in the garden, we spent hours chatting under the stars. She was gone. Driven by some difficulties, he had left his dream to go and live in a small town in Portugal. Knowing that a friend had been forced to leave Italy made me really angry. I remember writing on impulse: “Unworthy are those who lead the Italians to leave their land!”

She did not take long to answer me, straightforward and direct as always: "Cynthia, one, I am expatriate. It was a long-thought-out and very drastic choice. They are the Italians, (alcuni, least) which lead the Italians to leave their land. It is a cultural question, not politics. Many people are so nasty that they make their stay unpleasant. Italy is wonderful. Too bad for the Italians…” Believe that she did not love this country and its people? Maybe too much, but maybe also, sadness for what these people have become for the most part, led her to radical choices.

Casa rangoni, Savigno

Laura Rangoni guided me during my internship as a journalist. I remember once the path is over, during my visit to Savigno, holding my card he said to me: “And now what do you want to do?"She was very surprised when I told her that in the first place that card represented a revenge, a challenge with myself that helped me to overcome a very difficult period in my life. He was speechless. Cara Laura, now I'm speechless. You left us like this, improvvisamente, displaced, incredulous… You have gone away, this time really.

As it is my habit to say… people continue to live in their memories and their writings. Laura left many. Thinking back to a summer night spent chatting together under the starry sky of Savigno, I am reporting some of your answers extracted from an interview that I did a bit’ years ago. For those who have not known it.

Cynthia, dreams are my only, true wealth. And dreams are simple, writer by country. The scent of jasmine, the tranquility of my pet, the jars of preserves in the pantry. In short, what the ancients called the Golden mediocritas. The fifty years for me have marked an important turning point: just live "outside", I preferred to focus on the "inside". On those things that make me happy, that fill my day, and that does not have an economic value. The serenity and well-being are my daily goals.

I do not like to give unsolicited advice, because the life of each of us is different. But there comes a moment in life when - if it is destiny - you understand that you can no longer remain still in your "comfort zone", understand that you have to dare, You need to do what you really love and try to be as happy as possible, because life runs away in an instant. I understand these things in a very traumatic, when my father came out in the morning to buy bread and never came back. A heart attack has struck down in the street. So I decided to be daring, to savor every moment of life as you were to die tomorrow. And I live today with simplicity, enjoying the small things.

I am not a cook, I do not have the technical basis of a chef, and I would never do such work. But I love the food because the bearer of cultural meanings and anthropological. The food is the prime factor of a people's, is still the first language and religion, in my view. I love to research the ancient flavors, especially of my land, and places in the world that I loved deeply, I love cooking as it was a time, on the stove economic, using antique tools. Dough by hand, chopped by hand, hand-cut. I don't even have a food processor and my "set" of pots is museum-quality. I love the simple food, what I call "hunger food", traditional, poor, with ingredients found on the territory. Too often we have forgotten the poor dishes, the ancient flavors, who have a story to tell, a story that smacks of evenings spent by the fire, fairy tales told in the twilight, or hard work to convince the earth to give us vegetables and fruits ...

Hello dear Laura, goodbye.

Garden of Casa Rangoni, Savigno




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