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Article published in the monthly 'Health & Nature’ – December 2014 And. Now

Tom Regan, American philosopher, said that those who are not persevering will never get any change, then, from where we start? I would say that there is reinvented, believing in themselves and in their abilities. I am the daughter of a craftsman, an artist of the marble that sent me, in addition to its creativity, the passion for the land.

The crisis that our country is experiencing involved, more or less, all sectors. Aunt because, many waste and many faults. Those who want to go abroad, those who resist, and who surrenders. Food and wine, crafts, Fashion, Tourism, art ... these are the pillars that support Italy. The resources we have, although many have been wasted.

Today I start from here, telling you about creative recycling, the ability to recover the most unexpected materials for design objects. I myself love to revive bric who habitually lie abandoned in attics, maybe that's their story, or perhaps simply for the satisfaction of seeing revive an object. We are many that we do. Below I will give some examples.

Giuseppe Colucci, as well as collaborate with the company mechanics family, from 2011 has reinvented itself by creating a line of very singular obtained by combining steel and old olive parquet recovered. But not only, look what he could do with props recovered on construction sites: bottle holders! (photo in the header)

  • Giuseppe how you started?

My “begin” started after a journey full immersion lasted twenty-seven years. I ranged from art to graphic, from photography to video, from design to architecture, up to the precision engineering, experience that led me to realize all my projects with machines that I have available in the company.

The contamination received in time, allowed me to give life to creations that are often a summary of experiences, who see industrial materials recovery mix with images, colors, lights and equipment from construction sites. Parquet, waste taken from materials for industrial packaging, props construction decommissioned, production scrap metal, all waste materials, that, seen through different eyes, become raw material.

The collaboration with the FOUNDATION AND MAURO VIALLI FOR RESEARCH AND SPORT, non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for cancer research and ALS, born from a casual acquaintance. The need for creativity has always pushed me to carry out new projects and create more and new collaborations, convinced that these are the fundamental means of common growth, and dissemination of important messages. So I made especially for them my new object, “flame of life” candle holder / incense, produced in limited numbered series, made of aluminum and olive wood parquet from recycled. Part of the proceeds from the sales will be donated that will fulfill them for charitable purposes.


Giuseppe Colucci – Art Design Factory www.artdesignfactory.eu

Another example. Dina Miele, nurse but most assiduous consumer of coffee in capsules.

The combination of the bright colors of the wafers that have accumulated over time led her to experiment, thanks to its manual always strong, of crafts. After being recycled, processing them through his imagination, has created a line of jewelry that called bijou The CialDine. These results.


Your Miele - Le CialDine dina.miele@libero.it

Always recycling wafers, Chiara Zirilli stylist newcomer 25 age, for his thesis project has created a corset really interesting.

  • Clear how you got the idea for this realization that I personally find beautiful?

I wanted to address the challenge of making a corset Elizabethan era (my argument is in fact: Elisabetta 1 always same nel teatro, in painting, in fashion and photography) combining the old with the new techniques and experimenting with unconventional materials. I decided to use a material that, always in the kitchen at home, allowed me to realize my project: waffles Coffee Nespresso.

Read, easy to use and in various colors. Eventually I realized my corset entirely with those, I used the beauty of 430, by sewing them together one by one with the silver solder wire. The ultimate goal was a personal interpretation of the classic armor. The use of the pods proved to be a perfect material and particularly with a final effect to as satisfactory.

Chiara Zirilli

Chiara Zirilli chiarazirillimsfb.wordpress.com

Beautiful objects true? Good, I now make to you a question: "Are you certain you do not have anything to recycle?”




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