Do you think the water helps you lose weight?

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E 'with this question that begins the book of Nicola Sorrentino, Specialist in Food Science and Dietetics that, with the collaboration of Paola Gambino, idrosommelier and specialist in Medical Hydrology, reiterates the importance of drinking between six and eight glasses of water a day for proper activation of metabolic pathways. A constant physical activity and, allows us to obtain a psychological well-being.

There are no tricks in my opinion to stay in shape. Following a healthy diet based on good raw materials not produced too many, and consuming light meals that do not weigh down the body, it has the best recipe for the maintenance of a healthy.

The fact remains that we are made of water. How many times have we heard this phrase that we hear often but that which we do not pay proper attention. I do the same when the mea culpa, laziness, I do not drink enough. Well, without water we can not digest foods will eliminate the waste. We would not have the skin elastic and firm and would we be without the necessary natural lubricant in the joints and organs such as eyes and lungs.

We think?! I will, In fact, right now I'm naturally hydrating with a nice jug of water that allows me to maintain my perfect water balance. Cost? Virtually zero. And if I do not? Well, not drinking enough, as well as to have a skin off, you may run into a general malaise or risk the formation of kidney stones or disorders such as muscle cramps and constipation.

There is also quenches eating. Indeed, water is contained in all foods, but in different percentages. In particular is present in fruit and vegetables with a quantity ranging from 80 to the 90%. Speaking of food consumption, do you remember the recommendation to drink between meals? Nicola Sorrentino explains in the bookLa dieta dell'Acqua that it is a false myth, as, drink during the meal, positive change in the texture of foods facilitating digestion.

But back to the original question: "The water helps you lose weight?"The answer is yes. As explained in the book, drunk before meals, has a satiating effect without any intake of calories. In support of this thesis, there are many scientific studies and publications.

The type of water to drink will leave you to read the directions that are widely reported. As far as I'm concerned, where it is clearly guaranteed purity, privilege the public network. Remember that our tap water, when it's good, as well as helping to save us not pollute the environment.

Bottled water, alas, are mostly transported for miles and miles in length and breadth to our country. For those who chose the latter, however,, the recommendation is the proper storage of plastic bottles that, if kept away from sources of heat or if exposed to direct sunlight, transfer to water pollutants.

Source: The Diet Water. What to eat, that drinking water to stay healthy and lose weight. Nicola Sorrentino with Paola Gambino – Salani Editore



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