The porphyry that led me to Gattinara…

Written by CinziaTosini

I have known Paris Iaretti during a dinner at Milano, while, seduta a fianco a lui, I listened to the many similarities of our lives. That evening he gave me a stone, a porphyry coming from his vineyard.

I've never said that I have a house full of stones? I collect anywhere. They are pieces of land that I visit often, and that I would not leave. Near them gives me energy, I brings back memories to mind, makes me feel less distant ... Having his hands porphyry that allowed me to have the first contact with the land that he called me to his knowledge.

Paris Iaretti was born in Gattinara 1′ July 1970. After attending primary schools, he graduated from the Professional Institute of Hospitality Varallo Sesia. First cook, then butcher, and then ... his peasant origin prevailed.

He told me how, at the end of 1999, tired of being under a row of neon in a chain of supermarkets, decided to change my life. The news that year expressed by his father to sell the family vineyards, was the spark trigger that caused the change of his life.

The “root outcropping” of a very old Vespolina

His passion for the vineyards and the land is atavistic, being a descendant of a family of peasant origins date Gattinara that has always made wine. Only the father, Peter, if it is busy cultivating a hobby for about half a hectare of vineyard. From there started his adventure, when in 1999, has spent his settlement to buy a small tractor.

In the first three years, the harder, has renovated the old family house, transforming it into a cellar at ten feet below ground, where the wine, quote his own words, resting in a cool and dark place without noise or shaking. Now, after new facilities and renovated old vines, operates four hectares of vineyards, three of which registered as Gattinara DOCG vineyards and which produces four wines: 

  • Gattinara DOCG Riserva
  • Gattinara DOCG Peter
  • Velut Moon Coste della Sesia Nebbiolo
  • Uvenere red table from vineyards around 50 / 70  years of age. 

Paris Iaretti, was awarded by the Guide to Italian Wines 2012 of “The Espresso” for Gattinara Peter 2007, and placed in the cellar teaching ALMA WINE ACADEMY, the International School of Italian Cuisine Colorno.

"Cynthia, when you told me you were coming to visit my vineyard I have been happy; I never tire of getting people in the hills between the rows to beat the volcanic igneous rock rich in iron. Only then can you understand the Nebbiolo Gattinara, I produce a wine with the utmost respect for the environment and the traditions. Paris Iaretti "

I can only add, that he who loves wine with real passion, over to drink, it lives on the field, listening to the stories of peasant life of those who produce ...

San Martino, Paride Iaretti     


November hills… in the vineyard silent a little bunch of grapes is still clinging to his mother retort, escaped the eye of the winemaker and the gap, perhaps hidden in the colors of the leaves in October. Sta li, solitary, in the evening sun after the storm last summer in San Martino, aware of them die where he was born.

Sad, not being able to attend the feast of harvest, the trip with his teammates in the vat to the cool and dark cellar, euphoria of fermentation and long rest in the barrel waiting to be mature wine, rubino, full-bodied and aromatic.

He recalls being a little gem, a tender bud hanging by a fragile branch, to have been a small, fragrant flower. Remember to have enjoyed the sun of July and he feared the storms of August; and now, coming from the country to the voices and sounds of the fair, nobody remembers him…

The will be grateful, in December white snow, sparrows ruffled shivering and hungry will find rest in its berries wilted Interested looming.




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