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We nel Sannio, in the heart of the Apennines sannita. An area that in recent years – thanks to its Falanghina – It had a high exposure. This success has given it the recognition of European City of Wine 2019 by Recevin, Community network of eight hundred Cities of Wine. This trend in 2017 He led the hectares dedicated to Falanghina overcome albeit slightly those dedicated Aglianico. A growth that I hope is kept under control, to ensure and safeguard the wealth Ampelographic bell. Aglianico, Sommarello, Piedirosso, Sciascinoso, Agostinella, Falanghina, Cerreto, Foxtail, Grieco, Malvasia, Fiano, Passolara of San Bartolomeo, Olivella, Carminiello, Palombina, Moscato di Baselice ... only part of the heritage of biodiversity sannita.

Reflections that are inspired by another successful called 'Prosecco', alas, It is changing the balance of the varieties of grapes grown in its territories.

some figures. The Sannio Benevento is the province with the most lucrative wine industry in Campania. A region from 1912 to the 1932 was the first wine producer in Italy. Who fillossera, thanks to the volcanic soils, He arrived late compared to other areas. This leadership lost after the Second World War for the partial abandonment of agricultural practices. A situation that over the years has had a gradual counter, often, after one or two jumps generational. There are few cases of young farmers who are dedicated to viticulture in the footsteps of their grandparents. The understanding reached on the increasingly close link between wine and promoting the area, and dell'appeal growth of Italian wine on the international markets, brought young and old to change professional route, a volte, Also among the most unexpected.

Una terra – Sannio Beneventano – always suited to viticulture characterized mostly by calcareous clay type soils, with a volcanic component. Ten thousand hectares of vines, settemilanovecento winemakers, about one hundred bottlers for over a million hectoliters of wine produced, three designations of origin and geographical indication for more than sixty types of wines. the fast – Stresses Nicola Matarazzo, Director of the Consorzio Tutela Vini Sannio DOP – is the sign that lets you read the cultural and social identity of the entire Sunni community.

Vineyard Sannio. In my days spent in the Sannio, I visited some vineyards of great historical and scenic charm. Exciting their views. I mean plurisecolari Aglianico vines grown radially free in locations Pantanella, in the municipality of Monte Taburno. The ability to retain the centuries a wine heritage like this, It deserves a reflection. “In support of those who work in the conservation of the vineyard landscape – said Lorenzo Nifo Sarrapochiello, agronomist and President of the protection of Sannio Consorzio Tutela Vini – I want to emphasize the importance of the optimal management of the vineyard, especially the correct vine pruning. A key to his longevity.”

All my appreciation for those who really has the skills… an ancient knowledge that you should recover.

Benevento, a city on a human scale. One observation I made after observing his people strolling unhurriedly, in everyday life, along the streets of its old town to the Arch Trajan (117 d.C.), one of the most ancient arches of the Roman fees. A city rich in myths and legends once called Maleventum. It was the success of one of the Samnite wars of the Roman Legions on the army of Pyrrhus, to changing its name to Beneventum.

Also called the city of witches, for pagan rituals that in the distant past were practiced by the Lombards around the old Walnut of Benevento. For some, about witches, much better to remember the well-known herbal liqueur product since 1860, and for the famous literary award established in 1947 by the owners of liqueur beneventana, hence the Strega Prize named.

At the foot of Mount Taburno in Sant'Agata’ Goths, one of the most charming old towns of Benevento. It stands on a unique tufa rock whose spectacular views dazzles and delights.

Walking through the old town, through the narrow cobbled streets, you can admire medieval buildings, Baroque and Renaissance, as proof of its ancient origins. Between these, Palace Mustilli, with its cellars dug into the tuff to fifteen meters deep. In this place rich in history and atmosphere, in addition to the Falanghina, Aglianico is aged in wood, one of my wines of the heart.

The Sannio Beneventano – the agricultural province of Campania – in that 2019, if you can take the opportunity, It will be the focus of the EU wine sector.

“The Sannio, a secluded land, but full of genuine surprises for travelers true.” Luciano Pignataro


Sannio Consorzio Tutela Vini



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