Switzerland in me ... and viticulture Ticinese!

Written by CinziaTosini

Swiss say?  And now that has to do with Switzerland? A moment that will explain! You have to know that they are known for my accuracy organizational, has always been my innate gift and for this someone said: Beware that arrives Switzerland!

Not for nothing when it comes to organizing something I see the finger pointing, and I must say that I like, it's my creativity that finds its proper application. But they are both precise and sometimes clumsy! And it goes well mica say that genes are lost in the little things! I can already hear the boos ... but by that joke!

So I said that I feel a little 'Switzerland,  then guess where you go today? In Lugano, the discovery of viticulture in the canton of Ticino.

Come to abitudine,  I read up a bit 'before going on site. You have to know that viticulture in Ticino was developed in the early years of the twentieth century, after the passage of the devastating phylloxera. In fact in Mendrisio 1906 were implanted the first Merlot strains that, thanks to ideal weather conditions, have developed for the greater covering 80% of the 1.000 hectares of planted area. In the remaining 20% ​​are present for the red grapes the unique native vine Bondola,  Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon. For the white grapes Chardonnay,  Sauvignon Blanc and the Kerner.  From 1997  the wines from Ticino have the recognition of the designation of origin.

Just last September in Lugano there was the presentation Vintage 2009 organized by Francesco Tettamanti,  winemaker and director of Ticinowine,  "The art of cultivating the wine". Francesco was my kind companion. In lead me told me that the harvest of 2009 It coincided with the twenty-fifth anniversary of winemakers in Ticino,  l’AVVT .

It has decided to celebrate the event with a collection of wines in numbered edition, accompanied by the Guide to the tasting by Paolo Basso, Vice world champion sommelier in 2010. Appreciable the original labels of the bottles with portraits of manufacturers carried out by the Ticino painter Gianluigi Susinno.

The evening then continued pressola Cellar Moncucchettoof Lisette and Niccolò Lucchini. Visiting the modern structure designed by architect Mario Botta, I liked the choices of Nicholas in keeping the environment intact stone from which it was derived. Here Paul Bass expertly guided us in the tasting of 6 wines he had selected for us.

Sitting side by Lisette I spent the evening chatting as my usual on the beautiful story of life traveled with her husband Nicholas. Telling some of my dreams, she told me: “Sol the great passions can transform utopias into reality.  And I believe it fully, Because passion is the driving force of my life!



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