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Laterza, the land of the Ravines, Bread and Olives

Written by CinziaTosini

The Gravina di Laterza, a canyon of extraordinary beauty who recently, during the visit of’Farm Bell friend Paolo Barberio, I had the pleasure of visiting. A deep incision in the province of erosive Taranto which is spread over a length of 12 km, with a depth of approximately 200 meters, and an average width of 400.

A place that left me breathless, and I have experienced sitting on the ground listening to the wind with an eye to its immense limestone walls. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean vegetation, I lived those moments in deep meditation. Maybe it's because I'm a few years on an accelerated journey with myself. I think it's looking for that silence to rest in peace, and that is only found living in contact with nature.

Carry the words of Thich Nhat Hanh, Monaco and poetic buddhista vietnamita.

I like to walk alone to the country lanes, between rice plants and wild herbs, placing one foot after the other with care, aware of walking on this wonderful land. In those moments, that there is something magical and mysterious. Usually we think that it is a miracle to walk on water or in the air. I believe instead that the real miracle is to walk on earth. "

The Gravina di Laterza

The Gravina di Laterza

A special protection area referred to as Site of Community Importance “Area of ​​the Ravines“. The only place in Europe where nests Vulture, the smallest vulture whose name derives from its propensity to feed on the remains of cattle. A raptor present from March to September wingspan of about 170 cm.

During the seasons, there are many plant and animal species that inhabit this wilderness. A succession of colors and scents that, is not the avete occasione, I recommend you visit the following different paths accessible to more.

E 'in this area that comes the extra virgin olive Paul. A production from organic farming in the heart of the land of ravines that continues for generations.

A juniper tree five hundred years - Farm Bell

A juniper tree five hundred years – Farm Bell

Laterza is not only known for the Ravines and olive trees. Its bread, produced by bakers laertini, is renowned for the quality of which is guaranteed and protected by the Consortium of the same name.

Following an ancient ritual, is baked in ovens heated with wood aroma that gives it unique characteristics.

A recipe handed down from generation to generation that allowed the town of Laterza to join the association City of Bread.

Bread Laterza

Bread Laterza



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