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“Lu You Cottu "the land of the wild boar

Written by CinziaTosini

I present to you “lu vi cottu"In the local dialect means Marche “mulled wine”, a dessert wine.

We are Loro Piceno, in Macerata, common to the excellence of this ancient drink of the Marche. Mario Soldati work Vino al Vino of 1971, describing the sensations experienced when tasting a must cotto aged sixty years' writing:

“I find it a dessert wine, excellent. A nice brick red color to dark gold reflections, the strange taste, smoked and rough, corrects and prevents the viscous and sometimes cloying sweetness of many raisin and marsalati. There is something fascinating, deep and rustic mountain, in vino cotto ...”

It let me know dear Emanuela Tiberi dell’The. Agricola David Tiberi of Loro Piceno (MC).

Insieme a lei, but not only, I spent a pleasant evening of food and wine circle "For All Tastes"Dedicated to the region Marche. Coordinator of this tour, Charles Vischi, the setting of the “The Cannetto, restaurant at the Sheraton Malpensa.

During dinner with Emanuela has spoken at length about this production typically Marche ancient history. Given my interest in the traditions has seen fit to send me a publication produced by the Chamber of Commerce of Macerata, I received a few days ago, and on which I quote:

"Tradition has it that, stored in oak barrels, it constituted an act to preserve the principle medicinal luster to the skin, treat rashes of children, restore the scent of breaths and, mainly, lift the human spirit from the monotony of every day. There was no farmer or sharecropper that once he had his own barrel of wine cooked. "

The mulled wine obtained by boiling the wort from the vines of Verdicchio, Trebbiano, Montepulciano and Sangiovese, resting long aging in oak barrels. In addition to being used in desserts and to flavor meat, is an excellent remedy for treating coughs and colds.

That being said I will say: “But ... the boars are escaped?” Magari you rispondo!

Unfortunately they cause serious and continuing devastation of crops. For years, entire herds damage the crops of these lands, creating serious obstacles to local agriculture. Even the hunting has been able to reduce the presence of these wild animals. An analysis of Coldiretti has estimated the damage caused by the attacks to an amount of more than four million euro.

I reproduce below the outburst that just a few days ago Emanuela made me write me an e-mail:

“Cinzia, Today I went to prune my vineyard; I found out several screws huge hole that they dug for wild boars find the roots. The risk is the consequent death of plants. A real problem is that we live for years farmers in Macerata. Who takes care of duty, but the results are still very visible.”

It seems almost impossible that we can not resolve this situation. From curious what are researching on the web, I found an article in the 2010 of the Province of Sondrio that shows the strategy adopted by local farmers “sull’uso dell’smell the bear” to ward off the wild boars. Strategy to significantly deepen…




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