Nuria Gaja, psicoenologa the house of Gaja

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Rossana Gaja wine a woman, or better, the 'psicoenologa home Gaja’.

I can almost see your expression while, soffermandovi're probably already thinking about this term: 'Andcco who have invented another!’

Quiet, this definition with which Ross was presented on the evening when I met, stems from the fact that, having a degree in psychology, This applies his training in the wine world in which he lives and works.

Gay, a popular reality Piedmont wine that originated in the second half of the 1800, with the sale of wine in bulk 'Osteria's Vapo. It was Giovanni Gaja, in 1859, to start the winery in Barbaresco, in the Langhe.

Today is the son Angelo, that, along with his wife Lucy and daughters Gaia and Rossana, by continuity to the family.

I've already written and I repeat, I love the passion, people of character, those that shake the hand you are serious about, those who look at you in the eye when you talk, and whose word still has a value. Well, these are the people I like,  I'm looking for, and I want to know!

Tonight, a Bergamo, facing each other having dinner at Restaurant M1.lle Storie & Flavors, Rossana has been talked about for a long time.

I have to admit that I liked immediately. His firm handshake, its asking determined, sometimes rough but sincere, led me to want to learn more.

In these days, after we have written, I decided to bring it here, in my memories.

Hello Rossana, I spoke to you last night with a friend, I told him – out, I met a woman 'tough', a determined woman of great character, I would see well in the institutions to promote agriculture…

Sai, I love the earth, I love to know its history, its products and its protagonists. In my own way, how can I, with the means I have, I try to live it as well as tell. Listening to that night I thought maybe, a determined woman like you, could something ...

Answer Rossana Gaja:

Hello Cynthia, I hope you are well! I am in Barbaresco, Today we are enveloped in fog and it seems to have finally come autumn.

Thank you very much for your kind words. The wine is a unique product, but the most amazing thing is his ability to create links between people, because it is tradition, family, knowledge, culture, sharing, memory ... A few products bring with them these values.

In my small, I believe that we must work to save the agriculture respecting the earth, trying to go to natural farming, environmentally, without the use of chemical.

The earth is our biggest asset!

Producing wines tied to a specific territory: 'The secret of a wine is not perfection, but the defect that leads to the terroir '.

Observe these landscapes while protecting them from the ugliness of the building and the concrete trying to be careful and more sensitive to the beauty of our country.

Teaching young people to drink well, consume wine only at meals and not on the streets or fasting.

This is a car that has already been set in motion, but much remains to be done. I am an optimist, I see the future of wine in pink! Nuria Gaja 

Guess what is your favorite wine? The red wine of character, as I like it,it. That night, we toasted with its Barbaresco DOCG 2010 (Nebbiolo), and with Sperss Langhe Nebbiolo DOC 1999, sperss, Piedmontese dialect name meaning homesickness, (94% Nebbiolo and 6 % Barbera) product in Serralunga d'Alba, in the Langhe.

Barbaresco (CN)



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