Vinitaly 2015, Now do the numbers !

Written by CinziaTosini

Quiet, I'm not giving any number, except those that come directly from Vinitaly, 49th International Wine and Spirits Exhibition that has just ended. Refer to the four-day event highlights that moves Italy wine, passions and business. Read a po'qui ...

• 576.000 bottles uncorked
• 200.000 tons of glass
• 8 tons of corks
• 130.000 glasses used
• 11.100 follower ofVinitalyTasting on Twitter
• 116.000 like the official page of Vinitaly on Facebook

There is no doubt, Vinitaly Vinitaly, a great showcase of the business in the wine industry that, for fans, is a special occasion to travel in the territories tasting wines. This is confirmed by the numbers of Italian viticulture processed data Veronafiere / Vinitaly.

• 380.000 about Italian wineries
• 665.000 hectares of vines
• 40 million hl of wine,  production 2014 estimated by Assoenologi (- 17% compared to 2013)
• 73 DOCG, 332 DOC and 118 IGT
• 10-12 billion euro turnover wine (5,1 arising from exports)

Figures that make your head spin, and not for wine tasting, but for the great resource that this area account for the future of the Italian economy. The simplifications bureaucratic and agricultural policies for the support of viticulture are essential and priority. In this regard it is hoped that the Uniform Code on Wine, and the extraordinary plan that provides for the allocation of 48 million euro for the protection of Made in Italy, has fully implemented soon.

"Wine as a whole is an area that is worth over 10 billion Euros, of which more than 5,1 generated by exports. "Ettore Riello, President of Verona fairs.

And 'essential to invest in the development of strategies to guarantee the quality and innovation in agriculture, nell'enoturismo and in the right communication for the dissemination of the culture of wine, knowledge of the territories and persons involved. All this is to ensure that a bottle of wine know transmit, as well as pleasure, emotions, history and territory.

Also, a hint of excitement in most of the catering staff in the proposals of the lesser known productions, would do well to wine, and would save varietals that make Italian viticulture richness that distinguishes us in the world. I say this everywhere and I will continue to say, for the passion I have for viticulture and for the agricultural world.

Below are some pictures of my day at Vinitaly 2015. No credit and no commitment, only a Monday passed in the company of people with the same passion for wine. What I liked? Be’, sicuramente salutare produttori già conosciuti in questi ultimi anni durante le mie visite, and others know that I'm going to find directly in the vineyard. In addition to this, I had the pleasure of doing good taste thus expanding the sensory experiences that over time help to form the 'baggage' needed for those living this area.

What I did not like? Surely the hustle and bustle that knows just who has been repeatedly at Vinitaly, an exhibition by large numbers, that for me, never replace the passion for the little ones.



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