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Let the treasure hunt? Rather… label! Meet Sara Cordara

Written by CinziaTosini

It’ estate, it is time to carelessness, games and fun. Good, I thought about doing a treasure hunt, then, if it really is a treasure, is to be verified! How? The game, then that game is not, takes place by reading the labels of the products we buy! But how do? And above, those who fail to understand what they read! Sometimes I wonder if some producers think that consumers are small chemical!

If you think carefully, what you read, and that for the most part do not understand, I'll eat!

Today we launch a challenge! Together with Sara we decided to make a play summer, is called “hunting etiquette”. Of course I mean those deceptive, those made for nuclear engineers, maybe then, even they do not understand!

These rules: when you do not understand what you read, or when something is written on the label does not convince, send us a photo, Sara Cordara will be our Sherlock Holmes ... but the label!

 Good, VI presents La investigatrice our special! 😉

Sara Cordara, biologist, nutrizionista e specialista in scienza dell’alimentazione.

For years dealing with communication and nutritional science. Fights to defend and enhance the Made in Italy, and for food labeling clearer, less misleading and deceptive, consumer protection.

  • Hello Sara, I read that for years you deal with communication nutritional. You look very young, you want to tell us about your career path?

After the five-year degree in biological sciences with a thesis on aspartame,  the chemical sweetener most discussed from time, I decided to specialize in food science. I am fascinated by everything that is nutrition 360 °. I worked for a couple of years at a research laboratory Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan but I felt a little mouse Laboratory.

Having always had a nice gab, I started working as a popularizer scientific journals with some being as Viversani&certain.  Currently supporting the marketing department of Yakult, un’azienda specializzata in probiotici e con loro seguo un progetto con dei runners. Ho anche una mia rubrica di nutrizione su una radio piemontese.

Are of the opinion that the best form of communication is the direct contact with people, once there was a paper, now communicating through social as facebook and twitter, websites, i blog.  In my opinion it works, you can not interact well, provided that the communication is clean and done with intelligence.

  • You fight to enhance the Made in Italy  through more transparent labeling that addresses the consumer towards a more informed choice. View your experience, what is the current situation?

The average consumer reads food labels but includes very little, and is not to blame. In recent years I have received many reports of indecipherable labels and incomprehensible. The fault lies with a system that works badly and often part directly by the European Community.  

Let me give an example, just recently has not passed from Brussels the measure on the stopper to prevent anti-refilling in restaurants olive oil is continuously mixed with the old one, perhaps with that of seeds. It would have been a way to protect our olive oil, the “re” the Mediterranean diet.

  • I am a strong supporter of nutrition education from childhood, but not only. Instead of prescribing medicines galore, propose courses for the purpose of education pathology patients to a healthy lifestyle, avoiding the abuse pharmaceuticals, alas, is too widespread in the media. Are repetitive, lo so, but I wonder if in the long run this thought can be transformed from utopia to hope ...

A healthy food awareness takes shape during childhood and adolescence, and here that parents have to work hard, Once adults become complicated change their ways. Childhood obesity is unfortunately increasingly rising taking along all related complications such as diabetes and hypertension.

A good education comes from private households; durante i miei seminari nelle scuole elementari non è infrequente trovare bambini che non mangiano il pesce perché non essendo gradito da uno dei genitori non viene cucinato. Poi c’è il problema del junk food, junk food cheap and convenient that is spreading more and more.

Maybe I'll be too hard, but the idea that consumerism and many food companies go hand in hand with the pharmaceutical, the premium will ” gorge of food” e the second one “care”, the one can not exist without the presence of the other. The latter concept summarizes some’ My opinion about.



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